Energy efficient campaigns are flourishing and multiple brands have joined the hands on a mission to leave the world a better place to live. The same is favored here at Yardley.

Masses these days are too conscious of their choices, given the attitude we’ve had over the years with our surroundings.

Yardley itself is too conscious of it, as it’s evident from their brand’s mission that they’re healthy supporters of energy efficient and environmental friendly policies. This rules them out of being a part of any operation that directly or indirectly sabotages the environment.

That’s the reason, Yardly has stepped up and claimed its 100% Cruelty Free products.

This was much needed because Yardley is a sort of firm that’s a source of inspiration for many. When a brand as giant as Yardley comes up and discourages the animal testing policies.

This does leave an impact on the generations and helps in building better societies.

Yardley is a UK-based brand that’s been around for a while now. And by “A WHILE”, we mean a lot! Originally, it was launched in 1770. So, the history dates back to the 1700s when the Cleaver family founded this renowned brand.

Until now, it’s been assisting its customers all across the United Kingdom. Every single thing appears to be hitting the right spot and it did expand from really humble beginnings into a venture that now other startups look up to.

A lot of you guys ask for the definition of the “Cruelty Free” thing and let us share the precise definition of the phrase with all of you. So, you better not mix it up with other stuff.

In simple words, it’s a phenomenon that dictates the non-usage of animals for testing purposes.

To many, this may apparently be too much to contemplate over. But the damage we’ve done to our environment is massive. To avert and or entirely reverse the situation, we all need to play our part in the encouragement of cruelty free products.

Thanks to animal friendly policies of Yardley because they take this fact into account religiously.

We’ve researched a great deal to present the best information before you. We believe that finding a fact ain’t a task but getting it all at one place is something we should appreciate.

Our aim with this article is to enable you to make an informed decision. This only is possible if we say it all in one forum.

Brands are quite vocal about their objectives. And in Yardley’s case, it’s sustainability. They’re directed to incorporate natural ingredients in their manufacturing phase to minimize the impact on the environment.

This is a direct approach to benefit society by not feeding them the poison. It’s incredible but there’s one more face to it and that’s indirect damage that unconsciously is done.

Intrigued to know what is it?

It’s ethical damage that we pollute our environment with. It’s an archaic technique that primarily was invented to gauge the effectiveness of an approach or possible repercussions.

But things have immensely changed. Inventions at the cost of life are not worth the effort.

China is considered to be a hub of anti-animal policies.

And whenever there’s a question to find out if any particular product deviates from the cruelty-free list, one of the best strategies to check it out is to probe into the question of whether it’s delivered to China or not.

There too are some exceptions that we’ll cover down here.

We checked it out and found that Yardley isn’t shipped to China. As said earlier, there’s one more facet of this statement. Like, even if a product is delivered, there’s still a chance of it not being a cruel product.

Do you know how’s that possible?

It’s because there is a policy that governs the delivery of a product to China via e-commerce bypassing their anti-animal laws.

This means whatever the situation, we got to search in really deep in order to come up with a detailed response.

Yardly sells certified cruelty free products and is a source of envy for its competitors.

There’s more to it, keep reading because we’ve answered the questions that very much will be close to your heart if you’re vegan!

Is Yardley Vegan Friendly?

Yardley is a giant retailer supplying its perfumes, soaps and fragrance to its built network across the UK.

Vegan friendly phrase dictates that the product neither is derived from any animal’s by-product nor does it have any association with the animals.

Although, Yardley claims that their products are vegan friendly but this sounds far from the reality because multiple factors kick in.

In research, we found that to manufacture soaps, one needs to have fats and other products that are directly coming from animals. Beeswax is a common example of that.

Based on these grounds, we believe, Yardley isn’t a 100% vegan friendly brand.

For sure, the majority of the products at Yardley are in resonance with vegan people. But still, there’s a minute chance of them deviating off the track, given the products they manufacture.

Moreover, no certification proves Yardley’s to be vegan friendly. So, this is another question mark that poses a threat to its validity.

In a nutshell, Yardley is not a 100% vegan friendly brand.

Coming down to the ethical standards at Yardley,

Is Yardley Ethical?

As per the missions Yardley is determined to achieve, it’s an ethically-versed brand. Yardley is very much concerned about its impact on the environment. That sums it up itself because hardly do brands consider this aspect.

The majority of the time, people are in for the sake of money. The practice of any policy and its long-term consequences are turned a blind eye to.

This doesn’t happen if it’s Yardley because it’ll then straight away conflict with their 250 year old brand’s agenda.

Ethically, they’re right on top because neither do they sell their products in China nor do they endorse testing on animals.

Yes, this ain’t a 100% vegan thing but it’s understandable provided the category they’re hitting.

If we were to give them a number on a scale of 1-10 based on their ethics, it would be 9!

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