For those who enjoy decorating, it is time to give your home some TLC and spruce it up. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by purchasing new blinds. 

Nevertheless, you may worry about what to do with the ones you already have. Should you discard them, or is there a better way to utilize them? And what about the many types of blinds that exist? Surely they cannot be treated equally! 

Numerous recycling facilities do not accept particular types of blinds. Regarding blinds, this lends a whole new meaning to the term “recycling.”

Some types of blinds can be reused, while others can be collected for use as raw materials in the creation of other useful goods.

Donate Them

There will always be someone in need of the stuff you plan to discard. Donating unwanted items is thus always a wise choice; you will declutter while also feeling good about yourself. 

If you are remodeling or upgrading your window blinds, you might want to think about donating the old ones instead of trying to throw them away or recycle them.

You might wonder to whom you might donate your old window blinds. You can donate them to people you believe may need them, college-bound family members or friends, or even homeless shelters.

If you want to give the blinds away, please make sure they are in great shape.

Blinds That Saves Energy

Energy generation is one of the main causes of climate change. And one of the biggest consumers of energy in the US is their buildings. 

If we can make our homes use less energy, we can reduce the damage caused by climate change by a large amount. Your windows play a significant part in maintaining the temperature of your home. 

Warm and cool air can come in through the windows, so you have to use heating and cooling systems to keep the room comfortable. Windows without any form of covering let in a great deal of sunshine, which may heat your home on a hot day. 

When replacing your blinds, speak with a local firm that specializes in eco-friendly solutions to see how a new set of blinds will save you money and lower your home’s energy use. 

There are several appealing and inexpensive solutions available. In addition, many of these blinds do an excellent job of keeping your bedroom dark, even on bright mornings. 

You may also choose to consider blinds produced from more sustainable materials. Manufacturers sell blinds made from woven reeds, bamboo, grasses, and other materials that don’t come from oil. 

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are usually made of 100% recyclable aluminum and can be taken to any place that recycles or sells scrap metal. Be careful to properly clean the blinds before dropping them off. This is readily accomplished by hosing them down with water. 

If you intend to take it to a scrap metal yard, be aware that they will only accept the aluminum and steel components. To get these, you can cut the lift and ladder cords to free each slat.

Can They Be Recycled?

There are, indeed, several varieties of blinds. There are vinyl, aluminum, bamboo, and wood blinds available. Now, the type of blinds you have will dictate whether or not they are recyclable.

When it comes to the items they accept, recycling centers are pretty picky. Currently, some recycling locations accept vinyl blinds, while others do not. You should check with the recycling center before taking your old vinyl blinds there.

Blinds made of wood and bamboo, on the other hand, can’t be recycled because they have been treated. Also, organizations that recycle don’t take wooden blinds because most of them have been treated, painted, and varnished. 

That is an excessive number of extra goods that will undoubtedly damage the other types of wood in the recycle bin.

There’s a chance that treated and painted wood could make the other things in the recycling bin dirty, so you should look for other options. You may choose to compost or even recycle old wooden and bamboo blinds.

We have several ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. Blinds can certainly be repurposed. However, this depends on the substance of the blinds you intend to dispose of.

Can Woven Wood Blinds Be Recycled?

No, it is not possible to recycle woven wood blinds. This is because most bamboo blinds are made from treated wood, which can’t be recycled. 

Bamboo blinds can be used to make beach mats, wall art, garden screens, placemats, and many other nice DIY projects. And if you do decide to dispose of them, bamboo blinds are nearly 100 percent biodegradable.

What Are Their Components?

Window blinds also go by the names of Roman shades, cellulose shades, honeycomb shades, external shades, roller shades, pleated shades, and vertical blinds. 

Just as they have several names, they may also be built from a variety of materials. Window blinds are often made of aluminum, wood, and fabric (including cotton and polyester). They can also be manufactured from plastic or a mix of many materials. 

Before you start looking for a company to recycle your blinds, you need to determine their composition. Blinds that appear to be made of wood may really be a combination of wood and plastic. 

Blinds that look like they are made of cloth may have a plastic coating, especially if they are meant to be used outside. Check to see whether your blinds include a label describing their composition, or consult the handbook that came with the blinds.


If you’re unsure whether or not particular blinds may be recycled, keep this reference guide handy. Remember that you should always see if a friend could use your blinds before you take them apart and recycle them. 

If you are in the market for new blinds and are concerned about their environmental impact, consider bamboo window coverings.

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