Natio, an Australian beauty brand, is 100% Cruelty-free. Along with that, the majority of the products at Natio are vegan-friendly. 

Skimming through the data provided on Natio’s website, we found out that Natio originally came into the picture in the 1990s. It’s been almost three long decades since they’ve been in the business. The company undoubtedly has held its claws over the fashion industry with its quality products. Otherwise, the plunge would have taken them down way before. This alone speaks for the quality they deliver in their targeted zone. 

What we found impressive about the Natio is the transparency the website offers. The information shared is definitely an easy nut to crack. Like for example, the company has straightway made it clear that the products they manufacture aren’t 100% vegan. Natio specifically has highlighted and specified the area where they still are short of their customers’ expectations. 

More to come about this Vegan stuff below, so stay tuned because we’ve presented our analysis over the information shared in such an easy and simple way, that anyone can not only digest but absorb the subject in its full essence. 

Another question that instantly finds its space in our minds, whenever we hear the word “Cruelty-free” and that is, “Is the product sold in mainland China?” 

This definitely is a burning question for anyone interested in delving into the subject because China laws strictly prohibit the usage of any skincare product, unless it’s tested on animals.

This direct relation speaks for itself and if any particular product is shipped to China, that indirectly means it’s not a cruelty-free brand. If you still are non-cognizant of what “Cruelty-free” is, let us have the pleasure to sum it up in a line: 

Any product that ain’t tested on animals in its experimentation phase is said to be Cruelty-Free

Although, the word cruelty free is broad and too generic to make sense of. Still, the context we currently have been discussing our subject in, signifies that it’s just this definition of it. 

On research, we’ve figured out that Natio isn’t sold in mainland China. There’s still a probability of it being shipped to China via e-commerce but there’s one point that we better take into account and that says, “E-commerce shipment is exempted from China policies.”

To double-check the information endorsed by brands, there exist third-party organizations solely responsible for conducting an audit of the question in demand. The same is the case here, when the brand asserts itself to be cruelty free, the third party to vouch for its legitimacy kicks in. 

In this case, it’s Leap Bunny and PETA. 

These organizations have been around for a while and their primary objective is to audit and present their view over the websites.

Their say pertaining to this “Cruelty-free” thing is officially counted, and millions of people look up to them.

These organizations update lists on the internet, labeling cruelty-free websites after receiving the set of documents that speak for the claims brands usually make. 

Moreover, Natio was declared cruelty free in 1996 for the first time by an organization named, “Choose Cruelty Free”. Since then, many others joined the queue.

Takeaways from this text,

  1. Natio is 100% Cruelty Free by all means.
  2. Natio isn’t sold in mainland China.
  3. Natio was declared Cruelty Free in 1996 for the first time by Choose Cruelty Free and the Leap Bunny & PETA joined the list in the years that followed. 

This sums it all up, and now we’ll jump on to the subject that these days is very much in, we’ll find out if the products offered by Natio are Vegan Friendly or not!

Here we go, 

Is Natio Vegan Friendly? 

Primarily, all the products enlisted on Natio are derived from plants. Still, there’s a room that demands the integration of plant-based stuff and modern science to produce value.

If we were to state that Natio is 100% natural, we would have said NO straight away because preservatives have to be injected in order to extend the lifetime of products. 

Boiling down to the question you’ve been waiting for, 

Is it Vegan friendly? 

100%? NO! It isn’t but we appreciate them for the translucency. Now, that does not mean it’s PRIMARILY not vegan, it’s just that Natio is a bit off the track. Let us break it down before you so you’d better be in a position to make a decision. 

As said, most of the products are vegan but there still is a strip of possibility that contains honey or beeswax. Majorly, Natio claims that its products are free from animal-derived material. Synthetic fibers are used in the brushes or mascaras Natio creates and sometimes lanolin is utilized to manufacture skincare products. 

In addition to that, for a customer to determine if the product he’s about to have is vegan friendly or not, Natio has that thing of listing their used ingredients on the packaging. The lists provide enough information for a customer to make a choice. 

Is Natio Ethical? 

On ethical grounds, Natio would any day be given a 10 out of 10. You know why? This is because the honesty and the transparency they’ve shown are hardly observed on the internet. Everything shared is crystal clear including the flaws originally in its system. 

Skincare products containers on bright pink background close up

Furthermore, it’s been almost three decades since they’ve earned their Cruelty Free batch. This doesn’t stop here, it continued and many other organizations had them audited, later on providing certifications for their legitimacy. 

These are two strong reasons why we believe Natio is ethical in its truest sense. 

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