Wondering whether Kaya, as the largest international chain of skin care clinics across the Middle East, is also an animal tyrant OR a bunny-loving, cruelty-free brand?

Moreover, is the brand sold in cruel countries such as mainland China? And if so, are there any ‘cruelty-proof’ procedures in place for maintaining the brand’s cruelty-free status?

Finally, can vegan die-hards afford to place their trust in Kaya’s pocket? Simply put, is Kaya a pure vegan brand? Even if not, are there any vegan-friendly products to satisfy Kaya’s customers?

Find all answers right here and today!

Kaya: Cruelty-Free or Cruelty-Plus?

Nope, Kaya’s definitely not a cruelty-plus brand. Besides other reasons, the most convincing one is it is a local Indian brand. Now, why do I sound as if Indian brands being cruelty-free is a fact? 

You’ll know the answer in a while. But for now…let’s have a look at the significance of Kaya’s cruelty-free status:

Significance of Kaya’s Cruelty-Free Status:

For starters, none of the finished products, ingredients or even raw materials from Kaya skincare products experiment on animals. 

Secondly, the brand does not fake it’s cruelty-free status by simply delegating the torturing procedures to some other acquaintance. 

In short, Kaya does not pay any third party for shaving rabbit fur and spraying who-knows-what on their bare backs! They also don’t hire that animal-butchers-in-a-researcher’s-coat to force unknown acids down rabbit throats! 

Last but not least, they definitely don’t corrupt poor bunny eyes through regular usage of devil drops!

Does Kaya Operate in Cruelty-Plus Countries?

Nope! Although Kaya is an international brand, it nonetheless avoids operating in countries such as China; where animal testing is still considered supreme; and few measures have been taken to forbid this evil practice. 

Sidenote: Kaya has a multitude of branches; but again, all of them lie in the middle-east and none in China (from East Asia).

Kaya Products Manufactured in India: Cruelty-Free by Default!

Did you know that India was the first-ever cruelty-free country in South Asia? Yup, you heard me! The sordid practice of animal testing was banned in India as early as 2014!

This means that none of the LOCAL brands operating within India test on speechless animals! Whether it be raw materials, ingredients, or finished products, none of the brands use poor little bunnies as cannon fodder for experiments. 

Nor do they outsource the testing procedures to a third party or even operate in cruel regions such as mainland China.

How does it relate to Kaya? Well duh, Kaya is a locally-bred Indian brand after all; and as such, it’s cruelty-free by default!

You can also grab onto this site in case you’re curious about the rigorous anti-animal-testing procedures in India.

Are Kaya Skincare Ingredients Biodegradable: Animal Cruelty on a Larger Scale!

This may as well be the only place where I object to Kaya’s work ethic. In short, Kaya Skin Clinic products do contain ingredients detrimental for our ecosystem. You can have a look at this post by TheBeautyInsideOut and see where I’m going. The post also lists some of the best as well as the worst Kaya skincare products; feel free to have a peek at all of them! The highlights of the post from above are: 

  • Kaya skin care products do contain parabens, sulfates, added fragrance and silicones. 

All these materials are non-biodegradable in the proper sense and contribute to the degeneration of Planet Earth. 

  • Kaya’s cruelty-free status isn’t really 100% solid. And the reason is simple: all of the toxic ingredients listed above can harm the ecosystem’s balance; thus leading to miserable lives for a whole lot of animals, birds, and fish, etc. 

I usually refer to this phenomenon as animal cruelty on a much larger scale; since such ecosystem, downfalls kill far more birdies and frail little bunnies than torture labs ever will!

Still, it’s not always a financially correct choice to hunt for replacements for stuff like parabens, etc.

Hence, I guess a lot of brands truly are left-hand-tied in this matter. Still, there’s always a bunch of eco-friendly brands available in the market you know!

Is Kaya Suitable for Vegan Die-hards?

Yup, in fact, Kaya is by nature a vegetarian brand. Note: I said vegetarian, not vegan. This means that although most of their products avoid animal ingredients, some may still contain dairy products, eggs, honey, etc. 

In short, vegans are a step crazier than normal vegetarians; as they won’t even touch commodities such as milk, eggs etc. 

You can check this article out for an in-depth version of Veganism vs Vegetarianism.

Is Kaya a 100% Vegan Skincare Brand?

Back to the topic, are Kaya skincare brands pure vegan or kinda like a mixed-breed (vegetarian)?

Simply put, Kaya has quite a bunch of 110% vegan products as well. BUT, Kaya as a brand, of course, is not 110% vegan. 

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