Under Twenty is claimed to be a cruelty-free brand and it strongly condemns the testing on animals. 

Sifting through the content published by Under Twenty, we’ve found that Under Twenty indeed is very much concerned about its reputation in the market. 

While reading the description of one of their products, we found that Under Twenty discourages and opposes animal testing policies. 

Many still are oblivious to the fact that anti-animal protocols are extremely detrimental to the environment. Our consumption of these commodities not only encourages the culprits to opt for this route but culminates in creating a supply and demand chain guiding us to a vicious cycle.

The data available online is full of fluff, and it gets super tough to extract valid points. 

Taking this fact into account and making the best use of the information available, we’ve come up with a comprehensive article. Every tiny bit of element you need will be conveyed to you in this guidepost. Because an informed decision is what we believe in. 

Under Twenty is basically a cosmetic brand operating in Poland and the UK, founded by Dr. Irena. Skimming through the reviews at various e-commerce stores unearthed how Under Twenty’s products are lauded. 

Hot items that Under Twenty is known for are its acne removal creams and other skin-nourishing products. Although, we found them to be doing good, as the response we recorded was pretty constructive. But, there were a couple of reviews recounting their developments to be too sensitive for the skin. 

Another question instantly pops its head up, given the cruelty free tag that Under Twenty holds upfront. Are the products manufactured limited to Poland and England only or exported to other countries across the globe, mainly China? 

This may sound weird but let us tell you, China does support animal testing before introducing its cosmetics to the end-user. 

Whatever be the reason, it’s just that the culture evolved there doesn’t mind the event. And it’s absolutely fine for the researchers associated with the cosmetics industry to experiment  products on animals there.


This steers us to clarify our doubts and queries. By Law, China is bound to import cosmetic products only if they are tested on animals. That means, if Under Twenty is sold in China, it straight away means that it’s indeed a cruel brand, as per the definition quoted below. 

“Any product/ingredient tested on animals for its trials phase is acclaimed to be cruel.” 

This must-have cleared your doubts. As far as we’ve probed in, we found that Under Twenty is yet restricted to just Poland and England. It doesn’t operate in China that’s another flag of its non-cruelty in its favor. 

Now comes the part of a third-party certification program vouching for the legitimacy of any cruelty-free claim. There are many out there, but the most significant of them are Logical Harmony, PETA, and Leaping Bunny. 

We’ve searched for Under Twenty’s certification on all of these websites but we couldn’t. This means that either it’s not certified or the status is still in progress. This is yet to be found but for now, it’s not validated by any of the organizations mentioned above. 

Under Twenty might not be a 100% cruelty-free brand. 

There are two reasons that we possibly think,

  • One, it’s not certified by any reputable organization. 
  • Second, cruelty-free clarification is made individually below each product description.

Otherwise, we believe the brand would have added more of a centralized narrative over this concern. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reveal any such fact. 

There’s still a possibility of being 100% cruel free but the chances are minute. 

Quick Tip: Before you buy any product from Under Twenty. Read the product description and make sure it’s aligned with your preferences. 

Now heading to another million-dollar question,

Is Under Twenty Vegan? 

Previously, we’ve found masses to be concerned about the Cruelty-Free status of brands to make a decision. 

Now, it has gone a step further and the demand for vegan-friendly products has soared. Masses now strongly oppose the products even if they are derived from animals. This is a transition that we’ve observed lately in our culture but YEAH! It’s a healthy one. 

As far as Under Twenty is concerned, we did cross-check its vegan-friendly status from multiple websites. The results we came down to clearly demonstrate that Under Twenty is a vegan-friendly brand. 

One source was found citing Under Twenty to be 99.99% Vegan.

 No idea if they meant 100% or not. Still, it’s a massive proportion, we must say! 

To have crystal clarity, let us state the fact that even if a single ingredient coming from an animal is used in the product. It’s instantly deprived of a vegan-friendly tag. 

Although, these claims are not verified by any third-party organization but the brand itself. 

On the other hand, It’s rare to dodge the community pertaining to vegan-friendly status. That’s because the regulations in many countries dictate the clarity of ingredients used in manufacturing any product. If done, it turns into an offense against humanity. 

Is Under Twenty Ethical? 

On ethical standards, Under Twenty would definitely be rated high. You know why? It’s because the brand has tried its best to keep the products not only cruelty free but vegan friendly, too.

Ethics, indeed, is a generic word having multiple definitions in various contexts. 

In this context, we deem a particular brand to be ethical only if it doesn’t test its products on animals and is vegan. 

Based on these metrics, Under Twenty no doubt is ethical. 

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