Finding cruelty-free toothpaste is a real struggle, but things become easy for Hello Toothpaste. 

Hello, Toothpaste is one of the rare toothpaste brands that are genuinely cruelty-free. 

Most brands, including big brands, commit animal cruelty fearlessly and exploit the animals as much as they want.  

Whereas Hello Toothpaste responsibly refrains from testing any product on animals.

Hello products, a parent company of Hello Toothpaste, is the certified cruelty-free brand from the Leaping Bunny organization.

Hello, Products is among the 2286 global companies that have been listed as cruelty-free brands by the Leaping Bunny organization.  

What Makes Hello Toothpaste Cruelty free?

Where most toothpaste brands test products on animals to check their effectiveness, Hello Toothpaste doesn’t do that. 

Hello, products use proven formulas to manufacture toothpaste, and mostly their products are tested on humans rather than animals. 

However, testing products on humans is also risky, but Hello Toothpaste contains harmless and natural ingredients.

After trying out the Hello Toothpaste, no side effect or reaction occurs in humans. 

Therefore refraining from animal testing, using natural ingredients, and testing products on humans rather than animals make this brand a cruelty-free brand. 

Does Colgate own Hello Toothpaste?

Yes, Hello, products including Hello toothpaste are owned by Colgate Palmolive. In February 2020, Colgate acquired both hello products and toothpaste ownership rights. 

However, Colgate is one of the brands that has remained involved in animal cruelty, but this doesn’t influence the cruelty-free reputation of Hello toothpaste. 

Hello, Toothpaste is still cruelty-free like before it was, and it will continue to refrain from testing products on animals anyways.

Colgate is just the owner of this brand. It will collect the profit only, whereas the working body and the working team will continue to work independently.  

How long has Hello Toothpaste been cruelty-free?

Hello, Products have been operating since 2009. It is a New Jersey-based company and the parent company of Hello Toothpaste. 

Since its launch, Hello Products has been serving its customers with genuinely cruelty-free products. 

However, Hello products sell other products like deodorants, but it specializes in oral care products like toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. 

All this brand’s products, including Hello Toothpaste, are cruelty-free from the first day. 

Is Hello Toothpaste sold in china?

Hello Toothpaste, the proud representative of cruelty-free brands, doesn’t sell in China, at least physically. 

As per Chinese law, selling products like skincare, cosmetics, oral care, etc., require prior testing of these products on animals. 

Therefore Hello products, including Hello toothpaste, are not sold anywhere in china to avoid animal testing. 

The rule of testing products on animals applies to physical stores only, whereas selling online doesn’t require such testing. 

Hello, Toothpaste is available on eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay, etc. It can be delivered from there to china without any testing on animals. 

However, selling Products in Hong Kong doesn’t require any prior testing. 

What are top-rated cruelty-free Hello tubes of toothpaste?

Hello, toothpaste is not just limited to one toothpaste.

There are various kinds of toothpaste for different tooth problems and in different flavors.

Here we’re listing some of the top-rated cruelty-free toothpaste of Hello products. 

Is Hello Toothpaste vegan friendly?

Most Toothpaste contains glycerin, a sweet, odorless, and transparent liquid at room temperature. Glycerin is sourced from animals (cows, pigs).

Meanwhile, Hello Toothpaste prefers to stay vegan friendly, so it contains vegetable oil sourced from corn or soybean. 

Also, every Hello Toothpaste is Fluoride-free because it causes side effects like tooth discoloration, tooth decay, etc. 

However, Hello Toothpaste is meant to be healthy and Nature friendly. That’s why the Hello Toothpaste is vegan-friendly.

Is Hello Toothpaste Vegetarian? 

Mainly yes, Although Hello products and Hello Toothpaste are owned by Colgate, which uses animal ingredients in their products.

Still, Hello toothpaste contains veg ingredients. 

The main ingredients present in the Hello Toothpaste are Coconut oil, charcoal, farm-grown mint, aloe vera erythritol, etc. 

Besides this, Hello Toothpaste officials have clarified the stance of being vegetarian multiple times. 

On the official website of Hello products, it is written in big fonts on the landing page.

hello yeah, we’re naturally friendly

What are some vegan-Friendly Hello Toothpaste tubes?

Almost every Hello Toothpaste is vegan-friendly. However, we are listing some highly effective Hello Toothpastes. 

  • Kids Watermelon Toothpaste
  • Activated charcoal toothpaste
  • Good morning toothpaste
  • Whitening wonders toothpaste
  • Strawberry toothpaste

Is Hello Toothpaste Ethical?

Hello products, especially Hello toothpaste, are neither involved in animal cruelty nor use animal ingredients in their products.

Other brands fearlessly commit cruelty to animals and constantly use animal ingredients in their products. 

As compared to such cruel brands, Hello Toothpaste is way more ethical. 

As it is free from cruelty and also doesn’t use animal ingredients. 

Hello, toothpaste is healthy and Nature friendly. That’s why it is an ethical brand. 

What are similar products to Hello toothpaste?

It is hard to find cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brands in today’s world. 

Still, brands like Hello Toothpaste are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 

Therefore, to acknowledge our audience, we’re listing a few more cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brands like Hello Toothpaste. 

List of probably cruelty-free brands. 

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