Since the U.S. Farm Bill of 2014, hemp has become a popular and legal crop. With its sustainable growth and durable qualities, hemp fabric has become a sought-after material for clothing. Its anti-microbial and UV-protective properties make it an ideal choice for outdoor clothing, and its breathable nature makes it comfortable to wear in any setting.

Despite its growing popularity, finding sustainable hemp clothing can be a challenge. This article aims to help readers find the best hemp clothing brands, providing information on where to buy quality hemp garments and highlighting the benefits of choosing sustainable fashion.

The Top Hemp Clothing Brands For Au Naturale Wardrobe

When it comes to sustainable clothing, hemp clothing is a top choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact while still looking stylish. Here are some of the best hemp clothing brands that offer comfortable, durable, and versatile clothing options.


VALANI is a hemp women’s clothing brand that produces flowy, ethereal pieces using a TENCEL hemp blend. Their collection includes ethical dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. VALANI offers clothing made of hemp blended with TENCEL™, as well as mostly TENCEL™ clothes that land them among the best TENCEL™ clothing brands.

VALANI’s fabrics do not include spandex or Lycra, and the earthy-colors are a result of low-impact dyes. The clothing labels are made from organic cotton. VALANI partners with tailors in India and Chicago. Their Indian manufacturing partner is GOTS-certified and adheres to strict environmental, ethical, and fair wage standards. Sizes run US 0-12, or XS-XL.

2. Rawganique

Rawganique is a brand that produces organic hemp clothing made of 100% organic hemp dyed with water-based eco-friendly inks. They offer affordable hemp clothes for men and women, as well as some hemp linen clothing and hemp cotton clothing blends. Rawganique’s hemp clothing is ethically made in-house at Rawganique’s own “sweatshop-free” atelier in Europe. Some products are finished in Canada or the USA. Rawganique is committed to natural fibers and uses them in their most unprocessed state, meaning everything is free of dioxins, VOCs, PVC, latex, and formaldehyde. Their organic hemp clothing comes in sizes S-3XL, with long inseam and gender-neutral options.

3. Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co. is a California-based brand that infuses Cali-cool style and skate culture with sustainability and ethical responsibility. Their collection includes women’s tees, tanks, dresses, and pants—all designed for a laid back life. Back Beat Co.’s sustainably farmed hemp is blended with other natural fibers like recycled or organic cotton. Their LA-based factory and dye house are both small and family-run, producing fair trade American made women’s clothing using hemp. Most steps take place in this studio or within three miles, making them one of the best hemp-based clothing brands for low transport emissions. Back Beat Co.’s organic hemp clothing comes in sizes XS-XXL.

4. Toad&Co.

Toad&Co. is a sustainable outdoor clothing brand that caters to both men and women, making them one of the best hemp men’s clothing brands. Their affordable hemp clothing comes from sustainable fibers grown in China with minimal pesticides/fertilizers and is mostly rain-fed. To make it softer, the hemp fabric is often blended with Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton, TENCEL™ lyocell or modal fabric, and minimal elastane. Many hemp garments are OEKO-TEX and bluesign®-approved. Toad&Co. has women’s and men’s hemp pants, overalls, hoodies, dresses, tees, and lightweight jackets. A strict Code of Conduct and regular factory visits prevent forced or child labor in their global factory partners. Some items are produced in a factory in California, where they employ adults with disabilities through a partnership with Planet Access Company. Renewable energy powers some factories (like the solar-powered hemp mill in China) and they use carbon offset programs and recycled/ reusable packaging. Any textile waste is recirculated either through threadUP or The Renewal Workshop. Toad&Co.’s clothing is priced between $ and $$.

5. Patagonia

Patagonia is a well-known brand that offers sustainable clothing options, including hemp clothing. Their men’s and women’s hemp clothing collection includes jackets, pants, shorts, and shirts. Patagonia’s hemp clothing is made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp, making it breathable, durable, and comfortable. They are committed to using sustainable materials and production methods, and they offer a repair service to extend the life of their clothing.

6. tentree

tentree is a sustainable fashion brand that offers a range of eco-friendly clothing options, including hemp clothing. Their collection includes women’s and men’s hemp t-shirts, hoodies, and joggers. tentree’s hemp clothing is made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp, making it breathable, durable, and comfortable. They are committed to using sustainable materials and production methods, and they plant ten trees for every item purchased.

7. Thought

Thought is a sustainable fashion brand that offers a range of eco-friendly clothing options, including hemp clothing. Their collection includes women’s and men’s

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How We Found The Best Hemp Clothing Brands

When searching for the best hemp clothing brands, it’s important to consider the sustainability and ethical practices of the company. From the materials used to the manufacturing process and community involvement, here are the factors we took into account to find the top hemp clothing brands.


Hemp fabric has a long history of use and is known for its sustainability. It’s a high-yielding crop that requires less water and chemicals than other fabrics, and it absorbs more CO2 than most forests. While some brands offer 100% hemp clothing, others blend hemp fiber with other sustainable fabrics for fit and feel, such as organic cotton, recycled materials, and TENCEL™. However, some brands also use recycled synthetics, which means the finished garment is not compostable like hemp fabric would be. The best hemp clothing brands finish their sustainable materials with low-impact, non-toxic, and sustainable dyes. Certifications such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX, bluesign®, and Australian Certified Organic (ACO) are also a plus.

Supply Chain and Labor Practices

Transparency and commitment to fair trade wages are important considerations when evaluating the supply chain and labor practices of hemp clothing brands. Many brands work with small, local, family-run factories, and some even visit their manufacturing partners regularly. Certifications such as Fair Wear Foundation, fair trade, B Corporation, Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Social Accountability International (SA8000), Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) can help ensure ethical practices and prevent greenwashing.

Carbon Commitments & Green Practices

The best hemp clothing brands are committed to reducing emissions, minimizing water and chemical use, embracing circularity, recycling fabric scraps, and using sustainable packaging. These practices help keep the carbon footprint low and protect the environment.


Inclusivity is an important factor to consider when evaluating hemp clothing brands. The best brands offer sizes accommodating most bodies and are often women and minority-owned businesses.

Community & Charitable Giving

Community involvement and charitable giving are also important considerations. Many hemp clothing brands donate to environmental organizations and those furthering women’s empowerment. They also participate in tree plantings, activism, and free community classes.

Final Thoughts on the Hemp Clothing Companies

Hemp clothing is a sustainable and durable option that can help reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. By considering the factors outlined above, you can make an informed decision when choosing a hemp clothing brand. Secondhand options are also a great way to find sustainable hemp clothing. With the increasing popularity of hemp fashion, let’s work together to increase its share of the global fiber market.