Newchic is an online clothing store with a huge variety of products such as clothes, accessories, bags, etc.

However, is Newchic Fast Fashion? Is it safe to buy from Newchic? 

Is Newchic a Chinese company? Moreover, where are the clothes of Newchic manufactured? 

Also is Newchic sustainable i.e. has it taken any steps to reduce its environmental impact? 

In this article, we have tried to answer all the questions you might have about the ethics and policies of Newchic. Keep on reading to find out!

About Newchic 

Newchic is an online fashion brand that was founded in 2015. This means that Newchic is a relatively new brand. It has been around for less than 10 years. 

On their website, Newchic states that;

“In 2015, we started with a beautiful vision, to make high fashion affordable for everyone.”

Newchic has a large variety of fashion products. These products are extremely cheap and are almost always on sale.

Newchic has a huge collection of clothing, accessories, and shoes for men, women, and kids.

Clothing items of Newchic include dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, outerwear, pyjamas, etc. They also have shoes (flats, boots, and sandals) and bags, kids’ clothes, etc.

Newchic also has clothing items in plus size for both men and women.

What Is Fast Fashion? 

Fast Fashion is a term that we’ve been hearing a lot in recent years.

According to the Cambridge dictionary;

“Clothes that are made and sold cheaply, so that people can buy new clothes often.”

If we put it simply, Fast Fashion refers to the transition of clothing trends from catwalks and social media to clothing stores.

There are 3 main elements of Fast Fashion: cheap, new, and trendy clothing.

The Fast Fashion industry is growing and many brands are adopting this model.

The estimated global value of Fast Fashion was 25 billion US dollars. This value is expected to reach 40 billion US dollars by the end of 2025.

In the past, people only used to buy a few clothes in a year. However, due to Fast Fashion, WSJ reports that an average American bought 68 pieces of clothing in 2018.

People have raised many questions about the Fast Fashion industry. The Fast Fashion industry is known to cause much harm to the environment and garment workers.

  • Ultimately 85% of the garment workers are underpaid and not even paid the minimum wages. They are forced to work for 7 days a week and 12-16 hours a day.
  • Some Fast Fashion brands work with suppliers who have sweatshops. People are forced to work in sweatshops. In some cases, they are not even paid a single penny.
  • One piece of shirt requires 2700 litres of water, while one pair of jeans requires more than 7000 litres of water and tons of carbon emission. As brands have to make many clothes, thousands of litres of water and tons of carbon emissions are required to make these clothes.
  • Fast Fashion is ‘Fast’. So people renew their wardrobes now and then and throw away their old and out-of-trend clothes.
  • Clothes that are not sold by the brands are thrown away. H&M was left with $4.8 billion worth of unsold clothing. These clothes usually end up in landfills and cause land pollution.

Is Newchic Fast Fashion?

Yes, Newchic is a Fast Fashion brand.

As we mentioned earlier, there are 3 elements of Fast Fashion; cheap, new, and trendy clothing.

Newchic has all of these elements. On their website, Newchic mentions that;

“You can discover every new item from our website every day!

We put lots of effort into our operation with lower cost in order to give you the best price you deserved!”

We can find the first two elements in this statement i.e. cheap and new products.

Newchic has extremely cheap products and almost always there’s a sale going on their website. Also, Newchic keeps on coming with new items every day.

In the ‘About’ section, Newchic mentions that;

“If you desire the newest, most fashionable and stylish, Newchic helps you to get the perfect look!”

This statement shows that Newchic sells trendy clothes. 

Is it safe to buy from Newchic?

Many people on the internet have complained that Newchic doesn’t deliver the correct item. Newchic has a 3.5 rating on Trustpilot.

Some people complain that their products are not delivered on time. While some people seem completely satisfied with the brand.

Is Newchic A Chinese Company? 

Yes, Newchic is a Chinese company.

Newchic is a Chinese company that was founded in 2015 to provide cute and trendy clothes.

Where Is Newchic manufactured? 

Newchic mostly follows the model of dropshipping. Hence, they are not the manufacturers of their products.

Mostly these clothes are made in China.

Is Newchic Sustainable? 

No, Newchic is not a sustainable brand.

According to UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), the fashion industry is the second biggest consumer of water. Almost 8-10% of carbon emission is caused by the fashion industry.

Newchic has not provided any information about them being a sustainable brand. Hence we can conclude that Newchic is not a sustainable brand.


Newchic is an online fashion brand that is headquartered in China. 

Newchic sells trendy, new, and cheap clothing items, accessories, and shoes. Hence it follows the model of Fast Fashion.

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