The PACT underwear brand is a fuse project-initiative that combines design and sustainability with active support for important social and environmental problems.

They think that our everyday decisions reveal our own values.

The slogan “Change Begins With Your Underwear” shows that buying PACT underwear is more than just a transaction; it is also a social movement.

We knew that people have strong emotional ties to the underwear market, so we saw an opportunity to take advantage of this by making underwear with a social conscience that still made people feel good about themselves. 

Undergarments become the ideal vehicle for expression.

Good Deeds, Good Design, and Good Practices are the pillars on which PACT has built its brand. 

In the face of so much “greenwashing” and marketing hype, they had to be careful with every part of their operation to keep their market credibility and protect the reputation of our partners. 

Every stage of our procedure adheres to high social and environmental standards. Our items are made from locally grown, knitted, dyed, and printed organic cotton that is cut and sewed within a 100-mile radius in Turkey. 

We make an attempt to add nothing to the underwear that ends up in a landfill, such as hangtags made of synthetic materials or packaging that is unnecessary. 

The retail packaging is both recyclable and made so that it can be used for as many SKUs as possible with as few differences as possible to cut down on waste and overages.

They connected consumers to significant causes, bringing them to life through vibrant, one-of-a-kind prints designed to communicate the cause’s story. 

PACT made clothes that were in style, had a modern look, and fit great. They were made with soft organic cotton and strict sustainable methods. 

In fact, the vast majority of industrial processes occur within a 100-mile radius. from sourcing the cloth to dying and coloring, cutting, and packaging the underwear.

The entire manufacturing process, from cultivating the cotton to producing the final product, occurs within 100 miles. The underwear is manufactured from cotton that is organic and non-GMO.

Types Of Materials Used

Pact makes most of its clothes from organic cotton that has been certified by GOTS.

Organic cotton is better than regular cotton because it is not grown with dangerous pesticides that hurt the soil and water. Additionally, organic cotton may be cultivated without as much water and does not harm the soil as conventional cotton does.

For companies and farmers to get GOTS certification for their organic cotton, they must follow strict social requirements at every stage of production. 

Even though cotton production is known for exploiting workers, the company uses GOTS cotton, which is better for the environment and people.

Compelling Marketing Strategy

PACT used a strategy that was different from what people usually think about campaigns with a cause. 

The problem for this company has always been how to make doing good and looking good coincide; how to make contributing to good causes an interesting experience; and how to develop a sustainable product that people desire. 

They created a new way of thinking about cause-marketed products that combines all of these different parts into a new experience that is unique, interesting, and gives people good reasons to buy.

Is It A Carbon-Neutral Organization?

Yes, Pact balances out its carbon emissions by working with a company that funds verified environmental projects that help take carbon out of the air. Pact apparel also accounts for the carbon emissions produced during the manufacturing process. 

Again, this is a great improvement because we can now see the real cost to the environment of making clothes in terms of GHG emissions. With this number, we can make better decisions about how much clothing we buy and how our habits affect the environment.

Their Social Impact

PACT’s brand of underwear for men and women that is sold to raise money for social and environmental causes is based on a model of collaboration between PACT, certain social and environmental issues, and current creatives. 

They solicit artwork from artists and designers and transform it into screenprints for the public as underwear. 10% of the price of every pair of underwear sold is given to good causes.

Ethical Or Not?

Pact is an ethical clothing company because its clothes are made in factories that are certified by Fair Trade and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

To be certified as fair trade, a supplier must adhere to stringent social, environmental, and economic standards. This involves providing safe working conditions for all employees, supporting sustainable livelihoods, and preventing the use of forced and child labor.

Fairtrade-certified factories must also follow rules that protect the environment, such as reducing pollution and getting rid of waste.

During our research, however, we found out that Pact does not publish its code of conduct or say whether or not workers are paid enough to live on. 

The brand instead depends on its qualifications to speak for itself. However, it would be an improvement if the brand supplied more information.

Overall, the factory can only work with companies that are Fair Trade and GOTS certified. This means that its partner factories must keep worker safety and environmental standards high or the factory could lose its certification.

They Produce Eco-Friendly Products 

Pact offers something for the whole family.

There is a comprehensive selection of tops, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, leggings and tights, sleepwear, and maternity wear for ladies.

This company provides sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, slacks, shorts, and sleepwear for guys.

There are bikinis, boy shorts, thongs, hipsters, and high-waist hipster varieties of women’s underwear. There are boxer briefs, trunks, and knit boxers for men’s underwear.

They also offer a variety of socks and underwear, tops, bottoms, sleepwear, and newborn bodysuits for children and infants.

Additionally, Pact provides nice bedding and towels.


The pact would not be considered a quick fashion brand. Instead, the brand concentrates on making a modest core collection and seasonal pieces. 

In addition, the brand prioritizes the use of sustainable, high-quality materials. It does not sell its products at low prices, instead pricing its clothing more than fast fashion businesses.

Pact works with Giving Back Box, a service for recycling clothes that lets customers recycle and donate their old clothes to charity.

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