Kollyy is a fashion brand that sells various clothing items. Kollyy has clothing, accessories, and many other products.

However, is Kollyy Fast Fashion? Is Kollyy a sustainable brand i.e have they taken any steps to reduce their environmental impacts?

Moreover, where does Kollyy make its clothes? Do they use sweatshops for making their clothes? Is Kollyy an ethical brand?

In this article, we have tried to answer all of the queries you might have about the ethics and policies of Kollyy. Keep on reading to find out!

About Kollyy 

Kollyy is a fashion brand. Kollyy was founded at the beginning of 2021, so it’s relatively a new brand. Kollyy sells its clothes online, which means it’s an e-commerce brand.

Despite being a new brand, Kollyy has a huge following on Instagram. As of now, they have 500k+ followers on Instagram.

This shows that they mainly focus on internet customers. They only have an online store in the form of a website. Kollyy doesn’t have any physical stores.

Kollyy has trendy and modern clothing. They also speak a lot about diversity. 

They have mentioned on their website that their team is from a diverse background so they easily understand the problems of every girl.

On their website, Kollyy also mentions that;

We round out our selection with pieces from global designers we love and admire”.

This means that they don’t make clothes of their own. 

What Is Fast Fashion? 

Fast Fashion is a relatively new term. However many brands are following the model of Fast Fashion nowadays.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, Fast Fashion means;

“Clothes that are made and sold cheaply, so that people can buy new clothes often.”

In simple words, Fast Fashion is the quick transition of clothing trends from catwalks and social media trends to clothing stores.

Fast Fashion has three main elements; cheap, new, and trendy clothing. 

Brands are adopting this model as the clothes sold in this way are cheap and trendy. As a result, more people tend to buy more clothes.

The Fast Fashion industry has grown a lot in recent years. In 2020, the global market value of Fast Fashion was 25 billion US dollars, which is expected to reach 40 billion US dollars by 2025.

Brands advertise that people should renew their wardrobes and should wear trendy clothes. As these clothes are cheap as well, so more people buy them.

However, the Fast Fashion industry has faced a lot of hate in the past few years. This hate is because Fast Fashion has caused much harm to the environment.

There is also some evidence that brands that follow the model of Fast Fashion work in sweatshops, where workers are forced to work illegally.

Some of the harms of Fast Fashion are;

  • Most Fast Fashion industries work with sweatshops. In the sweatshops, several people are forced to work in inhumane conditions.
  • In several garment factories, workers are forced to work a week and 12-15 hours a day. These workers are mostly paid less than the minimum wage.
  • To make one shirt, 2700 liters of water is required. While to make one pair of jeans more than 7000 liters of water and tons of carbon emission are required.
  • Not all of the clothes in the Fast Fashion stores are sold. So the unsold clothes are usually thrown away. This has caused a lot of land pollution.

Is Kollyy Fast Fashion?

Yes, Kolly is a Fast Fashion brand.

On their website, Kollyy mentions that;

“We offer the most trendy fashion attires to the hottest and the most energetic community.”

They have also mentioned that they focus on modern designs and sell clothing and accessories with modern designs.

This shows that Kollyy is a Fast Fashion brand.

Is Kollyy Sustainable? 

No, Kollyy is not a sustainable brand.

Fast Fashion is known to cause much harm to the environment. 

According to UNEP, the Fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of water. Also, 8-10 percent of the carbon emission is caused by the fashion industry.

Kollyy has not mentioned anything about sustainability on their website or their social media platforms.

They haven’t mentioned anything about the carbon emission and water wastage that is caused by them. They also haven’t mentioned any steps they might take to reduce their environmental impacts.

This shows that they haven’t taken any steps to reduce their environmental impacts. Because if they had, they would have mentioned it on their website. 

Where Does Kollyy Get Its Clothes From? 

Kolly doesn’t make its clothes. They don’t even design their clothes. On their website, Kolly mentions that;

“We round out our selection with pieces from global designers we love and admire”.

Kollyy mostly sells the clothes of other companies such as Shein, Amazon, etc. 

Due to this, many questions about the ethics of Kollyy arise. It can’t be determined whether the clothes they are selling are ethical or not.

Because of that, Kollyy is mostly not trusted by the netizens. 

Is Kollyy Ethical?

No, Kollyy is not an ethical brand.

They have not mentioned anything about the worker’s ethics and sustainability on their websites. 

Also, Kollyy mostly sells the clothes and accessories of other brands.

So Kollyy is not an ethical brand.


Kollyy is an online fashion brand. They have trendy products like clothing items and accessories. So Kollyy is a Fast Fashion brand.

However, the origin of their products is unknown as Kollyy does not provide much information on its website or social media platforms.

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