During the past few years, there has been a great emphasis on eco-friendly products. Some people have committed to the concept of environmentally safe products so far that they use only those products which are eco-friendly.

Resultantly, as time passes, more and more businesses are starting to adopt an environmentally friendly approach in how they run their businesses due to this shift in buying behavior.

The companies which manufacture shipping and business supplies are also no exception to this new shift.

Uline is one popular company in this industry. But there exists this significant question for it as well. Is Uline eco-friendly?

The answer to this question is Yes. It is true that Uline is an eco-friendly company.

Let’s now look at the many factors which prove this. We will analyse the materials Uline uses for making their products as well as their wastage disposal practices.

Moreover, in the following paragraphs, we dive deep to figure out whether Uline is as eco-friendly as it claims to be or is using the eco-friendly tag only as a marketing tactic to attract eco-conscious consumers.

About Uline

Uline is a family-owned business and it is the leading distributor of industrial, shipping, and other packaging materials throughout North America.

Its product range consists of many different offerings including shopping bags, toilet tissues, plastic bags, and other shipping products.

It was founded in 1980 by Liz and Dick Uihlein in the basement of their house located in Lake Forest Illinois, Chicago.

They started their operations with a single product, called the H-101 Carton. This product is a medium-sized card-board storage box and it’s still being offered for sale to customers by Uline to this day.

As of 2020, Uline has over 7000 employees and has generated a massive revenue amounting to 6.5 Billion USD in the mentioned year alone.

The headquarters of Uline is located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin while the company also has operating facilities in additional 10 different locations across North America.

Is Uline Eco-Friendly?

The shopping bags and storage boxes offered by Uline are said to be made of recyclable paper and materials, whereas other products are also made of environment-friendly raw materials.

Uline offers both plastic and plant-based bags. The problem with plastic bags is that they are non-biodegradable.

This means that they do not undergo complete chemical breakdown. But, they are 100% recyclable due to the nature of plastic molecules.

Considering the plant-based bags, they are manufactured using potato starch and sugarcane among other plant-sourced raw materials. And as you would have guessed, these bags are biodegradable.

Considering Uline’s best-sellers, one of them is Kraft paper which is made from recycled fibers and is used for packaging.

Considering the waste management practices of Uline, the company disposes of all the production wastage in a responsible manner. The waste materials are disposed of in special disposal containers which are also available for sale to other businesses.

All these above-stated facts make us reach the conclusion that Uline is eco-friendly. Many people even consider them as the pioneers of eco-friendly products in the US and Canada.


  • Where does Uline get its products from?

Uline sources all of its products from the United States of America. Uline currently features 18,000+ products which are all produced locally in the states.

  • Is Uline foam recyclable?

Yes, Uline foam is recyclable because it is made of expanded polystyrene, which is a plastic resistant to complete chemical breakdown but stands out among all the plastic types and is popular across the globe due to its environment-friendly composition.

  • Is Uline Kraft paper recyclable?

Yes, the Kraft paper offered by Uline is recyclable because it is made from biodegradable fiber.

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