With climate change at its peak and the ozone layer depleting fast, people worldwide are more at the mercy of the sun’s burning rays than in the past.

Although getting a tan at your favorite spot on the beach will surely be fun, more prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to multiple skin problems, some of which are incurable at the moment.

So, what can you do to save yourself from the harmful UV rays? Use Ultra Violette’s sunscreen and shine bright in daylight without worries.

This Australian brand is popularly known for its excellent sunscreen ranges and makeup that hides blemishes and marks and protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sounds great, right?

As much as Ultra Violette’s products get you excited, some people have their concerns regarding them.

Is the brand cruelty-free? Are the products vegan-friendly? Well then, without wasting much time, let’s dig into the details!

Is it Vegan-friendly?

If you get a chance to visit their official website, they’ve clearly mentioned their products to be free from animal-derived ingredients.

Yes, yes, and a BIG yes! Ultra Violette is amongst those few companies that promise to develop great sunscreen and cosmetics without harming animals or insects for it.

Moreover, the company has cleverly used mineral-based ingredients to develop a fantastic product range that is gentle on the skin and protects you against the harmful UV ray

And all of this is achieved without harming any animals in the way!

Is it Cruelty-free?

Since Ultra Violette uses mineral-based ingredients, it clearly indicates the brand is vegan-friendly, making it cruelty-free too.

According to the brand’s representatives, they have never tested their products on animals and never wish to do in the future.

Also, neither does the company itself indulge in unethical practices nor does it team with suppliers and third parties that do so.

Hence, with a single motto of helping you protect your skin, Ultra Violette wishes to staand up for animal right equally and play their part in making the world a safe place for every living being.

Is it Ethical?

Since its products are primarily mineral-based, clean of animal-derived ingredients, and it does not test on animals, it is safe to say that Ultra Violette is an ethical brand.

Finding an entirely ethical skincare brand is a challenge, and so, with this one here, do not miss out on its products for the love of your skin!

Is the Parent Company, if any, Also Cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly?

The Australian brand Ultra Violette is owned by Bec Jefferd and Ava Matthews, two amazing people with brilliant concepts executed to perfection.

Hence, the company isn’t ventured by any other big retailer, and so they are all on their own, practicing ethical conduct to harm no animals or insects for their benefit.

This is what makes the company everyone’s favorite today!

Does Ultra Violette Sell its Products in Mainland China?

Ultra Violette has been very vocal and transparent about not supporting animal testing or using animal-derived ingredients in its products.

Although Mainland China is one of the biggest markets today but legally requires products to be tested on animals before launching them, the company doesn’t sell its products there solely because of this reason.

Currently, you’ll only find its products available in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the US, the UK, etc., countries that have declared animal testing illegal.

Moreover, in the near future, the brand doesn’t plan on selling into markets that still practice animals testing without being sorry for the conduct.

Is Ultra Violette Accredited By Any Animal Rights or Vegan Societies?

No, Ultra Violette isn’t accredited by any animal rights or vegan societies.

But since the brand is ethical in its practices, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, we hope it associates itself with any such organization in the near future.

Is Ultra Violette Involved with Suppliers and Third Parties that Practice Animal Testing?

A BIG NO! Ultra Violette is transparent in its practices, ethical conduct and morals, making it one of those brands strictly against animal testing or using animal-derived ingredients.

Why Should You Trust Ultra Violette?

Currently, Ultra Violette ranks atop the list of skincare brands in Australia that make excellent sunscreens, gels, and sun screen-based makeup, a definite need of today.

And what is even better, the brand promises to be cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and ethical.

Most of its products are mineral-based, whereas few others are chemical-based, giving it a clean name.

Moreover, it neither conducts animal testing itself nor involves suppliers and parties, promoting and practicing high ethics and values.

So, with brands like Ultra Violette finding successful alternatives to animal testing, you know you are in safe hands.

Remember, when a brand is gentle with animals, how can it be unsuitable for you? Protect yourself every day with Ultra Violette’s cruelty-free and vegan-friendly gels!

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