Ever-increasing demands for products to nourish skin and overall body have taken the market by surprise in recent decades.

Exponential growth has been observed in the trade of cosmetics. The invention of social media platforms did nothing but added salt to injury, by insinuating a sense of complexity among people for their skin. 

No wonder, the results people have experienced by applying such developments are of immense value. But there are reservations that every now and then are birthed out of nowhere. 

And most of the time, it’s the association and impact of these products on the environment and the animals.  

As far as QV is concerned, a straight response is that QV is cruelty free. 

QV is an Australian brand under the shadow of Ego Pharmaceuticals. As per the data we’ve gleaned, it’s evident that all the products listed on QV are cruelty-free. This is a pretty big insistence, no? 

One of the very first factors to spot if the products by any store are cruelty-free is to find out if the products they manufacture are exported to China. In China, it’s in law that the products have got to be tested on animals before their utilization on human beings. 

The argument doesn’t revolve around this being a good or a bad thing but …

One simple response for that would be to inquire further to find out if there’s another alternative route. 

Yes! There’s one and that’s the digital shipment carried out online. So basically, it doesn’t always mean that the product is cruelty free if and only if, it’s not exported to China.

It can still be shipped so we can’t rely on this single factor. There has got to be something else that’ll assist us in digging more into it to support our statement. 

How about an acknowledgment from a third-party organization? 

These days, several websites are solely directing their efforts onto a single objective, that’s to discover if any particular brand is cruelty-free or not.

These certifications aren’t just random documents roaming out there on the internet. But the results they upload on their websites are absolutely legitimate.

Because many brands reach out to these companies to audit their brand and offer certification in return. 

This sounds like an easy-going thing, but the companies do delve into the intricacies of the business. This is to figure out if there’s something fishy conflicting with the rules laid down by them.

These websites include Logical Harmony, PETA and many more. Each has its pros and cons but the ones widely accepted are mentioned here. 

It’s highly unfortunate that QV doesn’t hold any certification from these auditing companies. 

If QV really is Cruelty-Free, they would receive their certification no matter what. One thing that we find surprising is that they’ve been in business for 55 years.

And they still haven’t managed to earn an official tag over their logo, isn’t that disappointing? 

Now, there are two routes that we’ve before us, 

  1. Claims holded upfront by QV are either dubious or straightaway misleading. 
  2. QV is cruelty free, provided the reputation they’ve earned over the years. The brand wouldn’t have survived for 55 long years if it were for the false claims. 

The reasons are quite simple. Social media is faster, quicker and more transparent than ever and dishonesty can’t get you a long way.

Based on these assumptions, it feels like QV is cruelty free and that any of their product is never tested on animals. 

Is it Vegan Friendly? 

Masses these days are too conscious of their choices. Not only the majority avoids products tested on animals but there’s a major proportion that finds it unjust even if they are derived from animals.

You’ll find many people around you who’re pretty serious about the fact that whatever they present on their table is coming naturally, excluding the animals and other living beings. 

Holding onto this, many reach out to us and inquire if QV is vegan friendly or not, or like if they can take a chance with QV. 

To their delight, QV takes it into account and claims that each of their product is vegan friendly. And it can be used anywhere, anytime in any part of the world by anyone. 

Digging in, we’ve found that non-vegan commodities do nothing but limit their audience. It’s because the majority has switched even if they were on animal-based stuff previously.

The concern about the other living creatures and the environment is for real. And everybody tries their level best to play their part in not damaging the society in any way. 

Keeping this in mind and to broaden its scope, QV has introduced vegan friendly products to the market. 

It surely has done wonders for the brand because that’s one of the deciding factors for any brand to grow and explore the pinnacle of its niche. 

Is QV Ethical? 

Based on the analysis documented above, QV no doubt is ethical. 

There have been a couple of questions to jump in, in order to find out if QV is cruelty free and vegan friendly. And until now, it’s evident that the odds are highly inclined towards them being legitimate. 

This, we believe, is more than enough to meet the ethical standards.

Further, there’s just one loophole and if gets fixed, QV would be an established expert in its skincare category. 

It’s the CERTIFICATION, and that’s all QV needs for now. 

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