Did you know rubbing tomatoes on the face can help with a lot of skin problems? Thousands of DIY tomato masks recipes online claim to do wonders for your skin.

But the thing is, not everyone has the time and energy to make those masks at home. They are time-consuming and messy when it comes to application. 

Yes to is a skincare brand that took this seriously and came up with “Yes to tomatoes.” A product line that is made with real tomatoes, and holds all their goodness. The range consists of eighteen products, and people love them all. 

Yes to tomatoes says that their products are made with at least ninety-five percent natural ingredients. There is no compromise on the quality of these ingredients. Each one is carefully selected and then crafted into a wonderful Yes to tomatoes product.

From the Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask to Daily Balancing Moisturiser, every Yes to tomatoes product focuses on detoxifying and cleansing your skin from the inside. Clean skin means a reduction in the occurrence of breakouts. 

Not only this, the prime component in these products is Lycopene- a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from free radicals and air pollutants. The result is younger-looking, smooth skin that we all want.

Now that we know all about Yes to tomatoes let’s talk about the one thing we always look for in a brand- its animal testing policy. 

A company’s animal testing policy is crucial because when you buy products that are subjected to animal testing, you are indirectly becoming a part of a gruesome practice.  

Many brands subject their products to animal testing to check their irritancy and toxicity levels.  

Sometimes it is an innocent rabbit that they shave and expose to chemicals, and sometimes it’s a poor rat that becomes a victim of force-feeding. 

After weeks of torture, all these animals meet their tragic fate- death.

Is Yes to tomatoes part of this sick animal testing industry, or Is Yes to tomatoes cruelty-free?

To answer that, we need to check whether it ticks all the boxes on our cruelty-free checklist. So, let’s take a look at our list. 

We believe that a cruelty-free brand is the one that 

  • Is not subject its ingredients to animal testing.
  • Is not subjecting its final products to animal testing.
  • Is not in contract with a third party that carries out animal testing for it.
  • Does not have any supplier or distributor that believes in testing on animals.
  • Is not selling its products in a country where animal testing is a part of the law.
  •  Is declared cruelty free by one of the internationally recognized cruelty-free organizations. 

So did Yes to tomatoes say Yes to the cruelty-free movement or not? You are about to find out.

Does Yes to tomatoes subjects its ingredients to animal testing? 

The brand’s website has a statement regarding animal testing that clearly says it does not subject the individual constituents to animal testing.

Does Yes to tomatoes subject its final products to animal testing? 

No. Yes to Tomatoes, claims that it does not subject its final products to animal testing. 

Instead of animals, the brand tests its products on healthy volunteering employees or friends and family. 

Does Yes to tomatoes have any supplier or distributor that believes in testing on animals?

No, the brand claims that none of its suppliers or distributors believes in testing on animals.

Does Yes to tomatoes sell its products in a country where animal testing is part of the law?


Yes, tomatoes do not sell their products in mainland China or any other country where animal testing is mandatory.

Does Yes to tomatoes have a certificate from an internationally recognized organization that proves its cruelty-free status?

Yes. The brand is recognized and certified by Leaping Bunny Program. 

Is Yes to tomatoes owned by a parent company that is not cruelty-free?

Yes to tomatoes is a product range of Yes to inc, a private US-based company. The brand does not have any parent company that supports animal testing.

Since Yes to tomatoes fits our criteria, we can confidently say that it is a certified cruelty-free product range.

To see the brand’s official statement regarding animal testing, click here


For decades, the skincare industry had us fooled about the benefits of animal ingredients. We were led to believe that animal ingredients like honey, collagen, lanolin, and squalene are irreplaceable. 

But the truth is that every animal ingredient is an alternative, that is equally beneficial, if not more.

The products that use vegan alternatives to animal-derived ingredients are vegan-friendly products. 

Today people are more interested in vegan products because they are healthier for human skin, promote kindness towards animals, and are eco-friendly.

Yes to tomatoes is a product range that claims to get most of its goodness from tomatoes- which is a fruit. Any sane person would expect the products to be vegan-friendly, but what is the truth?

Is Yes to tomatoes vegan friendly? 

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Yes tomatoes’ product range is made with 95-98% natural ingredients, and the product range is 100% vegan friendly. 


Yes to tomatoes is a product range that says yes to natural ingredients. Every product consists of at least ninety-five percent natural ingredients. 

These ingredients are present in an ample amount on our planet. All products are also free from poisonous substances like SLS, phthalates, and parabens.

The brand also has a “recycle where possible” policy. The containers used for the products are recyclable more often than not. 

On the official website, there is a section that talks about recyclable packaging and how to recycle. 

Yes to tomatoes is also vegan-friendly and has a leaping bunny cruelty-free certificate. 

All this proves that Yes to tomatoes is 100% ethical. If you want to buy from a product range that improves your skin, treats animals with kindness, and believes in sustainability- Yes to Tomatoes is the one for you.  

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