Everyone has got these mason jars back home in which yogurt or any dry foods are stored. Now if you are big on collecting good quality jars for your kitchen, you might have heard of Oui by Yoplait. It is a new French-style yogurt brand that comes in these small beautiful jars. 

Something about French foods and lifestyle is always very pleasurable. The yogurt contains simple ingredients like whole milk and organic fruits. 

Then this wonderful concoction is stored in a glass jar for 8 hours. These hours create a subtly sweet, fresh, and satisfying thick-looking yogurt for you to enjoy. 

The glass container or pot used for this yogurt is a great way of conserving the environment. The glass pot is recyclable and can be reused for many other purposes. 

Also, the glass container is vital to keep the integrity of the yogurt intact during the shipping and delivery process. This ensures the best French yogurt experience every single time.

How To Reuse These Jars?

Now mason jars or these small Oui jars can be used for multiple things;

  • You can use the Oui jar as a candle votive. Place the candle in it and to make it more interesting, you can add colored sand to the bottom for a creative look.  
  • These jars are perfect as storage containers for your coffee supplies, office and craft supplies, and some spare change. 
  • Oui yogurt jars can be filled with your frequently used spices. For example, instead of using it from the box directly, put the Italian seasoning in the jar. The jars are handy and not to mention, they look cute on the countertop. 
  • Looking for the perfect gift box? Well, Oui jars can be used as gift containers for small jewelry, candy, or anything that would just double the cute look. 
  • These serve best as succulent pots if you first fill the bottom with gravel. A small succulent would go perfectly with the jar and just keep watering them for the best results. 

For the lid of Oui jars, if you want a replacement then Weck lids are just perfect. The small wooden lids with rubber fit Oui jars and do not let the air in them as well. 

If you want separate lids for these jars, you can also buy them separately i.e $3 for 4 lids on Amazon. These lids are also available on the Oui website. 

Even though these jars are the perfect fit for every kitchen, Do NOT try to bake anything in them. Unlike your baking glass dishes, these jars are not designed to tolerate oven temperature and would break eventually if you ever try. 

So you get the French delicious yogurt in a cute jar that is for $2.99 from your local grocery store. Something to store and be crafty with, later on, buying Oui yogurt is not a bad deal to grab at all. 

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