Venus is an American fashion retailer. Venus is mostly famous for its swimwear and bodywear. The company is known to participate in various charities.

However, is Venus a Fast Fashion brand? Where does Venus make its clothes? Do they make their clothes in China?

Moreover, is Venus a legit company i.e. do they deliver what they advertise? 

We have tried to address all of the queries you might have about the ethics and policies of Venus. Keep on reading to find out!

About Venus 

Venus is an American fashion retailer. They mostly sell their clothes online.

Venus sells clothing, accessories, and shoes. However, they are mostly known for their swimwear and bodywear.

Venus was founded in 1984 by Daryle Scott. Initially, Venus was Venus Body Wear, where they sold swimwear and fitness apparel.

Venus used to sell its products through advertisements that were given in Cosmopolitan magazine until they opened their first store.

Four years after founding the company, the first retail store of Venus was opened in Jacksonville Landing, which was a shopping mall in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2000, Venus Body Wear changed its name and the new name was Venus.

The headquarters of Venus is located in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2018, the company will have more than 1000 employees.

Venus is known for its participation in community activities. Venus donated thousands of its clothing to Dignity U Wear foundation, which distributes the clothes to homeless people.

During COVID-19, Venus manufactured a large number of masks and donated them to several hospitals. Venus also donated 10% of its profit to Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2017.

Venus donates its clothing to various NGOs (non-profit organizations) such as Roots and Wings, SOS Children’s Village, Family Promise, and many others.

What Is Considered As Fast Fashion? 

Fast Fashion is a relatively new term. The term “Fast Fashion” has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.

The majority of the brands follow the model of Fast Fashion as it’s profitable.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, Fast Fashion means;

“Clothes that are made and sold cheaply, so that people can buy new clothes often.”

In simple words, Fast Fashion is the transition of clothing trends from catwalks and social media to clothing stores.

Fast Fashion involves three elements; cheap, new, and trendy clothes.

In the past, people used to buy only a few clothes a year. However, due to Fast Fashion and social media, WSJ reported that an average American bought 68 pieces of clothing in 2018.

This is also because many brands are adopting the model of Fast Fashion. 

Brands advertise that people should renew their wardrobes and should buy cheap and trendy clothing. As a result people easily get attracted to this model.

However as the awareness is increasing, many people are stepping back and are moving toward minimalism. The Fast Fashion industry has caused much harm to the environment, labourers and society in general.

Many people got to know about the dark side of the Fast Fashion industry when Rana Plaza of Bangladesh collapsed, resulting in the death and lifelong injuries of thousands of labourers.

Some of the harms of the Fast Fashion industry are described below;

  • Workers of most garment factories are underpaid. They are not even given the minimum wages and are forced to work for several hours a day and every day of the week.
  • Most Fast Fashion brands work in sweatshops where workers are forced to work in extreme conditions.
  • To manufacture one piece of clothing requires thousands of litres of water and tons of carbon emissions. Fast Fashion brands have to continuously make new clothes. Hence a lot of impact on the environment is made.
  • Brands throw away unsold clothes. Also when the trend dies out people throw away their clothes. This can cause land pollution.

Is Venus Fast Fashion?

Yes, Venus is a Fast Fashion brand.

As we described above, three elements are required for a brand to be Fast Fashion i.e. cheap, new, and trendy clothing.

Venus often comes up with new clothing that is cheap and trendy.

Is Venus Clothing From China? 

No, Venus is an American brand.

Venus is an American fashion retailer. It was founded in the United States in 1984.

Where Does Venus Make Its Clothes? 

Venus makes its clothing in the US and Europe.

Venus has factory outlets in the US and the clothing of Venus are made in several factories in the US and Europe.

Is Venus A Legit Company? 

Yes, Venus is a legit company.

Venus has fair ratings on different review sites. For example, Venus has a rating of 4.0 on Trustpilot and 4.1 on Facebook.

Many people have said they are satisfied with the clothing and delivery service of Venus. While some compliances that Venus charge an unnecessary shipping fee.


Venus is an American fashion retailer. Venus has products like clothing, accessories, and shoes. But it’s mostly famous for its swimwear.

Venus sells trendy clothing. Hence it is known as a Fast Fashion brand.

Venus is also popular due to its charities and involvement in community activities.

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