Princess Polly has got you covered whenever you’re looking for trendy beachwear, sexy lingerie, or comfortable casual wear!

Princess Polly is an Australian-based women’s fashion brand established in 2010.

The company offers a wide range of styles, from beachwear and playsuits to party dresses and activewear.

Much like other popular fast fashion brands, such as Shein, Killstar etc, Princess Polly also offers affordable prices and many styles to choose from!

Does Princess Polly Use Child Labour?

Princess Polly is a fast-fashion brand that has always been accused of using child labor at cheap wages to get its work done and earn huge profits.

But is it true?

According to the company’s official website, they are very vigilant of their supply chain and ensure no child labor is involved in their manufacturing process.

Moreover, they have even put up a list of their core values, including being an ethical and sustainable company.

So, we can say that the company does not use a child labor force and is pretty serious about being an ethical fashion brand.

Is Shopping at Princess Polly Ethical?

Yes, shopping at Princess Polly is ethical!

The company does not use child labor in its manufacturing process and is committed to being an ethical and sustainable fashion brand.

Moreover, since the brand gets most of its manufacturing done in over 59 factories in China, it keeps a close eye on the working condition.

And how does the company make it possible?

Before Princess Polly chose a factory for outsourcing in China, it measured the ethical standards against the regulation of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange).

This is a global not-for-profit membership organization that helps businesses drive ethical improvements in their supply chains.

So, now you know that Princess Polly is not only an affordable, fast fashion brand but is also an ethical one! So, go ahead and shop without any guilt!

Is Princess Polly More Ethical Than Shein?

The two brands are pretty similar in terms of their ethical practices.

Both Princess Polly and Shein do not use child labor in their manufacturing process and are committed to being sustainable fashion brands.

However, there is one key difference between the two companies and that is Princess Polly has more transparent sustainability goals than Shein.

The company has set a goal to be carbon-neutral by 2030 and is constantly working towards it.

On the other hand, Shein does not have any specific sustainability goals mentioned on its website.

So, we can say that Princess Polly is more ethical than Shein in terms of sustainability.

The brand follows a simple model of Demand Driven Fashion, which allows it to limit its inventory and reduce wastage.

Thus, this fast fashion company is all set to style you with its latest fashionable attire while also being conscious of its impact on the environment!

Is Princess Polly Made in Sweatshop?

No, Princess Polly is not made in a sweatshop!

They manufacture their products in over 59 factories in China that have employed over 3800 workers.

Moreover, Princess Polly believes in giving men and women equal opportunities to work and have a better life.

The company is also very vigilant about its supply chain and makes sure that no child labor is involved in its manufacturing process.

And those who sweat in their factories to produce high-end fashion products are also paid decently.

So, we can say that the brand is pretty serious about being an ethical fashion brand.

This fast-fashion company is all set to style you with its latest fashionable attire while also being conscious of its impact on the environment and the workers!

What Does the Future Have in Store for Princess Polly?

Princess Polly is one of those brands that’ve prepared well for the future.

They have promised to release the first Modern Slavery Statement by the end of 2022 and expand and improve their supply chain.

The company is also looking to create a workers’ committee to allow workers to voice their problems, set minimum wage for laborers good enough to lead a decent life, and empower 3000 women through teaching life-changing skills.

Princess Polly- Where Fast Fashion and Ethics Go Hand in Hand!

Finding an ethical, fast fashion brand is a rarity, but not with Princess Polly.

The brand is accredited by Textile Standard and Organic Content Standard, and Global Recycled Standard and Recycling Content Standard.

This indicates the company uses recycled materials like nylon and organic cotton and linen to make fabulous clothes that are trendy but safe for the environment. 

Moreover, Princess Polly supports quite a few communities in the USA and Austria, including shelters for pets, societies for conserving Australia, those supporting women’s rights, black lives, and much more.

You know what they say, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ And Princess Polly is using its powers for good!

So, shop with them, support their beliefs, and while dressing up trendy, play your part in making the world a safer and better place for everyone!

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