Unique Vintage is an online fashion brand. Unique Vintage designs and sells clothes that are inspired by vintage fashion, but has a modern touch to them.

Unique Vintage mainly sells its products online. They also have a physical store in Burbank, California.

However, is Unique Vintage a Fast Fashion? Is Unique Vintage an ethical brand? Moreover, where does Unique Vintage source its clothes from? 

In this article, we have tried to answer all of the queries you might have about the ethics, morals, and policies of Unique Vintage. Keep on reading to find out!

About Unique Vintage 

Unique Vintage was founded in 2000 by Katie Echeverry. Katie was obsessed with vintage dresses, she used to find new vintage dresses in her local vintage stores.

Then she thought that many people might be trying to find good vintage dresses. So she decided to launch her website where she would sell vintage dresses.

When it got a bit popular, Katie started designing and selling vintage dresses.

Unique Vintage sells clothes that are inspired by vintage fashion but also have a touch of modern fashion, which makes it unique.

Unique Vintage sells a large variety of clothing items such as graphic tees, jumpsuits, jackets, tops, etc. As dresses were a big part of vintage fashion, Unique Vintage has different types of dresses on their website.

Unique Vintage also has swimwear, wedding dresses, shoes, and accessories. Unique Vintage also has plus-size clothing. On their ‘about us’ page, Unique Vintage mentions that;

“We’re a diverse, size-inclusive brand”

Unique Vintage has a huge following on social media. They have 615K followers on Instagram and nearly 700k likes on their Facebook page.

Unique Vintage has partnered with Warner Bros, Coca-Cola, Barbie, Pantone, and other famous brands.

This female-owned business runs its operations online and has one physical store in Burbank, California. Unique Vintage also has 700 wholesale locations around the world.

What Is Considered As Fast Fashion? 

Fast Fashion is getting very popular among the general public. This is because Fast Fashion offers trendy clothes at a cheap price.

If we look at dictionaries, then the meaning of Fast Fashion is;

“Clothes that are made and sold cheaply, so that people can buy new clothes often.”

Two things can be seen in this definition i.e. new and cheap clothes. One thing that this definition does not include is trendy apparel.

In simple terms, Fast Fashion is the quick transition of clothing trends from catwalks and social media to different clothing stores.

Brands advertise to people to buy new and trendy clothes at a cheaper price and people fall for them. 

People buy trendy and cheap clothes but these clothes have a short lifespan. They can only be worn a few times.

As a result, people buy more and more clothes and the Fast Fashion industry grows as a result. The global market value of the Fast Fashion industry is expected to reach 133 billion U.S. dollars by 2026.

The Fast Fashion industry is known to cause harm to the workers’ ethics, the environment and society in general.

About 85% of the garment workers are underpaid and are forced to work for 12-16 hours a day and seven days a week. Some workers are forced to work in extremely inhumane conditions.

According to UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), the Fashion industry is the second biggest consumer of water and 8-10% of the global carbon emission is caused by the fashion industry.

Moreover, the unsold clothes are usually thrown away by the brand which ends up causing land pollution.

Is Unique Vintage Fast Fashion? 

No, Unique Vintage is not a Fast Fashion brand.

Unique Vintage sells clothing, shoes, and accessories that are inspired by vintage fashion and have a slight touch of modern fashion.

On the other hand, the Fast Fashion industry focuses on trendy items of clothing. Hence, Unique Vintage is not a Fast Fashion brand.

Where Does Unique Vintage Get Its Clothing From? 

Unique Vintage has not mentioned anything about its manufacturers. So it is uncertain where Unique Vintage gets its clothing from.

Is Unique Vintage Ethical? 

Unique Vintage stands in the grey line in terms of ethics as they are not transparent about their policies.

Unique Vintage has not given details about the suppliers they work with. They also haven’t provided information about the steps they might have taken to reduce their environmental impacts.

Unique Vintage acknowledges its corporate responsibilities. Unique Vintage also has clothes for women of all sizes. They have mentioned that;

“We’re a diverse, size-inclusive brand not only in the products we make but also in the way we bring those products to life across our marketing campaigns.”


Unique Vintage is a Vintage-inspired American brand that was founded in 2000 by vintage fashion lovers.

Unique Vintage is not a Fast Fashion brand as they sell Vintage-inspired clothing that also has a slight touch of modern fashion.

Unique Vintage is not transparent about its ethical policies. They have not mentioned anything about the environmental or workers’ policies they might have.

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