Wondering whether TommyG is a certified cruelty-free brand?

Moreover, are the products from TommyG friendly for vegan enthusiasts?

Or have they been ‘contaminated’ by a ton of animal-derived ingredients? 

We’ll surely chat about the above queries in detail. BUT, let me sketch a general picture of the current events in the world of brands and their customers!

Thing is, in the past couple of decades, the cruelty-free trend has taken its toll on brands large and small. None of the customers are willing to stand by idle while fragile little animals are being brutalized in freakish laboratories!

Most of us tend to forever boycott the ‘cruel’ brands after learning of their atrocities against poor animals.

Although I’m also an avid believer of cruelty-free products, the movement does have a tiny side-effect which is: that hunting for trustworthy, ethical, and above all, cruelty-free brands has become equivalent to digging for a specific grain in a sea of sand!

Alright, I may have exaggerated things a bit up above; but nevertheless, searching for cruelty-free brands truly is a thorny road to walk on these days.

However, things are surely a helluva lot easier when someone else is willing to hold a lamp for ya; and light the way!

Let me be that lighthouse for you today, and help you in figuring out whether TommyG is cruelty-free

OR cruelty-plus!

Is TommyG Cruelty-Free?

Yup, TommyG truly is cruelty-free (as per what they say on their website). In reality, though, I couldn’t locate much evidence about their cruelty-free status. 

This means that the company hasn’t made public much info about their selling destinations, cruelty-free certifications (if any at all), and product testing procedures. 

However, in TommyG’s own words, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

The quote is a bit touching I must say; and makes us truly want to believe in the authenticity of TommyG’s cruelty-free status.

Still, without knowing whether the brand sells in ‘cruel’ countries such as Mainland China; has got any cruelty-free certifications such as PETA or Leaping Bunny in its pocket, etc; 

TommyG’s cruelty-free status is ambiguous at best!

Are TommyG Skincare Products Dermatologically Tested?

Yup, all TommyG skincare products are tested under the watchful eyes of a professional dermatologist. But wait! What does being dermatologically tested even represent? 

Simply put, in most cases, being dermatologically tested refers to the following facts:

  • The finished product from the lab has been tested on human volunteers to gauge the effectiveness of the product at hand.
  • The final product can be safely applied to any specific skin type.
  • The targeted skin types are immune to any adverse side effects and so the formula won’t provoke skin reactions in the majority of the cases.

Since TommyG products are dermatologically tested; which usually refers to trails run on human skin; it’s safe to say that at least their finished products are cruelty-free and thus, not tested on animals!

Do TommyG Products Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Many skincare brands still resort to harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and gluten, etc when formulating their products. 

Such constituents tend to promote side effects and even facilitate the degeneration of our skin!

Fortunately for you, TommyG is adamant about avoiding the usage of such detrimental stuff in their skincare products. 

Let’s have a look at the specific damage left by the usage of such materials in our skincare routine. 

  • Parabens:

Parabens can be deadly when used as skincare ingredients. For one, such compounds can inhibit the secretion of reproductive hormones in our bodies; this significantly reduces fertility as well as the chances of giving birth to offspring. 

Moreover, the inclusion of parabens can increase the potential risk of suffering from cancer. Finally, these materials can also lead to skin irritation as well as trigger allergic reactions.

  • Sulfates:

Usage of sulfates may also lead to allergic reactions as well as skin irritation; which is quite similar to what parabens do.

These sulfates can also obstruct our skin pores which often leads to the much-abhorred acne!

Sulfates can lead to skin inflammation (dermatitis) in people with particularly sensitive skin.

  • Gluten’s:

Gluten is quite safe for our skin in the majority of situations. The only case it doesn’t apply to is if the person is suffering from celiac disease or wheat allergy.

Are TommyG Skincare Products Vegan-Friendly?

People all over the world today are becoming hyper-conscious of their diet. Such people mostly resort to plant-based everything whether it be food items, skincare, or whatever else!

I specifically refer to such people as vegan-diehards; which they truly are. Heck, they would probably even rush to buy vegan-friendly toilet paper (if such a thing exists at all). 

In short, anything related to plants is revered in the vegan society while usage of products derived from animals is equivalent to a major sin!

And it’s not that I’m criticizing the vegans for their life choices. Nope, that’s not on my agenda today. 

In fact, I admire these people for their resolution as well as their strong commitment (banning meat from your menu for eternity is no joke)!

Hence, in case you happen to be one of those die-hard vegans as well; and happen to drop by here while on the quest for vegan-friendly skincare products; well, CONGRATULATIONS!

Today’s your lucky day since TommyG has a whole lot of vegan products tucked below their elbows. AND, they’ve even specified the vegan products, thus making it easier than ever for you to choose. 

Although TommyG is not 100% vegan as a brand; they’ve still got plenty of ‘vegetable’ products for you to choose from.

An example would be this Avocado Vegan Line which includes an avocado day cream, sleeping mask, powdery serum, and avocado eye cream!

Feel free to scroll through the list and see what fits!

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