Almost 2% (70 to 140 million people) of the world’s population has natural red hair. As a result, red is the rarest hair colour on the planet. The countries with the most redheads are Scotland and Ireland.

Redheads account for over 10% of the Irish population and 6% of the Scottish population.

Because redheads are one of the rarest people on the earth, few brands focus on them in terms of beauty and fashion.

As brands believe it is not profitable, they do not attempt to create beauty products for redheads.

Redheads are rare and sometimes standard beauty items (such as black mascara) may not suit them.

Some colours do not suit people with redheads. Because there aren’t many options, redheads have to rely on the existing standard products.

However, some businesses sell makeup and hair care products with redheads in mind.

Just For Redheads” is a company that specialises in makeup, skincare, and hair care products for redheads.

“Just For Redheads” has a very appealing concept and vision. However, is Just For Redheads cruelty-free i.e. do they test on animals or not?

Is Just For Redheads vegan-friendly, or do their products contain animal ingredients? Also, is Just For Redheads an ethical brand?

We have tried to answer all of the questions you might have about the ethics, vision, and morals of Just For Redheads. So keep reading to find out!

About Just For Redheads

Just For Redheads is a makeup, skincare, sun care and hair care brand that is made for beauties with redheads.

Just For Redheads was launched by “Paula Pennypacker” in 1993.

Paula Pennypacker has a political background. She was a democratic candidate for mayorship of a district of an America state.

Paula ran for mayor’s election in 1993 when she noticed that her eyelashes (coated with black mascara, a standard beauty product) looked too harsh.

And one day her husband asked her; ” Why do you have such beautiful red hair but black eyelashes?” 

As standard cosmetics didn’t look good with her red hair and there were not many options in the market for redheads.

She created Just For Redheads in 1993 intending to sell beauty products that look good on people with redheads.

Redheads have a variety of makeup, skincare, sun care and hair care products that are designed for redheads.

Makeup products of Just For Redheads include mascara (for sensitive eyes and redheads), eyeshadows, eyeliners, brow refiners (in ginger shades), foundations, concealers, lipsticks, and many more.

Skincare products of Just For Redheads include redheads’ dream enzyme skin care, moisturizers, products containing vitamin C, defying treatments, and suncare products.

Haircare products of Just For Redheads include shampoos and conditioners, henna hair colour, hair extensions, and hair accessories.

Products of Just For Redheads were used in popular movies such as Titanic, Harry Potter, and many others.

Is Just For Redheads cruelty-free?

It’s the 21st century when revolutions for the rights of animals are at their peak. However, there are still many companies that test their products on animals.

Even though there are many alternative options to test the effectiveness of a manufactured cosmetic product, still some companies and countries kill innocent animals in this process.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), more than 100 million animals are killed every year in US laboratories for research purposes.

Statistics show that out of every 50 cosmetic companies, 44 are not cruelty-free. This means that 88 per cent of the major cosmetic companies still use animal testing.

There are some brands that do not test their products on animals.

The brands that do not test on animals are known as cruelty-free brands. These brands use alternative methods to test the effectiveness of their products. 

To verify whether a person is cruelty-free or not, we need to first understand the criteria needed to be a cruelty-free brand.

  • A cruelty-free brand should not test its products on animals.
  • It should not ask or allow third-party companies to test their products on animals.
  • A cruelty-free brand should not sell its products in countries like China where animal testing is required by law.
  • It should have a cruelty-free certificate from any respectable organisation such as PETA.

There isn’t much information about Just For Redheads. However, they have mentioned that their products are cruelty-free in their product description.

On the website, they have also mentioned that their makeup brushes are cruelty-free.

So Just For Redheads is a cruelty-free company.

Is Just For redheads vegan-friendly?

A vegan-friendly brand is one that does not contain animal ingredients in its products.

Just For Redheads hasn’t mentioned the ingredients of their products. Hence,

It is uncertain whether they are vegan friendly or not.

Is Just For Redheads ethical?

Just For Redheads fulfils its ethical and moral duties by being a cruelty-free brand. Hence,

Just For Redheads is an ethical brand.


To sum it all up, Just For Redheads is a company dedicated to people who have the rarest hair colour in the world.

Just For Redheads sell skincare, makeup, suncare, and haircare products.

For animal lovers, Just For Redheads is a cruelty-free company.

They don’t provide a list of ingredients with their products so it I uncertain whether they are vegan or not.

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