Women can actually make a single bra last for decades and still won’t be able to give them up that easily. The relationship with bras is of love and hate as you can live without them but also, you can’t live without them. 

Whether it is a sunny day or a cold snowy outdoors, bras can provide the ultimate comfort level to a woman. You can get a ton of confidence by wearing the perfect bra and get annoyed at the same time. 

From a t-shirt bra to a Victoria’s Secrets bejeweled fancy bra, the options you get are unlimited. 

We have cotton ones which are these simple stitch types that have sweat-proof power on a hot day. And for winter time, we have the padded bras that really hold everything in place. 

Now padded bras are a real winner here as not only they are comfy but also it enhances the bust line. The pads are designed to hold in the bust area and give you the perfect lift. 

Other than wintertime, you can always wear padded bras and not necessarily heavy ones. 

In these kinds, you also get a variety to choose from, say light padded and heavy padded according to the dress. 

Along with adjustable straps, you also get removable pads in any bra you buy. 

How To Make Old Padded Bras Useful?

Here are some of the best ways of reusing them. You can say goodbye to your padded friend;

  1. Donate

Donating is always an option if you don’t have any other creative ideas on top of your head. A lot of breast cancer survivors and women from unfortunate communities can make use of some gently used bras. 

You can also give them away in your local stores so that underprivileged gals can buy some attractive bras at discounted price tags. 

  1. Get Crafty

Now padded bras are huge support but what to do if you want to wear one in a backless dress? You can simply take out the pads from the bra and sew them into your backless dress. Now that is a useful day for you and your bra pads too. 

  1. Make A Headband

Yes, you read it right! So let’s say Coachella is around the corner and with some spare bras hanging around you can make yourself a headband with the bra straps. 

Add tiny crafty flowers to it and some color and you got yourself an adorable headband. 

With bra pads, you can always customize the look by taking them out or just plain stitching them into your dress. 

Creative Ways To Reuse Bra Pads

Instead of just tossing it in the trash or using the padded bra until it’s torn, you can make use of the pad inserts. 

  • Make yourself a small purse out of it. It is nothing new and many people make cute little purses out of bra pads to put in extra cash. 
  • You can always wear them as knee pads or just simply stitch them into your jeans or leggings. 

The thick pads can be a great source of comfort and don’t have to waste money on knee pads anymore. 

  • Since bra pads are very girthy and keep the bust area in place, they can be great as furniture movers so that you can protect your marble floors. 
  • You get bra pads in different sizes so just take the small ones and make yourself a sleeping eye mask. It can be dense and lightweight depending on the type of pads selected. 
  • For a crochet tank top lover, reusing bra pads is a dream come true. The crochet itself does not have that kind of support for the bust area. 

Stitch bra pads into the crochet tank top and you’re good to go. 

  • These also can be used as makeup remover pads. Bra pads are easily washable and soft on the skin, so a perfect alternative for makeup wiping sponges. 

What Are Bra Pads Made Of?

Bra pads come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and are also available separately. These are usually made of silicone rubber or foam and have a filling of gel or water in them. 

In comparison to foam ones, silicone pads actually shape and give a solid grip to your bust. This helps with keeping them in place and provides firm support, unlike foam pads. 

Some people argue that wearing a bra pad alone or a padded bra can get suffocating and does not look natural. Well, that is not true at all. 

You get light pads and thick dense pads for your bust and looking natural depends on what kind of pads you are wearing. 

First things first, always look for your perfect size that fits the top and underlying area of your bust. Make sure that the pads are paired with a seamless fabric of the entire bra. 

Fabric selection is really important as it really carries the entire look. Always invest in a quality fabric as it really goes a long way and gives you the perfect fit. 

To adjust the pads according to your bust, keeping the straps in check is really important. You can always adjust them for the lift but to make it look natural try to keep it mid-length so that the balance is right and the straps don’t irritate you. 

But the key to making it look natural and fit is to find the perfect size. Among the huge collection, you might find hard-padded and kind of pointy bras too. Do NOT fall for them as they are not comfortable nor do they look natural. 

Quality is also a very important aspect to consider while going bra shopping. You may spend less on your undergarments due to a tight pocket but for many reasons, you don’t want to do that. 

Good quality bras tend to last for decades. They get comfortable on the skin as you wear them more and more. So spending a couple of extra bucks on them sure turns out for the best. 

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