Yes, Vicidolls is a fast fashion brand! This means that the brand releases trendy clothing collections at a rapid speed. 

In today’s world, it’s too easy to become influenced by your peers, celebrities, and models showcasing their life on social media.

However, this all leads to the rapid creation of new trends. The clothing appears in one of your favorite stores at the speed of light.

The clothes are also so cheap that you may find yourself buying one item in every color that you like.

But buying fast fashion often ends up costing one more in the long run. Fast fashion has negative consequences not only for us but also for the workers and the environment.

Every day more and more people are making the conscious shift towards brands that aren’t a part of this destruction chain.

Therefore, It’s their right to know what their favorite brands are up to.

And for that, I’m here to help!

In this article, I’ll be highlighting all the reasons why Vicidolls is a fast fashion brand. 

So let’s get right to it!

Is it really fast fashion? 

Unfortunately yes, Vicidolls is a fast fashion brand. It is actually a part of their mission to make on-trend styles at affordable prices for Women. 

They’re proud that they can make trendy clothing instantly accessible to women of any age. Vici was established in 2012. It has over 150 members today. The main aim of the brand is to help boost women’s confidence through fashion.

The brand believes that high prices are an obstacle for women and make stylish clothing unreachable. This is why they are proud to be a fast fashion brand so that they can provide the trendiest pieces in an affordable range.

So what is fast fashion really? Fast fashion brands are basically those that manufacture low cost designs at a rapid pace. 

These designs are manufactured, hung in stores, and shipped to customers all at the speed of lightning. 

Fast fashion began with collections being released on “trend seasons” to coincide with the actual seasons in each year. 

However, nowadays it has become more extreme and new collections are being launched almost every other week.

This may be amazing for customers who want to keep up with the trends and also want these trends to be accessible at a budget, but fast fashion has an extremely negative impact on the environment. 

As new clothes are being released every other week, older stocks are discarded at the same speed as well. This stock ends up in piles in landfills. 

Fast fashion brands also make use of cheap raw materials to keep up with their rapid pace and also to manage their cost. 

This means that the clothes aren’t even sustainable either, so they won’t even begin to decompose for several years in those landfills. 

Fast fashion brands are producing tons of waste every year which is driving our ecosystem into destruction. 

They are also responsible for a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of water bodies, and environmental exploitation.  

The reason why Vicidolls is also a part of this destruction chain is because it ticks every box to qualify as a fast fashion brand. 

Firstly, they produce clothes at a high speed and release new collections every other week. They’re prices are also low according to them which means that they want to be more accessible, unlike high fashion brands. 

Low prices are also an indication that they make use of cheaper quality materials which don’t or take ages to biodegrade.  

It is high time that brands like Vicidolls start to take responsibility for their actions!

Is it ethical?

There are many factors that need to be considered when qualifying a brand as an ethical one. 

An ethical brand is responsible for making the morally correct decisions which are for the betterment of the environment and people. Ethical brands don’t cause any harm to humans, animals, or the environment.

Fast fashion brands mostly don’t qualify as ethical ones. As Vicidolls is a fast fashion brand, it can’t be regarded as an ethical brand. 

This is because of the sheer amount of waste they produce every year due to their practices. It is causing harm to the environment. 

Ethical brands are supposed to be sustainable. Unfortunately, according to many reviews of this brand, the clothes are made using cheap raw materials. 

This means that they aren’t sustainable and will quickly wear down after a few washes. 

However, one good thing about the brand is that they claim to be hundred percent vegan as well as cruelty free on their Instagram page. This may help them be considered as an ethical brand. 

But the problem is that these are just claims made by them. They haven’t been certified by any organization like PETA or the Leaping Bunny, which can actually validate these statements. 

This puts customers in a tough spot to actually trust them!

Where does it get their clothes? 

Sadly, there isn’t enough information on their manufacturing policies or countries. This is also why the brand is known to be unethical.

However, they’ve stated “MADE IN THE USA” in bold on their website. While we do know that the company is based in the US, it is unclear if their manufacturing takes place here as well.

Vicidolls is an online retailer which has two brick and mortar stores in California. They have a wide variety of clothing and their quality is average.

Due to the lack of transparency over their practices and manufacturing, many people believe the store is very shady! 

If there wasn’t anything wrong happening, then why do they feel the need to hide such information from the public. 

Well as of now there isn’t any answer to that question. But hopefully, the brand will look upon this soon and provide a statement which will put customers at ease.

Final Thoughts 

It is crucial that fast fashion brands start realizing the environmental impact they’re making. They must come up with practices and policies to help reduce their carbon footprint. 

They should start providing information and justification for their practices. And it’s our responsibility as customers to ditch brands like Vicidolls and move towards brands that are actually putting in the effort to become better. 

I hope this article answered all your queries regarding Vicidolls!

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