There’s a never-ending debate on the cruelty-free status of every other brand nowadays. Customers around the globe only prefer to support those benevolent brands, while thoroughly avoiding the animal tyrants. 

The question is: is Umberto Giannini also one of those benevolent brands? Or has the brand been corrupted by the gales from Hell and has become an animal tyrant in the meantime? What proof is there to justify its status?

Also, none of us can afford to upset Planet Earth beyond its bearing limits. The results of doing so will certainly be dire for each one of us! Hence, has Umberto Giannini been striving to convert this planet into a better place to live at? 

Last but certainly not the least, are all Umberto Giannini products vegan-friendly? Or has the usage of animal-derived ingredients ‘contaminated’ all Umberto Giannini products as well?

Find all answers right below. 

Is Umberto Giannini Cruelty-Free OR Cruelty-Plus?

Umberto Giannini has been a cruelty-free devotee since day one. I firmly believe that not a single animal soul can be spotted lurking around Umberto Giannini’s test laboratories.

Why am I so damn sure of Umberto Giannini’s innocence? Let’s forget why I’m so trustful of this brand for a moment. The question is: will you also devote your full trust to Umberto Giannini; after skimming through the facts listed down below?

I guess we’ll know the answer in a while!

Significance of Umberto Giannini’s Cruelty-Free Status:

All of us have a general idea of what cruelty-free means. Still, let’s skim through the facts once more for old times’ sake. So, what does being a cruelty-free haircare brand entails for Umberto Giannini? Here’s what it does:

  • No poor bunnies or any other animals get shaved or lose their hair; all for the purpose of testing Umberto Giannini’s hair care products. In short, not one of UG finished products, ingredients, or even raw materials leads to animals dying in dark corners in misery.
  • Umberto Giannini refrains from selling in countries where animal cruelty is ‘part of the process. 
  • Neither their suppliers nor any third-party butchers test on animals as a gesture of kindness towards Umberto Giannini.

Umberto Giannini’s Renewable Energy Usage: Cruelty-Free on a Global Level!

Yup, cruelty-free is definitely one of those nature-loving brands. And even if they don’t love nature for nature’s sake, at least they are aware of what’s good for everybody. 

And preserving Mother Earth really is GOOD FOR EVERYBODY!

What measures has Umberto Giannini been taking to prove its status as an eco-friendly brand?

Well, for one, Umberto Giannini is a certified B Corp. Which means that it has been assessed by B Lab as a brand that positively impacts our environment. 

Furthermore, Umberto Giannini is 110% committed to the replacement of renewable energy sources for ones limited in number.

For instance, Umberto Giannini’s products are packaged with PCR or sugarcane plastic nowadays. Both of these materials are eco-friendly and suitable for usage by us. Heck, one kg of sugarcane plastic even helps get rid of 3.09 kgs of CO2 from the air!

Is Umberto Giannini Owned by a Cruelty-Plus Parent Brand?

Nope, Umberto Giannini is NOT owned by any parent brand; especially not a cruel parent brand!

Is Umberto Giannini Sold in ‘Cruel’ China?

Nope, nada and nay! In short, none of Umberto Giannini’s haircare products are sold in any of China’s cruel retail stores. 

Is Umberto Giannini Cruelty-Free Certified?

Yup, Umberto Giannini has been awarded its cruelty-free status by PETA: one of the world’s leading organizations when it comes to cruelty-free business. 

You can have a look at PETA’s database and verify Umberto Giannini’s status as a cruelty-free brand. 

Umberto Giannini: Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ with Animal Ingredients?

Veganism is a major trend these days; and most probably, this ideal of ‘no animal shit’ is not gonna quit anytime soon I suppose.

Hence, more and more brands have been revamping their product ingredients as well as striving to add the word Vegan to their status. 

Like many other brands, Umberto Giannini has high priorities when it comes to their products and the ingredients used within. And none of their haircare products show any traces of animal-derived ingredients & by-products.

For my vegan-fanatic brothers, this is definitely a brand deserving of being included in your ‘to-buy-from’ list!

Last but not least, Umberto Giannini has been included in PETA’s database of Vegan brands as well. Do have a look in case time’s on your side. 

Is Umberto Giannini an Ethical Brand?

Umberto Giannini is a cruelty-free, eco-friendly and pure vegan brand. Hence, by all means, is it an ethical brand and is more than deserving of your utmost trust. 


Even in 2022, when the cruelty-free and pure-vegan movements are like the Sun at midday, digging up cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brands is still a headache. 

Just believing for a product or a certain brand as cruelty-free simply because that’s what it says on their packaging is the peak of idiocy!

There are a ton of fake cruelty-free brands out there. Those guys are dying to rob you of your dimes by flaunting their ‘cruelty-free’ status and writing witty phrases on their packaging. 

For instance, some brands may claim, “We do not test on animals”. Sure you don’t. But never once did you mention whether you ‘outsource’ the testing procedures to some other guy right? 

Another example would be something like, “None of our finished products are tested on vulnerable squirrels”. Note how they only declare their finished products cruelty-free, not ingredients and raw materials, etc.

You see, there are a lot of loopholes in the ‘cruelty-free’ statuses of many ‘benevolent’ brands. Umberto Giannini is surely the opposite of such hypocritical, good-for-nothing, brands. 

And its cruelty-free status truly is genuine; as can be guessed from all those facts listed above. 

Hence, do yourself, your environment, as well as tons of speechless animals an eternal favor; and subscribe to Umberto Giannini’s hair care products.

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