So you’ve finally purchased your first ever Himalayan salt lamp. But before you get all excited about using it, you need to learn about its maintenance. 

Salt lamps, unlike your usual lamps, are very durable and can last for years if dealt with properly. Incorrect and reckless use of it can lead to problems like bulbs fusing every now and then and also broken cords. 

Worst case scenario with salt lamps would be starting a fire. 

Most of these possibilities can be avoided by some simple steps, common sense, and if the lamps are cared for. 

Donts For Your Himalayan Salt Lamps

Before you start using your salt lamp it is important to know what you should NEVER do for its longevity of it. 

  • Keep Away From Moisture – Don’t ever place your lamp where there are high moisture levels like in your bathroom, near a pool, in the kitchen, or in the attic. 

In these kinds of environments, salt lamps tend to collect moisture and start dripping. This not only damages the lamp but also affects the fitting of cords and bulbs in it. 

Also do not place your lamps on electronics of any kind like microwaves, speakers, and TV. You don’t the salt lamp moisture dripping all over your electronics and ruining them. 

  • Change Placement – with salt lamps you need to change the placement from time to time. 

Like if they are outdoors or near a patio, they would for some reason collect moisture and would eventually ruin the spot. 

  • Avoid Glass – you need to avoid Glass or marble surfaces for your salt lamps. 

Do not place these lamps on such surfaces as they would leave a scratch on them. 

The Do Not tips for keeping the salt lamps alive for a long time are definitely going to come in handy. But with salt lamps, collection of moisture is inevitable. 

Salt, in its very own nature, is prone to having moisture levels in it. But you can definitely try something to prevent it for a long time hence, make sure your salt lamps are here for years. 

  • Keep It On For Long – this is the best trick to keep your salt lamps from sweating and lasting for long. 

Keep your salt lamp on for like 16 hours max and it would be even better if they are on 24/7. 

Keeping these on for long keeps the salt block warm which results in moisture evaporation. 

Now if you are thinking that this would cost a lot of energy well that is not the case with salt lamps. 

Salt lamps use very little energy to run and would probably cost you not more than 10 dollars a year. So keep them on all day long and you literally can save energy. 

Salt lamps don’t have any expiration date or time limit to them. 

  • Dry Them – when you get moisture in the lamp, a quick fix would be to pat dry them with a lint-free cloth. 

If you wipe them instead or tap or dab, the salt would rub off the lamp and possibly would crumble at one point. 

You can also use an old t-shirt and that would work just fine. 

How To Dispose of Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps can be the best decorative lamps for your interior. You can find them anywhere and the fact that they are also affordable is the ideal situation. 

Now if you want to dispose of them, as they don’t have any expiration date, they can be used for different purposes. 

Since salt lamps tend to sweat a lot, you can put a plate under them and collect the salt. This melted salt can be used for cooking and actually makes the food very tasty. 

You don’t have to purchase bath salts again as you can just put the small rocks of your salt lamp into the bathtub for detoxification. Himalayan salt is also very beneficial for your metabolism and for strengthening your bones. 

These health benefit claims can be found in the reviews of people using this salt on Reddit. 

Besides these uses of your salt lamp, if you want to get rid of it just simply turn it off. The lamp would start collecting moisture and it would eventually melt. 

Now you can use the lamp sweat for your food or as a bath salt. Or you could just rinse the salt liquid and dispose of the salt lamp this way too. 

The pink Himalayan salt lamp really does make a beautiful lamp and it is an eco-friendly option so there is no harm in getting yourself one. 

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