Trophies are not simple objects, as individuals who find it difficult to get one may refer to them. They are representative of our accomplishments. Many individuals who participate in a variety of athletic activities may readily relate to this. 

No one receives a prize for a catastrophic failure. Trophies are only awarded for outstanding accomplishments or, in certain situations, in acknowledgment of the efforts required to accomplish something remarkable.

Since there are so many outstanding performers among us, trophies have become an integral part of our culture. Trophies continue to accumulate on the shelves, cupboards, and garage of achievers as time passes.

This condition of affairs is unsettling to many individuals. Obviously, trophies are fantastic. However, each year they grow less significant. Especially if more awards continue to arrive. Because of this, we inquire as to whether or not you may recycle your awards.

How To Safely Store Antique Plaques

Plaques, certificate, and award storage – If you wish to retain old certificates for your accomplishments, it is preferable to put them in a file folder. 

You must arrange and maintain their condition. Additionally, many individuals choose to scan and keep their certificates on the computer.

If you are storing trophies or plaques, ensure that they are protected from excessive weight from other objects. Try to keep them structured as well. 

A further suggestion is to keep the photographs of you or your family members receiving medals or accolades. Consider taking fresh photographs of the awards if you do not have any.

What to do with outdated, unwanted prizes – If you have outdated sports trophies or other accolades that lack significance, you may choose to get rid of them. If so, you should be aware that most antique trophies cannot be recycled. 

You can give them to groups that repair outdated prizes, though. If feasible, remove the nameplate before making a donation. You may also give them to local consignment stores, who may be able to resale the items.

Does It Have Any Value?

Let’s first clarify something. Your trophy is worth the most on the day you received it. This is because it represents the acknowledgement of your accomplishments and efforts. 

A few months after that day of glitz, it may become similarly valuable. However, after this period, the value continues to decline.

While this is the basic rule, not all trophies adhere to it. Some antique trophies are still quite valuable today. It’s possible that the trophy’s worth might increase with the length of its existence.

Material composition of the award distinguishes this instance. If the materials are precious stones, irons, or other substances, there is a potential that they will continue to increase in value.

Specifically, some prizes were created and awarded before 1970. Depending on their materials, these trophies may be handy. For example, awards made of sterling silver are significant and valuable in many ways.

Additionally, some awards are gold or bronze plated. The amount of these valuable stones on the trophies would significantly affect their value.

The general belief is that your trophy may be quite valuable, depending on the materials utilized. To determine the value of your old trophies, you may need to examine the materials more closely.

May Serve As Displays

Exhibiting ancient plaques – Many individuals value the memories associated with earlier prizes. Occasionally, these consist of sports medals or ribbons. 

Occasionally, they are prizes for spelling bees or other competitions. They may include plaques from civic organizations, accolades from former employment, or trophies for a variety of events.

You should first choose which trophies and plaques are the most meaningful to you or your family. You wish to emphasize these honors.

Depending on the size of your home, trophies may be displayed on bookcases, shelves, or even in shadow boxes. An interesting option is to install shelves around the room’s circumference, above the tops of the windows. 

Many people use them for children’s bedrooms, although they have a variety of applications.

Are Plaques Recyclable?

This question may seem remote, yet it is quickly ascending the list of questions requiring immediate responses.

If you consider that the responses to this question have one or two impacts on the environment, you will appreciate the gravity of the situation. However, there is no need for concern, since the question is addressed in this piece.

The answer to the question of whether awards are recyclable is extremely complex. And it frequently depends on the type of prize we are analyzing. In this essay, we shall divide prizes into two categories.

  • The singular material 
  • Numerous material 

By “single or many materials,” we refer to the trophy’s construction material. This determines whether or not you may recycle your awards.

Donate If It Isn’t Damaged

Many people probably don’t want to throw away their trophies and medals because that would add to the amount of trash in landfills.

You could instead give the medals to groups that can fix them up so they can be given to someone else, or you could recycle them to make your cleaning up less harmful to the environment.

In fact, a small cottage business has developed around this form of decluttering.

Total Awards & Promotions lets you donate your trophies and certain plaques so that they can be used somewhere else for $1 per trophy. 

In its frequently asked questions, the company explains why the price is what it is, what kinds of trophies it will accept, and other important details.

Sports Medals Recycling medals from sports and school can be given instead of trophies and plaques, which are not accepted. The medals will be recycled, and the money will go to good causes.

We encourage people in the community to give their unused trophies, plaques, and medals to non-profit groups that are in desperate need of money right now. We have recycled for thirty years. In 2016, we began charging a fee for recycling your trophies.

This project helps organizations that have cut back on spending on things like appreciation, event prizes, motivational trophies, and general recognition.

Please call your local recycling center to find out what kinds of things can be recycled there.


For many of us, trophies carry great meaning. Some consider them much too sentimental to be discarded or repurposed. Regardless of how important your prize is to you, we have offered solutions for dealing with it.

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