With very limited information available on this brand, it’s hard to decide whether Petal and Pup is a fast-fashion company or not. 

The rise of fast fashion is growingly becoming a problem for the world. Its negative impact is driving our environment into collapse. 

Many shoppers are making a conscious effort to shift toward more sustainable brands, which is why it’s essential for them to know whether their favorite brand is a part of this destruction chain or not. 

To help you out, I’ve done some research and in this article, I’ve discussed whether the brand Petal and Pup is fast-fashion or not. 

So let’s get right to it!

Is it really fast fashion? 

This may be sad news for you, however, Petal and Pup does qualify as a fast-fashion brand. 

Basically, a fast-fashion brand has low-priced but stylish clothing which moves quickly from design to retail stores. 

These brands are able to produce the trendiest apparel in a span of only a few weeks and are able to sell them at cheap prices. This is what attracts the customers the most. 

While it’s good for customers, it’s destroying the environment! They’re extremely fast process adds towards waste produced in the world. 

This is because they come up with the trendiest clothes and then they quickly substitute them with a new trend next week. 

This way customers will have to discard away the previous items and move on to the next trends. The old clothes are then left in piles in landfills. So it’s causing pollution. 

Moreover, such brands also make use of lesser quality materials which can be found cheaply and are often sourced unethically. This adds to the problem of fast fashion as well. 

Let’s take a look at why the brand Petal and Pup is particularly fast fashion. Upon research, I found out that this brand doesn’t restock its items after a specific time frame. 

Now, this is a key feature of fast fashion brands. They only restock items until the next trend arrives, which takes place within weeks. The rest of the clothes are then discarded. 

Moreover, according to a few reviews on major platforms, this brand is known for using poor-quality materials for its clothing. This means that the garments aren’t sustainable either. 

So not only do they launch apparel very quickly, but it also doesn’t restock collections and uses cheap raw materials for production. 

Therefore, it ticks all the boxes in order to be regarded as a fast-fashion brand!

Are Petal and Pup trustworthy?

It’s understandable that one might find it hard to trust brands that are based online. The brand, Petal and Pup, is exclusively an online retail shop with no stores upfront. 

So can they be trusted or not? Well, I had to read many reviews to reach the decision that this brand is definitely legit! 

According to a buyer, Petal and Pup have fantastic customer service. They were happy with the communication that took place between him and the staff support in reference to a return. 

With their friendly and helpful service, one can only say that the brand is doing its job right. Therefore, they can be trusted. 

Additionally, I was able to find very positive feedback about this brand and the quality of its apparel as well. People were incredibly happy with what they were offered. 

So after a lot of consideration, the conclusion reached is that this company can be trusted as it’s a secure place to shop from.

Where are Petal and Pup clothes made?

You can’t find much about their manufacturing process on their website. However, under the header of FAQs, you can find out where their headquarters are. 

Petal and Pup’s headquarters are located in Brisbane, Australia. Their offices can also be found in Los Angeles (California). 

The brand is known for shipping over to 80 counties all over the world. After partnering up with Shopify Plus, Petal and Pup have managed to start expanding toward North America. 

They also claim to be slowly growing their presence in New Zealand. Shopify Plus has given them the opportunity to grow and easily access such markets.

The brand has managed to discover a global audience clamoring for its products. Petal and Pup were able to achieve a 400% year-over-year sales growth. Its global efforts really took off!

Are Petal and Pup a US company?

No, Petal and Pup isn’t a US company. It’s an Australian fashion boutique that began in a study and a downstairs living area. 

The brand has risen from an in-home startup to an international couture brand. It was founded in 2014 with the aim of creating clothes that were a “must-have”. It’s been around for over 7 years and has approximately 800K followers on social media.

The company is originally located in Eagle Farm Queensland, Australia, and is a part of the Florists Industry. 

Although, Petal and Pup have now managed to ramp up their social media presence further into countries like the US as well as Canada. 

They are gradually making their way all over the world, with currently 80 countries under their sales wing. 

Who is the founder of Petal and Pup?

Petal and Pup were founded by Tiffany Henry in 2014. It began as a side hustle in Brisbane and expanded to an online fashion store that now ships worldwide. 

Before its expansion, the brand was simply a family enterprise. Tiffany used to give 16 to 18 hours every day to her work. 

There were many other people alongside her that supported her in this journey. This includes Philip Scarff, the chief executive officer, and her own mother, Robyn, who was part of Human Resources. 

Tiffany also had immense support from her husband, Julian, who was the chief operating officer. Her uncle John took care of manufacturing. 

However, she was the heart of the business and it was her expertise on affordable fashion which drove the business forward.

I hope this article helped answer all your queries. Moreover, if you have any more concerns regarding this brand, feel free to reach out to them through their excellent customer service! 

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