All O’Keeffe’s products are cruelty-free! It’s one of the leading brands in the skincare department.

When it comes to skincare, health, and beauty products, concerns about the environment come into place. The most common question is whether a brand is cruelty-free or not. 

The world’s priorities are shifting. People are becoming more and more concerned about the impact of climate change on the environment. 

To control this destruction caused by our actions, brands have started taking initiatives to contribute toward the betterment of the environment. 

O’Keeffe’s is a company that is known for creating products for skin conditions. Therefore, the main intention behind these products is to provide assistance. 

It should be obvious that the company wouldn’t test any of its ingredients and final products on animals.

Is O’Keeffe’s really cruelty-free? 

The brand established itself to be a hundred percent cruelty-free! Their products like the Working Hands cream and Healthy Feet cream don’t contain any animal byproducts or ingredients which are derived from animals.

O’Keeffe’s brand was established 20 years ago by Tara O’Keeffe. Tara is a pharmacist who wanted to help her father with his skin issues. 

After a lot of treatments and checkups, they were unable to find any effective cure for the skin condition. 

Her father had dry skin on his hands and was also diabetic. Tara managed to create her first product in her kitchen using ingredients she borrowed from her pharmacy.

The product that she created worked like magic and eventually became popular. People started asking for this amazing product and purchased it from her. 

Since then, O’Keeffe’s became a brand which was well known for its ability to assist with irritable skin conditions. 

Tara wanted to make sure that the ingredients she’s using are organic and also wanted to keep out toxic chemicals.

O’Keeffe’s company is located in Cincinnati, United States. This brand abides by the laws which prohibit animal testing. This means that all products have been tested on humans only. 

None of their products contain ingredients that were derived from animals nor were their finished products tested on them. 

They don’t even sell in China, where animal testing is a prerequisite for skincare companies. 

The company isn’t only cruelty-free but also vegan! Read ahead to find out more. 

Cruelty-Free Products by O’Keeffe’s

This brand manufactures products that help provide relief to those who suffer from irritable skin conditions. This was their main goal.

The company became popular, especially as it provided a reliable solution to diabetic patients. 

They had no products which would help assist them with problems that their skin developed. Therefore, O’Keeffe’s came up with the best solution! 

Tara created products that helped with the following conditions: 

  1. Dry skin
  2. Damaged skin
  3. Skin conditions 
  4. Skincare for diabetics 

Here’s a list of some of the products which are manufactured by O’Keeffe’s: 

  1. Working hands intensive balm: You can use this on specific dry areas like the wrist, knuckles, or fingers.
  2. Healthy Feet: This was made to repair dry and cracked feet. It moisturizes and provides a protective layer around the skin of the feet.
  3. Healthy Feet Exfoliating: As its name suggests, this item exfoliates the dry skin cells around the feet.
  4. Lip Repair Overnight: The main goal of this product is to replenish the moisture lost throughout the day.
  5. Lip Repair Balm: Not only does it hydrate the skin around the lips, but also provides a protective layer that helps lock the moisture. 

Is it Vegan friendly? 

All O’Keeffe’s products are vegan! They don’t contain any animal derivatives and are made using plant-based ingredients. 

Even though the company claims to be vegan and cruelty-free, their “healthy feet exfoliating” contains beeswax which isn’t considered suitable for vegans. 

Therefore, many people doubt if the company is actually vegan or not. Some people also don’t consider a brand to be vegan if their suppliers are involved in any part of animal testing or manufacture ingredients that are derived from animals. 

However, the company claims that they strongly believe in animals’ inherent rights, which is why they assure their customers of being vegan and cruelty-free

Currently, the brand is owned by Gorilla Glue Company. It’s one of the most bought and top-rated skincare brands. 

While most of their products are vegan, three products fail to meet the vegan criteria! For instance, their Cuticle Repair Healing Balm or Night Treatment Hand Cream. 

These products contain beeswax which has recently been added as a part of O’Keeffe’s market expansion. 

However, their last three products such as the original Working Hands Cream is vegan. They’re made using mainly synthetic or plant-derived ingredients. 

Is it Ethical? 

O’Keeffe’s claim to support ethical practices. However, they currently don’t follow the sustainability commitment.

A sustainable brand is one which looks beyond making profit and sees other values such as environmental impact and ethical supply chains as equally important. 

While their sustainability and ethics are up for debate, the company assures that they’re providing full transparency. They also came to use low environmental impact materials to make the brand more sustainable.

They take pride in ensuring that everything from their suppliers to the environment is treated fairly. 

As this brand was originally established to deal with patients who had skin conditions and were diabetic, it provides temporary relief to customers that the brand would be ethical in its practices. 

Their products are safe and don’t present any immediate or long-term health hazards. They also advise customers to discontinue its use, if the product is causing irritation. 

The products have less amounts of oral and dermal toxicity. 

Final Thoughts 

It is crucial that we start taking the destruction of the environment seriously! 

With more and more brands coming together to manufacture products which help the environment, this might be able to reverse some of the changes caused to the environment. 

One such brand is O’Keeffe’s. Not only does it provide relief and assistance to those with irritable skin conditions, it also reduces its carbon footprint by being ethical and sustainable. 

Their products are paraben-free and makes them good for those who have very sensitive skin. Many people opt for their lotion over Vaseline’s for this particular reason.

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