Live Clean has promised to help make the world a cleaner place by selling eco-friendly products made from plants and other natural materials for more than ten years.

Live Clean was founded in 2007 with a simple mission: to make high-performance personal care products that embrace beauty while respecting the environment.

Live Clean utilizes the natural power of plant-based substances to develop solutions that are safe for you, your baby, your home, and the environment.

They abide by a fundamental set of values:

  • Never perform animal testing and provide only vegan and vegetarian products.
  • Create items without harsh chemicals, parabens, or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).
  • Respectful living: Respect the Earth by utilizing recyclable packaging and making eco-friendly decisions.
  • Live frugally: Select plant-based and naturally-derived components that are mild and effective.

The Live Clean brand uses only plant-based and naturally made ingredients because it believes in the idea of “clean beauty.” 

In order to protect natural resources, they carefully choose products that come from renewable and sustainable sources. They claim that you can rest assured that every day you are making healthier decisions for yourself and the planet.

Cruelty-Free Or Not?

Live Clean has stated that neither they nor any third parties test their goods or ingredients on animals.

Their suppliers do not test on animals, nor do they permit animal testing of their products as mandated by law. 

Lastly, their products are not offered in mainland China or any other countries where animal testing is required.

According to them, live clean products have never been subjected to any animal testing. Additionally, they collaborate with their suppliers to verify that none of the substances have been tested on animals. They are certified by leaping bunny.

Some Of Their Organic Items

Wet Wipes

These ultra-soft wipes are produced from natural fibers. They are also quilted for added durability, and I was impressed by their thickness and size. 

They actually accomplish their goals! They do not include alcohol or chlorine. There are 56 wipes per package, and they are conveniently accessible via a small door on the package’s top. 

The door seals well, preventing the wipes from drying too quickly. Because I accidentally punctured the packing, I wish it were a little more robust. I put a piece of tape over it in the hopes that it will keep them moist.

Creamy Hair To Toe Cleanser

This is a creamy variant of Baby Wash, as the name suggests. The same plant components and fragrances are present. 

As efficient in cleansing and moisturizing as a foamy wash. If you prefer this over the foaming wash, I believe it comes down to a matter of personal preference. I find that this creamy cleanser lathers better when used with a sponge.

Baby Powder

This talc-free powder is composed of corn starch and baking soda and is enriched with the same organic botanical extracts as the other Live Clean (baby) products (chamomile, lavender, and aloe). 

It works exceptionally well to absorb extra moisture, and it is used primarily at night when your children wear the same diaper the longest. It leaves the skin as smooth as silk!

Massage and Bath Oil

It is formulated using safflower oil, which is non-greasy and rapidly absorbed by the skin. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated. It has a very delicate and calming aroma. Additionally, it can be used on the pregnant mother’s stomach to prevent stretch marks. 

I attempted to photograph the oil in my palm and after massaging my daughter, but the oil is pretty thin and did not photograph well, and it was completely absorbed after only a few seconds of massaging. Absolutely no oily residues!

Foamy Cleanser

This brand-new offering from Live Clean is one of the favorites among people. It comes out of the bottle with a very dense foam. It is designed to wash and hydrate skin and hair softly. 

I find the design of the pump quite convenient and simple to operate with my thumb or a couple of fingers. 

It is easy to use with your hands or a cloth, and I particularly enjoy it for hair because it is simple to apply everywhere fast, even with a wriggling toddler, because it is already in lather form. 

The product is tear-free and has a nice floral scent. The chamomile and lavender tend to have a relaxing effect, which is ideal given that we bathe our kids just before bedtime.

Claims Regarding the Use of Recyclable Bottles

Many of the personal care items that Live Clean sells come in clear or white plastic bottles.

It’s not the worst option, and they’re not completely wrong when they say that these bottles can be recycled. However, they wrap their men’s care products in black plastic.

Black plastic is rarely recyclable. According to experts, black plastic is comparable to toilet paper. It is not intended for reuse.

Is It Vegan?

Vegan” can refer to a brand that is 100% vegan or a specific product that is vegan in cosmetics.

Not every product sold by Live Clean is vegan. However, some of their items are suitable for vegans.

I asked the brand through email whether all of its items were vegan, and they replied that they were.

Our products contain only plant-based components. Check the product’s label for cruelty-free animal byproducts like honey, hydrolyzed milk, and beeswax to see if it fits your lifestyle.


It is extremely difficult to accuse them of greenwashing. Without proper certification from a third source, we cannot believe that their claims about using organic foods are accurate. We cannot presume that it isn’t either.

Live Clean uses a number of unregulated yet effective marketing buzzwords. Unfortunately, this market is full of phrases that aren’t regulated and could affect what consumers decide to buy.

Live Clean is readily accessible and cheaply priced for the majority of users. However, this brand is superior to others.

Even though they do some questionable things and don’t give out much information, they seem to be a very trustworthy company.

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