Unfortunately, Tom Ford is not cruelty-free! The news that your favorite makeup and perfume brand isn’t cruelty-free is definitely sad, but it’s true.

Tom Ford is a very popular brand. I’m pretty sure you must’ve heard about it! It has established its name in the world of luxury brands. It manufactures high-end makeup, perfumes, and many other products.

Luxury products do have their own charm. However, the environment is always a concern when buying products from these high-end luxury brands.

When you’re spending so much on a single bottle of perfume or make-up, you have the right to know whether a brand like Tom Ford is cruelty-free and vegan.

It’s crucial for a brand to not only be safe for humans but also for animals and the environment.

Many brands have started taking initiatives as the world began discussing the damage caused by our actions to the environment.

To undo this damage, it’s imperative for large companies, like Tom Ford, to take action. In this article, I’ll be providing a detailed account of why Tom Ford isn’t cruelty-free.

So let’s get right to it!

Is Tom Ford Cruelty-Free?

The brand Tom Ford admits that it isn’t cruelty-free. This means that they test on animals either themselves or through their suppliers.

Tom Ford’s started in 1990 and joined Gucci as a designer. in 2004 announced his own brand by the name of Tom Ford. It was in the following year that Ford joined alliances with Estee Lauder.

Since then the brand became the market leader. It’s a popular name in the beauty and fashion industry. 

It’s one of the leading luxury brands worldwide known for the quality of its products.

For many, it comes with great sadness that Tom Ford isn’t cruelty-free. However, the brand states that unless it’s not required by a regulatory body, they avoid testing on animals.

This means that Tom Ford doesn’t test on animals unless the law requires him to do so. 

While they try to portray themselves as a brand caring about the environment, this still doesn’t make them cruelty-free.

Moreover, Tom Ford is known for selling in countries where product testing on animals is a requirement by law. For instance, they sell in mainland China. 

All American and European brands selling in China must undergo animal testing.

This further proves that Tom Ford can’t jump on the cruelty-free train. There are multiple Tom Ford stores all across China.

Furthermore, the brand is owned by Estee Lauder. This company is known for testing on animals. Therefore, not only is Tom Ford not cruelty-free, but neither is the parent company.

Tom Ford joined Estee Lauder in 2005 to create a line of cosmetics and fragrances. 

Estee Lauder is also a massive entity in the beauty industry. It currently owns 29 brands and sells in about 150 countries.

This luxury brand isn’t even certified by PETA! Neither is it approved by the Leaping Bunny Association because it isn’t cruelty-free. In fact, PETA actually warns people about this brand.

It’s quite suspicious that Tom Ford’s website doesn’t contain any official testing policy. 

Even if they say that they’re against it, not having an official testing policy available is a sign that the company does test on animals.

However, Tom Ford tries their best to cushion the blow by stating that they don’t test on animals unless a law requires them to do so.

Is it Vegan Friendly?

No, Tom Ford isn’t vegan. While they do offer some vegan products, its non cruelty free status makes people consider it not vegan either.

Environmentalists argue that the brand hasn’t provided enough information indicating whether it’s vegan or not. They don’t have any official statement or claims about being vegan-friendly.

However, Tom Ford has previously stated that some of its products are free of animal derived ingredients.

So if you’re looking for a vegan-friendly product from this brand, don’t forget to check the ingredients list!

Entirely as a brand, it isn’t gluten-free either. Although, it did manufacture a makeup line that was gluten-free.

The brand has also taken more initiatives to become as environmentally friendly as it can. 

For instance, it went vegan in 2017. However, it’s not 100% vegan but Ford has taken steps to phase out the animal products in his fashion line.

Is it Ethical?

Whether a brand is ethical or not depends on its values, strategies, and actions. An ethical brand doesn’t cause harm to people, animals, or the environment.

Due to Tom Ford’s animal testing policy, many claims that the brand isn’t ethical. This is because it’s causing harm to animals as well as the environment. The brand isn’t contributing to society responsibly or in a positive manner.

Another factor determining whether a brand is ethical or not is if it’s sustainable. Tom Ford takes pride in their and shifts toward a more sustainable lifestyle which influences his designs.

He personally reduced the use of plastic and switched to a vegan diet. 

He also released one of the first fully automatic watches which are made out of recycled ocean plastic.

Ford also told Vogue that he continuously tries to make sustainable efforts. He claims to treat the environment as well as its customers and traders fairly and ethically.

Final Thoughts

It’s high time that people start saying goodbye to brands like Tom Ford and make space for better, ethical brands.

Every day more and more people are starting to realize that luxury shouldn’t be experienced at the cost of animal cruelty.

We should start embracing better alternative brands to help reverse the damages caused. Tom Ford is one of those companies responsible for this damage.

Neither is it cruelty-free nor is it vegan. Although, the brand not being vegan is quite funny, as Tom Ford is a vegan himself!

While he shifts his own lifestyle towards a healthier one, one can only hope that he does the same for his brand.

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