Himalaya is a famous brand that offers both skin and hair care products. The company is popular for offering a wide range of herbal products for all types of skin. In addition to beauty products, the brand also offers health supplements for both men and women. 

The company was started by a man of Indian origin, M. Manal in 1930, a time when herbal products were considered nothing but a sham. Fast forward 90 years, Himalaya is a successful brand with consumers all around the globe.

Is Himalaya Cruelty-Free?

Yes, it is. Himalaya has always clung to the principles of animal-friendliness and eco-friendliness ever since its inception. The company is very vocal about how aggressively it is against testing on animals.

The brand neither carries out animal testing itself nor does it encourage it in any way. However, there is one thing that I am not clear about. I don’t know if the raw materials that the company acquires from global sources are also cruelty-free or not.

But, I am just going to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Do Himalaya Products Contain Harmful Chemicals?

Himalaya products do contain chemicals, however, the company makes sure to steer clear of using artificial additives. So, rest assured, the components it uses in its products are not harmful in any way.  

Does Himalaya Use Parabens?

As I mentioned above, Himalaya products are not entirely free of chemicals. The same is the case with parabens. Some of the products do contain parabens. 

Luckily, the brand offers paraben-free options as well.

Is Himalaya Vegan-Friendly?

Himalaya is a vegan-friendly brand but there are a few products that are not vegan. Those products include their Chyvanprash which contains clarified butter and honey. The other products are chest and body balms, both containing beeswax and a facewash containing honey.

Other than these couple of exclusions, the company makes only vegan products.

Is Himalaya Non-GMO?

Himalaya does not favor the use of genetically modified components in any of its concoctions. More than 90% of the products from the company hold the Non-GMO certification. The company is working towards turning this figure into a full 100%.

Why Are Not All Himalaya Products USDA Organic Certified?

Every product by the company is free of insecticides. However, the pill casing is not always organic. This is the reason that only 70% of the products hold the certification and not all.

Is Himalaya Ethical?

Himalaya is an ethical company and I have a lot of reasons to back up this claim.

  • First of all, the company provides pretty good remuneration to the laborers working for it. As a matter of fact, it pays them higher wages than the market.
  • The company also safeguards the farmers that grow for it against the fluctuating market trends. Himalaya also bears all the costs of logistics itself.
  • The use of pesticides and insecticides is discouraged by the company.
  • The ingredients that the company sources from other countries go through a rigorous quality check to ensure they are pure, effective, and consistent.
  • The company does not test its products on animals during any stage of production.
  • Apart from a couple of items, the rest of the products offered by the company are entirely vegan.
  • The company avoids the use of harsh chemicals and parabens in most of its products.
  • The formulations that the brand uses have been patented by hundreds of thousands of doctors from all over the world.

I think this is enough information to be assured that Himalaya is ethical.

Best Products by Himalaya

Now that you are relieved to know that Himalaya is a safe brand to use, you must be wondering which products to go for. I have used multiple products by the brand and here is a brief list of items that I liked the most. I hope you’ll enjoy using them too.

  • Clarifying Mud PackBest for people with greasy and combination skin types. I noticed that it leaves my skin really smooth after usage. This magical formula also works wonders for acne.
  • Purifying Neem ScrubThis is an excellent product that gives your skin a deep cleansing by removing all the buildup from your pores. Unlike other scrubs, I found it quite gentle on my skin while visibly improving my complexion.
  • Purifying Neem FacewashSimilar to the scrub mentioned above, this facewash is also a brilliant product. Packed with the goodness of neem, it leaves your skin feeling super fresh and oil-free. The gel-based lightweight formula also targets acne-causing bacteria.
  • Lip BalmThis is hands down my favorite product from the brand. I am one of those people whose lips are always chapped, irrespective of the weather. But, this balm, with its gel-like texture, seals the moisture inside the lips. For best results, I keep it on overnight and wake up with super soft and plump lips. 
  • Body LotionI like this product for everyday use. It provides deep hydration to my skin and puts a stop to flaking. Another plus point, it leaves a wonderful scent on my skin for hours.
  • Revitalizing Night CreamThis is a good product to include in your nighttime beauty regime. I particularly like this product because it has a gentle formula that is suitable for every type of skin. It deeply hydrates and moisturizes my skin and gives it a smooth appearance.
  • Face WipesThis product comes in two variants, Aloe Vera and Neem. I found these pretty useful for quick makeup removal. These are good for a quick face cleansing as well.

The Last Word

In a world full of brands whose main purpose is only profit-making, Himalaya feels like a breath of fresh air. Not only does the company care for the animals and environment, but it also stresses the use of natural and organic ingredients for its products.

Though there are a few things that might bother you, like a few non-vegan options, I still find it better than the rest. Most importantly, the company is very honest about it, which makes me respect it even more. 

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