Innisfree is a Korean brand for makeup, skincare & body care. The brand manufactures skincare products and cosmetics with ingredients extracted from Jeju Island. 

Jeju island consists of some volcanic mountains, fields, and forests. According to brand officials, all the ingredients used in the manufacture are obtained from this island.  

The natural ingredients extracted from Jeju island are tried & tested. People in that area have used these ingredients for skin remedies for ages.  

However, no products are tested on animals. If there is a need for testing, human services are obtained.

So the brand is mainly cruelty-free as per the brand officials.  

Is Innisfree involved in animal testing?

Probably yes, Innisfree is a cosmetics brand. It is a wide known fact that cosmetics brands test their products on animals. 

Almost every makeup brand is found directly or indirectly involved in animal testing. 

The primary purpose of skin care products is to enhance the skin’s beauty, improvise skin fairness, and make the skin look younger. 

That’s why brands use highly reactive components in products that quickly show effective results, and those reactive components can also cause side effects. 

To prevent the risk of side effects directly on consumers, brands prefer to test their products on animals to check the outcomes. 

Undoubtedly every brand does that. Innisfree also must be doing that for sure. 

What are the alternatives to animal testing?

Human testing is the only alternative to animal testing, but that is also a risky matter.

If a  brand tests its products on humans and any side effect occurs, it would have to face legal charges.  

Unlike humans, animals can not sue these brands; therefore, brands exploit animals fearlessly. 

However, in European countries and other developed countries, laws are strict relating to animal cruelty. 

That’s why brands prefer to avoid legal restrictions and conduct the testing in poor African and Asian countries where laws are just for the name. 

How can Innisfree be a Cruelty-Free brand?

Innisfree must stop indulging in animal testing to be a cruelty-free brand. For this, Innisfree officials have to refrain from conducting testing on animals. 

It can only happen when the brand stops testing new products or uses proven formulas to manufacture them. 

Another way to switch towards no cruelty is using less reactive and natural ingredients so that there is no risk of side effects, and products can also be tested on humans.

However, using less reactive products means the brand has to compromise on the results of products which in no way the brand is going to do. 

Therefore Innisfree will not be a cruelty-free brand anytime soon as most such brands. 

Is Innisfree selling in China?

Yes, China shares a sea border with South Korea, where Innisfree is based. Being an economic Allie of South Korea, China has allowed Innisfree to operate on its mainland. 

Currently, Innisfree has over 500 stores in mainland China. 

If Innisfree is selling in china, there is no second thought about the brand being involved in animal cruelty.

The sale of skincare products in China requires prior testing of products on animals.  

Is Innisfree Products Vegan Friendly?

According to the brand description, the products manufactured under the label for Innisfree contain only natural ingredients. 

The ingredients like fruits, vegetables, plants, and herbs are the critical components of skincare products manufactured by Innisfree. 

However, the claims of being entirely vegan-friendly might not be accurate. 

All the cosmetics brands, including Innisfree, manufacture products that have animal ingredients in one form or another. 

Therefore, it is baseless to consider a vegan or eco-friendly cosmetics brand. 

Some brands accept using animal ingredients, and some don’t, but everyone undoubtedly uses animal ingredients.

Is Innisfree Products vegetarian?

Not mainly. Some of the products of Innisfree do contain veg ingredients but not the entire brand is veg. 

The natural ingredients of skin care products include rose water, coconut oil, green vegetables, herbs, roots, corn oil, etc. 

However, animal ingredients in skincare products and cosmetics are way more than veg ingredients. 

Beeswax, shark liver oil, fats, glycerin, gluten, carbohydrates, honey, milk, urine, lanolin, and the list goes on and on. 

In short, Innisfree does manufacture some entirely vegan products, but most of its products are non-Vegan. 

What are some Innisfree Vegan products?

As the brand doesn’t sell entirely veg products, however, some of the brand’s products are veg. 

Here is the list of probably 100% veg Innisfree products

Is Innisfree Ethical? 

After thorough research, it is evident that neither the brand is cruelty-free nor does it manufacture vegan-friendly products. 

However, very few of its products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. 

The brand is involved in animal testing like most cosmetics brands and includes animal ingredients in its products. 

Therefore it will be unfair to animals to call this brand ethical. 

What are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly alternatives to Innisfree?

Finding a cosmetics brand that doesn’t commit cruelty against animals and is vegan friendly is a real struggle. 

Unfortunately, there exists no such brand. 

However, we list a few almost cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brands. 

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