Korean beauty products and skincare products are becoming more and more popular among youngsters nowadays. It’S SKIN is also among these popular Korean skincare brands.

It’S SKIN is a brand of It’S Hanbul Co., Ltd. The company’s headquarters are located in Seoul, South Korea and they sell their products worldwide.

Despite being a popular brand, It’S SKIN cannot be called a cruelty-free and vegan brand. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out more about the brand.

Is It’S SKIN Cruelty-free?

It’S SKIN is not a cruelty-free brand nor do they have an official animal testing policy to show that they are a cruelty-free brand. 

They allow the non-vegan ingredients being used in the production and their products to be tested on animals.

They also allow third parties or suppliers to test their products on animals which is not acceptable in order to be called a completely cruelty-free brand. 

It’S SKIN sells its products in other countries too where animal testing is required by the law and all products are tested on animals before being sold in physical stores.

Is It’S SKIN Being Sold in China?

Yes, It’S SKIN sells its products in China. It is well known that in China, animal testing is required by law in order to sell products in physical stores. 

Thus, many cruelty-free brands do not sell their products in China or other countries where animal testing is still necessary for selling products in physical stores. 

Despite that, if you are looking for an alternative to buy It’S SKIN’s products that are not tested on animals, there are some ways. You can buy products at airports or online and get them shipped to your country. 

Or you can buy the products in Hong Kong and escape the Chinese law of testing skincare products on animals.

Is It’S SKIN Vegan Friendly?

The creator of It’S SKIN, It’S HANBUL claims on its official website that its brand It’S SKIN offers quality skincare for every individual respecting the diversity and differences of each individual so everyone can embrace their true own beauty. 

It also claims that its products are 100% tested for its consumer’s safety.

However, It’S SKIN’s products are not suited for the vegan lifestyle. The products are not completely vegan. Some of the ingredients used in the products are not vegan.

Is It’S SKIN Ethical?

It’S HANBUL states on its official website that it will reinforce ethical management by interacting more with its customers and supporting its staff’s talent to grow.

The company also asks its customers to immediately report to the company’s helpline if they encounter any unethical behavior that violates the company’s ethical management.

It includes any behaviors that are against social convention, misconduct of the company’s employees, or any other unethical behavior like sexual harassment, etc.

However, It’S SKIN still cannot be called ethical since It’S SKIN and the parent company of It’S SKIN, It’S HANBUL are not vegan friendly or cruelty-free. 

They allow third parties to test their products on animals and use animal products as ingredients of their products. 

What Makes It’S SKIN So Popular?

It’S SKIN is so popular not only in South Korea and internationally too. But what makes it so popular?

It’S SKIN is known for its clinical skincare solutions. It’S SKIN has a wide range of different types of products too. You can get all your skincare products from one place.

It’S SKIN’s products include serums, cleansing foams, face masks/sheet masks, moisturizers, hand creams, eye creams, etc.

You can get a product for every skin type from normal skin to sensitive skin. It’S SKIN promises to provide high-quality products for all individuals.

It’S SKIN’s popularity soared even more after they made a widely known K-pop boy band TXT their global brand ambassador. Tomorrow x Together (txt) has millions of fans all around the world.

Kpop and k dramas played a large role in promoting k beauty. People are getting obsessed with k beauty. This is the biggest reason why Korean beauty products and skincare products became so popular. 

So, because of the Tomorrow x together, It’S SKIN managed to attract the attention of K-pop fans all around the world too. 

 A Quick Review of The Products of It’S SKIN.

Let’s do a quick review of It’S SKIN products. Here are a few points.

Spa Kit. Shampoo, Soap Bar And Liquid. Shower Gel. Aromatherapy Salt
  1. Its products are best known for their intensive clinical research.
  2. Its products are not too expensive.
  3. Its moisturizers are the most popular for being extremely good at their job. It moisturizes the skin without making it oily.
  4. Its products are good for sensitive skin. Not many brands can do that.
  5.  Although, many people chose fragrance-free products nowadays, It’S SKIN products are being liked because of their nice mild smell. 
  6. Its packaging is good. The glass bottles are a bit heavier but they come with a good dropper.

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