Versed is a skincare and cosmetics brand. It sells a variety of products ranging from skincare to beauty enhancement. 

According to the brand officials, it is an entirely cruelty-free brand. Since its inauguration, not a single animal has been harmed. 

All the manufactured products contain the proven formula so that animals don’t become subject to exploitation. 

However, the brand has, again and again, addressed itself as a cruelty-free brand. 

Besides this, Versed is a cruelty-free certified brand from the leaping bunny organization. 

More than 2200 brands have been listed by leaping bunny as cruelty-free brands. Versed is one of them. 

What Makes Versed a cruelty-free brand?

Refraining from testing its products on animals is the only secret that makes this brand a cruelty-free brand. 

All the products manufactured under this brand’s banner are never tested on animals. 

However, the testing of products is done on humans willing to volunteer. 

For the testing of skincare products and cosmetics generally, animals are subject to testing. Even very renowned brands are openly trying products on animals.

Whereas Versed has prevented itself from this cruelty, and thus it is a cruelty-free brand. 

How long has Versed been cruelty-free?

Versed was launched in 2019 in America. Since then, it has been three years for versed to serve its customers. 

Most brands operating for over a century have failed to achieve the cruelty-free status, while versed has done that in just three years. 

From the day of its launch, versed has preferred to stay away from animal testing. 

All the products of this brand are either tested on humans or are already proven formulas that don’t need testing. 

How can a skincare product be cruelty-free?

If we consider testing products on animals as cruel only, then there are several possible ways for a brand to enjoy cruelty-free status. 

The first possibility is that there will be no cruelty if a brand tests all its products on humans rather than animals.  

The second possibility is that the brands must stick to old proven formulas instead of testing new ones. 

When products are launched using a new formula, it becomes mandatory to test these products, and animals are an easy target for the brands to test the effects of newly launched products.

Therefore if brands stop launching new products for skincare, it will be easy to maintain cruelty-free status. 

Is Versed selling in China?

As an ambassador of cruelty-free brands, Versed is never supposed to sell its products in China as selling in China requires prior testing of products on animals.

That is why Versed is not selling its products in China, not physically. It may be available in eCommerce stores, but selling online does not require prior testing.  

What are Versed`s cruelty-free products?

There are lots of products sold by this entirely cruelty-free brand. 

To make things simple, we are listing a few cruelty-free products of this brand. 

  • Dermaplanting Kit 
  • Sunscreen Broad Spectrum
  • Moisturizing Gel Cream
  • Retinoid Eye Balm
  • Advanced Night Cream 
  • Dry Skin Duo

Is Versed vegan friendly?

Mostly yes, the products sold by this brand are made of natural ingredients like plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

The Natural ingredients used to manufacture the products also include minerals obtained from earth. 

However, the main ingredients used in the product manufacture are vegan friendly and natural. 

There is no harm to the environment and other creatures by using such ingredients in the product manufacture. 

Precisely the brand Versed can be declared a vegan-friendly brand.

Are Versed Products vegetarian?

After all, Versed is a skincare product and cosmetics brand. It is almost impossible to manufacture effective skincare products without using animal ingredients. 

If a brand is manufacturing vegan products, it will either end up in loss or cease to exist. 

However, Versed manufactures products that contain veg ingredients like fruits, plants, and vegetables. 

Still, most of its products contain ingredients obtained from animals. 

The ingredients readily used in skincare products are lanolin, glycerin, beeswax, honey, milk, fats, and other carbohydrates.

Therefore Versed Products contain veg ingredients but are not entirely vegetarian. 

What are exclusive Versed Vegan products?

It is tough to find 100% vegan products in today’s world. For effective results and high profits, brands prefer to manufacture products from animal ingredients. 

Multinational brands don’t mind using animal ingredients in any of their products. 

However, we have researched thoroughly to extract some exclusively vegan products of the brand Versed. 

List of probably vegan products

  • Dark Spot Gel 
  • Gentle Retinol Serum 
  • Luminizing Glow drops 
  • Texture repair kit 
  • Soothing eye care duo 
  • Instant resurfacing mask
  • Antioxidant oil serum
  • Clarifying serum 

Is Versed ethical?

Looking at the policies of this brand, we mainly find it ethical. No testing on animals and minimal use of animal ingredients make this brand to be righteous. 

No brand is indeed 100% ethical, including Versed, but brands can try to remain as moral as possible. 

Conclusively Versed is mainly ethical and more ethical than most brands out there. 

What are the cruelty-free and vegan-friendly alternatives to Versed?

Finding an entirely vegan-friendly brand that doesn’t indulge in cruelty is similar to finding a Unicorn. 

No such brand exists to date that is 100% vegan friendly and entirely cruelty-free.

However, some brands are near ideal, and we are listing a few of them to acknowledge our readers.

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