Norwex’s objective is to improve quality of life by drastically reducing the number of pollutants in our homes. They sell non-hazardous personal care and household cleaning products. 

Essential Moves to Wellness is all about reducing chemical exposure in the home, which is the goal of all Norwex products.

Is It Eco-friendly?

Let’s begin with microfiber. We don’t typically consider the materials that make up our possessions. 

However, behind oil, the textile sector is the second most polluting industry. The material composition should play a significant role in our judgments.

Microfibers with BacLock technology are used to create Norwex clothes.

The microfibre is woven with micro silver, which functions as an antibacterial agent by minimizing mold, fungus, and bacterial odor, making the fabric reusable.

Polyester and polyamide comprise microfiber. In addition to causing pollution, the production of synthetic materials contributes to the accumulation of microplastics in the ocean.

Useful In Beauty Routines

These microfiber cleaning cloths can be used to clean both your body and your home. In the shower, their bodypack towel set can be used instead of body wash. 

With Norwex’s extremely thorough and exfoliating microfibre, your body is cleaned as thoroughly, if not more thoroughly, than with conventional body wash.

After using these products, your skin will feel better like never before due to the fact that you are only getting rid of the negative things on your body and none of the nice stuff that ordinary body wash removes! Seriously. 

Several people have reported that they suffered from severe body acne and almost tried everything, but their acne was gone within three months of exclusively using Norwex microfiber towels over their body and face! 

They were stunned! And now it’s been several years since they used a bar of soap.

If you take anything away from this Norwex review, it’s that this microfiber cloth is the Swiss army knife of beauty. According to some surveys, it is clear that some people enjoy the wonderful sensation of removing makeup with this cloth! 

After using this cloth on your skin rinse it in hot water and let it dry before using it again.

Some Products They Provide

The following are some of the cleaning products that Norwex offers.

Dusting Mitt

The dusting cloth! I believe I wanted to enjoy this product more than I actually do. I believe I can achieve the same benefits by dusting with an EnviroCloth.

Perhaps I’m underwhelmed by the dusting mitt because I dislike dusting and, let’s face it, I still have to dust once per week. I’m not sure what I expected; perhaps I’d just have to dust once a month. It does not miraculously eliminate dust forever, which is really unfortunate.

This product functions as advertised since it attracts and retains dust effectively.

Enviro Fabrics

The enviro cloth is the bread and butter of Norwex. The concept behind these Norex cleaning rags and many other Norwex products is that you do not need to use dangerous cleaning chemicals. 

Water alone may eliminate up to 99.9% of microorganisms from a surface.

Almost any surface can be cleaned with these towels. I began using Norwex two or three years ago, and my first purchase was the Enviro Cloths. Since then, I’ve been using and enjoying them.

EnviroCloths efficiently absorb liquids and make cleaning up children’s spills and messes a breeze.

It is believed that their most recent variants are even better than their previous versions, and they come in a variety of colorful patterns. 

They are mostly used in households. EnviroCloths are used daily, often many times per day. They are the go-to resource for everything!

Superior Broom Method

For people who have children, it goes without saying that their floors will eventually become extremely dirty.

I have a variety of mops in my closet, but for years I cleaned my floors on my hands and knees with an EnviroCloth since nothing else worked.

That was until I purchased the mop. Since I do not have to bend over and deal with debris, I prefer vacuuming my floors over using the dry mop head. But the dry mop is good at picking up dirt even when it hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly in a while.

After removing all crumbs, dust, and hair from the floor, the wet mop head should be used to clean the floor. 

Then floors are left clean, shining, and devoid of waxy chemicals. Then the children can resume playing on the floor, and you can relax knowing that no chemicals were used.

In addition, the mop’s telescoping handle and 360-degree swiveling base make rapid work of floor cleaning without straining your back. There is no need for you to stoop or get on your hands and knees.

It’s costly, but I believe it’s money well spent!


The EnviroWand is used to access high or difficult-to-reach areas. The chenille and microfiber surfaces attract and retain dust. It is used to clean ceiling fans, chandeliers, doors, and window sills.

It is also used to clean the interior of the oven door to remove dust and spider webs. Effective as a charm.

The wand functions as advertised. However, this wand is not something that you will use every day or even weekly. It is convenient to have on hand while conducting a thorough deep clean.


Some people have reported that purchasing Norwex to replace a number of body care products was one of the best decisions they made during their move to a natural lifestyle. 

Also, they haven’t bought body wash in years, and they don’t need to buy makeup remover either!

These incredible small towels can remove any unpleasant substances from your body, including makeup. Remember to always use hot water rather than cold while washing! The microfibers will expand when exposed to hot water, allowing them to expel all the filth they just took up.

If you’re seeking a means to transform your approach to personal care, try Norwex. You will not regret it.

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