Clutch pencils or popularly known as mechanical pencils are the ones that have mechanically extendable and replaceable cores called the lead. 

The lead is made of solid pigmented graphite and is not bonded with the outer layer or casting. The lead can be extended mechanically as the point of it wears out with gradual use. 

Mechanical pencils have many names like technical pencil, automatic pencil, drafting pencil, click pencil, microtip pencil, pump pen, lead holder, propelling pencil, pacer, and lead pencil. 

Mechanical pencils provide you with consistent width lines without having the need of using a sharpener. This way you get neat and quick writing and can be used for sketches and technical drawings. 

These pencils are popular among fine arts’ people. And since you don’t need to sharpen it from time to time, students also prefer this pencil. The use of mechanical pencils first started in the 18th century and a variety of designs was introduced in the 19th and 20th century. 

Wooden pencils or mechanical ones, they have become such a big part of our daily routine that we don’t even notice if it’s something that needs to be added. It’s like normally having snacks at home so we assume everyone has a pencil to jot down stuff. 

Having said the importance of it, it is important to know which one’s more effective and useful. Mechanical pencils have gained popularity over time due the huge convenience benefit and efficiency. 

For a wooden pencil, you’ll need to sharpen it from time to time to the pointy lead once it becomes blunt. 

Mechanical pencil is an advanced writing and drawing tool that has replaceable lead. You get precise lines with a consistent width. 

You get the long term use out of your mechanical pencils. All you have to do is replace the lead and it is all new again and that makes it eco friendly as well.

You can’t do long term use with wooden pencils. And the more pencils you use, the more trees go down. Now that is not very environment friendly. 

Mechanical pencils are costly if compared to your normal wooden pencil. You lose a pencil, you don’t really feel the loss. But mechanical pencils can be a hit on your budget if you have a constant use of them.

As mentioned earlier, mechanical pencils are a go to option for designers and students. They don’t spoil the flow of your work by running out too quickly and you get the job done efficiently. 

Mechanical pencils are safe. Not something people have in mind while purchasing a pencil but definitely should if you’re getting it for a kid. Wooden pencils can be sharp and hazardous. 

There have been plenty of school cases where children stab each other with wooden pencils and that leaves marks for ages.

Mechanical pencils are durable, lightweight, do not break that easy, and do not have any sharp pointy ends. 

Mechanical pencils are definitely a superior option from the two. Just try not to lose them right away so that it can be an affordable option as well. 

Are mechanical pencils environment friendly?

Mechanical pencils are kind of green-friendly as they last longer than usual pencils. If you want to go green then stay away from wooden pencils. 

Most mechanical pencils are made of polystyrene and the amount of time and energy consumption in the manufacturing of these should be noticed. But the point of reusability definitely makes it a better choice. 

Can you decompose mechanical pencils?

For lead to decompose it’ll take almost 100 to 200 years. It becomes even more difficult if it has been in a landfill, compacted tightly.

Either plastic or metal is used to make these mechanical pencils. The outer layer should be recyclable but the materials are too small to sort and often comes with a mixture of . materials. So this factor makes them impossible to recycle. 

Why should mechanical pencils be your first choice? Well, for starters, they’re not going to snap every time you press them hard on a paper. 

The main sturdy design gives you a good grip on them while writing, sketching, and drawing. 

They stay the same length always and all you have to do is replace the lead. Lead in these pencils are made of clay and graphite so not that hazardous as well. 

Fun part? You can get them in different colours and designs. Whether you get a mechanical pencil for your kid’s first day at school or want to complete that art project efficiently, these pencils are for everyday use and for everyone. 

So these pencils are definitely a great addition to your toolkit. This popular stationery hero can add the perfect thin or thick lines or strokes just the way you want them. 

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