Our nails, which are made up of sheets of a fibrous protein called keratin, protect our fingers and toes. 

Keratin, which is also found in our skin and hair, protects our nails from damage.

Nails, unlike our hair and skin, are prone to splitting, peeling, and breaking. Brittle nails, a disease also known as onychoschizia, affects 27 percent of women, according to Harvard Medical School.

Brittle nails are quite a common condition in women. Nails that are brittle are more prone to snapping, breakage, chipping, and splitting.

Frequent dishwashing, handwashing, or simply living in a dry climate can dry out the nails, which may seem paradoxical. 

Natural nails may also become drier with age as the body’s ability to retain moisture becomes more challenging. Brittle nails might also be caused by an iron deficit or another medical problem.

Thin nails can be caused by the same environmental conditions that create brittle nails. 

If you often dip your hands in and out of water, your nail cells are stressed because they constantly inflate and shrink to suit the presence or absence of moisture.

Splitting relates to both brittle and weak nails, and it is exacerbated by environmental damage. 

Gardeners’ nails are especially vulnerable, as are people who perform everyday hard labor such as building or household tasks.

Thin nails, like brittle nails, are more prone to snagging and splitting than healthy nails. They could also break or tear when you least expect it.

Apart from thin and brittle nails, another problem is yellowing nails. Nail yellowing occurs over time in frequent polish wearers because polish pigments discolor nails.

Another factor is the strong acetone included in most nail polish removers, which can discolor once-bright, healthy-looking nails.

This is where Perfect Formula comes in. Perfect Formula is a high-end nail care line for consumers who seek strong, healthy nails with even color coverage. 

Perfect Formula offers a chosen variety of seasonal hues in addition to a primary line of Classic Nail Polish tones to keep things interesting.

Their nail-correcting and nourishing formulations, such as their Pink Gel Coat, a protein-enriched clear nail coating that gives strength and resistance to even the weakest and brittle nails, are what they are known for.

Perfect Formula products feature “Instant Strength Technology,” which uses keratin and calcium to give your nails instant strength and thickness.

Is Perfect Formula vegan?

If nail polish is vegan, it indicates that no animal-derived substances were utilized in the formula or manufacturing process.

To give them the correct consistency or level of shine, regular or ‘non-vegan’ nail polishes often contain additives such as fish scales, crushed beetles, beeswax, or animal protein. 

To manufacture vegan nail polish, various natural or man-made substances, such as aluminum or imitation pearl, are substituted.

The word “cruelty-free” refers to a product that has not been subjected to animal testing. The ‘Leaping Bunny’ mark is frequently used to certify it.

Be mindful, however, that simply labeling a product as “cruelty-free” does not guarantee that it is vegan, and vice versa.

Perfect Formula, in this case, is neither vegan nor cruelty-free. 

There is no information available on the company’s websites and blogs that indicates that its products are vegan-friendly and/or cruelty-free. 

The company is also not listed on any animal welfare platforms as being cruelty-free. Rather, Perfect Formula refuses to reply to any questions asked regarding its animal-testing policies. 

This definitely raises some red flags about company policies. 

Similarly, the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also does not list Perfect Formula as being vegan. 

This indicates that the company, its suppliers, or third-party producers test on animals or use animal-derived products as ingredients.

Is Perfect Formula Ethical?

Since Perfect Formula is not recognized as a vegan brand or even a cruelty-free brand, we cannot call it an ethical brand. 

“An ethical brand should not hurt public good; instead, it should contribute to or help promote the public good,” Ying Fan wrote in his article “Ethical Branding and Corporate Reputation.”

An ethical brand is one that symbolizes an organization or individual whose products and actions are morally sound, do not hurt people, animals, or the environment, and contribute to society and the common good in a conscientious, positive, and long-term manner.

Ethical companies are significant because they contribute to the betterment of today’s and tomorrow’s societies. 

Furthermore, from a self-serving perspective, acting and being regarded as an ethical brand can provide a critical competitive edge in a saturated marketplace.

Today, when global warming and the lack of biodiversity are rampant, it is essential that our brands and businesses, no matter how big or small, turn to sustainability and ethical environmental practices.

Perfect Formula needs to adopt more environmentally aware practices. It needs to be more transparent regarding its policies to appease its consumers. 

In a market where there are more environmentally friendly options, Perfect Formula does not seem destined to last. 

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