When it comes to winter fashion trends, everyone enjoys wearing fur apparel and accessories. Undoubtedly, fur coats are a timeless favorite due to their elegance, durability, and allure. 

However, like other clothes, fur coats deteriorate over time. So, even though old fur jackets are strong enough to last for years, you should think twice before wearing them.

Fur attire, such as a genuine fur coat, stretches back to the earliest civilizations. Primitive man’s harsh living conditions necessitated the use of animal fur for protection. Initially, it was a must, but later it became a luxury.

According to a study by the Fur Commission of the United States, 2.70 million furs were produced in 2019! The total worth of these furs was $59.2 million. These figures demonstrate how much the public enjoys wearing fur.

It Can Be Reused

He wrote in an email that at the time, her service appeared to be the best option because it allowed us to recycle our fur clothes into usable household goods. 

A giant bolster, which is currently on the bed in our guest room, and several pillows of varying sizes, some of which are distributed throughout our home and others of which have been donated to my sister for her apartment and to our two youngest grandkids.

Teresa Knoepfel, a 59-year-old retired manager of a travel agency in Vancouver, knew that the black mink coats and muskrat were more than just clothes to her Ukrainian immigrant mother.

She states, “A fur coat was a significant prestige symbol.” She needed it less for the cold than as proof that she had made it. (It rains more than it is cold in her region of Canada.) “.

She decided to transform the jackets into 13 pillows, one for each sibling and grandson, after five years of storing them in a closet. She explains, “It’s a reminder for all of us.” She made cat toys on fishing lines and pom poms for winter hats with the remaining fur.

Coombs, a visual artist whose company began with a pair of fur slippers and a cushion she brought to a craft fair, observes, It’s a family heirloom.

These jackets are valuable. I turn them into something useful so that they are no longer stored in a closet. “They have little monetary value but a lot of sentimental value,” she says.

Can Be Sold Again

Once you have the appraised worth of your old coat, you may sell it for this amount or close to it. If you know where to discover legitimate buyers for fur coats or where to sell fur coats, you are set.

If not, searching for “where can I sell my fur coat?” is not necessary. You could simply place a listing for your coat on an auction website. 

If your coat is in decent shape, you will discover some real purchasers who would love to purchase it at a reduced price. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Additionally, you may sell your used fur coats, which will attract additional customers.

Make a post about your coat, add some good digital pictures of it, and include information about its features, how long it can be used, and how to get in touch with you. After viewing your advertisement, a buyer of used fur coats will definitely contact you.

In addition, there are various retailers that sell fur jackets. Then, these businesses, such as “BuyMyFur,” offer these “estate” fur coats for various causes.

Can Be Turned Into Trinkets

If your coat is too worn to be made into clothing and too small to be made into a pillow or blanket, you may try turning it into a trinket. 

A piece of fur that can’t be used for anything else can be made into a fur corsage, a piece of jewelry, or a teddy bear. This is also a fantastic choice for any leftover parts; for instance, if you decide to shorten a fur coat, why not use the bits that were removed?

Several Factors To Consider Before Recycling

The age of the clothing is significant. For the fur to be in good enough shape to be used again, it must have been taken care of and stored properly. A lesson for all of us: careful storage of fur coats does extend their lifespan.

Some fresh furs are overdried to reduce their weight. These properties may also not be suitable for renovation.

Sometimes old coats are too worn out to be refashioned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into a warm wrap.

Mink, beaver, and fox fur are great for recycling clothes. Chinchilla, weasel, and muskrat, on the other hand, have thin leather and are harder to recycle.

Donating Is A Good Option

Coats for Cubs, which is run by Buffalo Exchange, a store that lets people buy, sell, and trade clothes, has long been the best fur coat donation program in the United States. 

The project accepts donations of real fur products, which are then sent to wildlife rehabilitators to be used as bedding for hurt or orphaned animals.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, the initiative has been on hold; nonetheless, Coats for Cubs invites those who wish to contribute furs to contact one of the six rehabbers with whom the organization often collaborates. 

They are located in several U.S. states; therefore, we advise you to call the one closest to you.


There are several methods to transform an old fur coat into something fresh. You may learn more about styling your fur coat by reading the provided text. 

On our blog, you may also find other information connected to fur jackets. Visit the Marc Kaufman fur collection to locate a suitable fur coat.

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