Old spice is more of a manly brand that encircles pretty much everything when it comes to personal grooming.

They’ve got a wide range of products, covering fragrances, beard oils, hair, and much more. 

The brand surely makes it up on the list, whenever the top brands pertaining to man grooming would be discussed on a table.

Because the results they’ve generated for their customers are just incredible. 

Until now, this all sounds amazing and absolutely fine.

The problem births when a question comes into the picture – with the bold words up there, is it a cruelty-free brand? 

First things first, cruelty-free status is highly volatile.

The reason is, that there are so many factors that come into play before adding a label over any particular name.

There are so many websites out there always in search to probe into the information and extract the most reliable piece of data. 

We’re one of them and we make sure that our audience gets the most valid information. 

As said, it’s volatile which simply means the factors keep fluctuating, thus presenting different results every other time checked if tweaked. S

o, there’s a dire need for a mechanism to keep the brands in check.

This job is fulfilled by third party organizations keeping the list updated every other week, so everything stays transparent and available to a layman.  

As of now, 

Old Spice is a cruelty-free brand, with a little twist in its approach. 

Stick to us throughout this guide because we’ll break to you like, how is there a twist in here? 

You hardly would have seen brands falling into the grey area, whether they’re cruel or not. There’s no in-between right? 

No! In most cases, YES! But, it’s not always something to rely on. You gotta see it the way we do. 

Well, on the website, the Old Spice claims for a cruelty-free tag and it stresses the fact that all the products that they’ve made or been manufacturing are free of any animal testing policies, in its full entirety. 

If you’ve been following us, you would already know that we’ve drawn a clear distinction in merely a claim and a registered brand.

These two are absolutely the opposites. 

Skimming through the information we had at our disposal, we found that Old Spice has invested more than 400 million dollars in an attempt to introduce alternative methods to avoid the animal testing phase. 

This undoubtedly is a big number and this depicts how committed the brand is to switching the adopted practices throughout the world.

Not just that, they’ve succeeded in devising 50 such methods already where animal testing is completely or partially kicked out of the scene. 

It’s a commendable effort and they’ve been in collaboration with PETA to expand their motto of making the world a cruelty-free place for human beings as well as the animals, who for nothing are harmed. 

Millions of animals die every year for such experiments and Old Spice definitely has raised the flag to avert these practices. 

Remember the twist we talked about earlier in the article? 

It’s that the cruelty-free status of Old Spice is dependent. And it depends on one thing, that’s your subjective location.

Now, what does it mean by that?

For the past 40 years, Old Spice has transformed into a brand making it to the top retailers across the globe. 

And in some countries like China, it’s required by law to test the products on animals before having them introduced to retailers.

It’s a good or bad practice, that’s a separate debate but that is how it is. 

Old spice is found claiming that YES!

They do sell in countries like China and they do perform testing on animals before they ship their products to China to stay in resonance with the law. 

As said earlier, the location you order the product from will determine if the product you’ve received is cruelty-free or not. 

Assume if you’re in China and you’ve made an order, the package you’ll be receiving would have been tested on animals.

And if it’s somewhere in the USA, the former won’t be the case. 

Jumping onto another very pertinent question that many of you repeatedly ask,

Is Old Spice Vegan? 

Vegans have soared in number in recent years shifting to plant-based stuff. Many celebrities are seen endorsing the vegan diet, which is quite an admirable thing. 

Over the years, we’ve done enough damage to the animals for our sake.

They are injected to increase their productivity and multiple malice practices like these are adopted to compete on a larger scale. 

That being said, it’s a status of high significance. 

Old Spice is not a 100% Vegan-friendly brand. 

When we say 100%, it never means that all of the products they sell are derived from animals.

It’s just that there’s a proportion of their products where animals have been used. 

Moreover, we couldn’t get our hands on any certification to validate the vegan-friendly status of Old Spice. 

The only way out now is to read the description of each product. Ingredients do repeat and some of them, we’re pretty sure that they ain’t animal-derived like Talc, Propylene Glycol, etc. But, there are some we’re completely oblivious to. 

That means it’s somewhere in the grey area. So, you gotta seek a chemist’s advice before buying. 

Is Old Spice Ethical?

The word “Ethical” can be analyzed in different spectrums with different perspectives. But in this case, we would definitely rate them ethically high for being transparent. 

Transparency is the key to ending up with better decisions. Exploitation at any level is disastrous for any brand & is a strong repellant in the long term for its audience. 

Way, Old Spice has articulately quoted that their cruelty is subjective to location. 

And investing 400 million dollars into the cause depicts the relevance they’ve with the mission of eliminating cruelty-free practices. 

In a nutshell, Old Spice is ethical by all means. 


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