Rimmel is a big name in the makeup industry. The reason behind its popularity is the wide range of affordable makeup products. Who doesn’t love good products that come at low prices?

The brand began its journey in 1834 when Hyacinthe Mars Rimmel- a perfumer from Paris, came to London with big dreams. He and his son Eugene opened up his perfumery on Regent Street, London.

In no time, Hyacinthe became an all-time favorite of London women. 

While Hyacinthe was happy with his perfumery, his son Eugene had other plans.

He traveled around the world to learn about fragrances and cosmetics. Soon Eugene started making his products, one of which was a massive hit.

Any guesses?

It was a mascara.

While there were many mascaras available on the market at the time, they all had mercury in them.

A compound that is toxic for human beings. Eugene Rimmel became the pioneer of mercury-free mascara. 

After Eugene’s death, his sons took over the company to carry on their father’s legacy. The Rimmel family’s mascaras did so well internationally that in many languages,  Rimmel means mascara. 

Today Rimmel offers fifteen different types of mascaras that come at different prices starting from £3.95. Some of the best-selling Rimmel mascaras include Scandaleyes Wow Wings Mascara, Day 2 Night Waterproof Mascara, and Wonder’luxe Volume Mascara.

The brand also offers a wide variety of foundations, face powders, eye shadows, lipsticks, highlighters, blushes, bronzers, and a lot more.

Rimmel is 180 years down the road of success and has spread its roots in forty countries. Great Britain, however, is still the best market for the brand.

The company, represented by influential women like Kate Moss and Rita Ora, believes that every human has a right to their unique self. Rimmel encourages people to be bold and create the makeup looks they love without fearing judgment.

As a massive brand with a huge following, Rimmel has some responsibilities. One of them is supporting the cruelty-free movement. 

The Cruelty-free movement backs basic rights for animals.

For centuries, animals have suffered in the name of safe makeup practices.

Sometimes it’s a shaved rabbit that becomes the target of animal testing, and sometimes, it’s a pregnant rat.

These animals are used to figure out the safety and toxicity levels of the makeup products.

After weeks of torture, the healthy animals are euthanized because they are too damaged to become test subjects again. 

So does Rimmel indulge in part of this gruesome practice, or is it cruelty-free? To answer this, we first need to know what a cruelty-free brand truly is. 

A cruelty-free brand:

  • Does not test its ingredients on animals.
  • Does not subject its final products to animal testing.
  • Does not have any suppliers or distributors that perform animal testing.
  • Does not have a contract with any third party that carries out animal testing for it.
  • Does not sell its products in mainland China.
  • Have a certificate that proves its cruelty-free status.

Let’s take a look at how many of these conditions Rimmel London fulfills.

Does Rimmel subject its ingredients to animal testing?

The brand claims to be against animal testing and does not subject its ingredients to animal testing.

Does Rimmel subject its final products to animal testing?

The brand claims to be against animal testing and does not subject its final products to animal testing.

Does Rimmel have any suppliers or distributors that perform animal testing?

There is no clear statement on Rimmel’s website. So we can not say whether its suppliers and distributors perform animal testing or not. 

Does Rimmel have a contract with any third party that carries out animal testing for it?

The brand’s website claims that it is not in contract with any third party that carries out animal testing on its behalf.

Does Rimmel sell its products in mainland China?

According to the brand’s website, it does not sell its products in mainland China or any other country that requires animal testing.

Does Rimmel own a certificate from an internationally recognized cruelty-free movement?

No, Rimmel does not own a certificate from one of the three internationally recognized cruelty-free organizations. The company, however, claims that they are working on it. 

Does Rimmel’s parent company test on animals?

For the last sixteen years, Rimmel has been a part of the fragrance company Coty Inc. Coty Inc claims that it is against animal testing and is trying to develop an alternative to animal testing. 

Coty’s website also clearly states that its animal testing policies vary depending on the country’s law. So if a country asks for animal testing to prove safety levels, Coty complies with it.

This means Rimmel’s parent company is not cruelty-free. To read Coty Inc’s statement on animal testing, click here.

According to our standard, no brand is cruelty-free until it gets a certificate from an internationally recognized cruelty-free organization.

Since Rimmel claims to be cruelty-free without any certificate, we believe that the brand lies in the grey zone. 

Is Rimmel Vegan Friendly?

Vegan-friendly brands do not contain any animal-derived ingredients in their products. Their formulas are free from components like carmine, shellac, honey, gelatin, and glycerine. 

Vegan products promote kindness toward animals and are also safer for human skin. Unlike conventional makeup products, they contain organic ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals.

Many brands are now shifting to vegan formulas but is Rimmel one of those brands? Is Rimmel vegan friendly?

No, Rimmel may have certain vegan-friendly products, but it is not 100% vegan friendly. 

Is Rimmel Ethical?

Rimmel is not certified cruelty-free, and neither is it 100% vegan-friendly.

Apart from this, Rimmel products are not free from parabens. 

Parabens have been used as preservatives in the makeup industry for a long time. Recent researches show that the compound is harmful to human skin and can precipitate irritation or allergic reaction.

Being free from parabens and other harmful chemicals is a basic requirement for an ethical brand. Since Rimmel contains parabens, it is not 100% ethical. 

If you have sensitive skin and wish to buy products that are safe for your skin, we advise you to check the list of ingredients before getting anything from Rimmel London.

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