Skincare issues have always been a concern, given the uncertainty referring to ingredients mixed in the products. So was it when Andy & Jeff fell into the same pit.

This made them delve into the problem and develop a solution to expensive and trashy razors on the market. 

How Harry grew from just a shave solution to a brand that later occupied the industry in the men’s category is a story.

Now, Harry does have its outlets in major countries across the globe, including the USA (It’s based in New York), the UK, and Germany.  

Harry’s has got a wide range of products engulfing almost everything a man needs to groom himself. This comprises shaving creams, hair products, skin products, and several other accessories. 

Coming down to our question, let’s probe into the fact if Harry’s cruelty-free or not! 

Before we dig in, we got to define what Cruelty-Free exactly means. Cruelty is a generic word and it doesn’t really explain anything if it’s quoted in a context-less scenario. 

To cover it up, let us state right away that wherever we’ll assert a brand to cruelty-free or not, it simply means; that this brand doesn’t test its products on animals.

There absolutely are further subdivisions that better be followed to justify the definition of being cruelty-free fully. 

This dictates that any of the party the brand is involved with, or any supplier who originally isn’t a part of the brand but does manufacture a small proportion of its production at some stage.

Even this supplier should not be indulged in any kind of animal testing policies. 

This is how the Cruelty-Free tag is defined. 

Cognizance of the issue helps us jump halfway to the solution.

The next part is to advocate this gleaned information with the audience that eagerly relies on us to present our worthy opinion on the matter. 

Well, the research we’ve conducted is funneled down onto a fact that goes by, 

“Harry’s a Cruelty-Free brand and it’s to state that neither of its products are tested on animals in any phase of manufacturing.” 

Now, we dug more into it to inquire if Harry’s has got any certification from any third-party organization that vouches for its cruelty-free status.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our hands on any such document justifying its claim. 

Yes! We did check CrueltyFreeKitty that too is renowned in the world of auditing websites but a claim was all they too had. 

CrueltyFreeKitty directly approaches the brand and inquires if the products they are selling are tested on animals or not. 

The brand submits response in a set amount of time and a series of questions and answers are held in order to funnel down to one response. T

his response is then endorsed on their website. 

The reason why we don’t as such rely on this information is that the results they get onto are derived merely from sent/received emails. They’ve got nobody to research things out on the backend. They’ve got none to audit the manufacturers or suppliers. 

Another parameter that’s a direct indicator of a cruelty-free tag is the availability of that particular brand in China.

Because in China it’s a law to not sell any skincare products before testing them out on the animal.

Whether it’s an idea worth condemning or not is not the focal point of our discussion. Our argument originally is to find the relevancy and get to the conclusion. 

And we found that Harry is not sold in China which means it’s by this definition of cruelty free passes the test, and can be said so. 

Let’s summarize all that we’ve discussed above, 

First things first, Harry is an uncertified cruelty free brand. There still is a gap that demands a certification from any third-party organization for this tag.

We’ve discussed the availability of Harry and we found it to be non-operational in China which directly or indirectly led us to believe that Harry is cruelty-free. 

That sums it up, now let’s hop on to another very important question of this time! 

Is it Harry Vegan? 

Vegans have soared in numbers over the years. The toxicity animal flesh has brought and the recent Covid hit that turned things upside down stemmed from nothing but a guy who had a bat on his plate that night.

He contracted a virus that later on, left its mark on an entire world. 

Vegans then came forward and claimed that all this drama could be avoided if only we had advocated vegetarian-friendly stuff around the globe. The majority of the issues we’re facing today are stemmed from anti-vegan policies. 

The environment is being raped, the ecosystem is being destroyed and whatnot. 

This drove us to search if Harry is vegan friendly or not and we uncovered,

Harry is a vegan-friendly brand. Although it’s not 100% vegan! 

You’ll be glad to know that it’s just one product here at Harry that isn’t vegan friendly and it goes by the name of Texturising Putty. There’s this one ingredient used in that product called lanolin that’s derived from animals. 

Only if Harry succeeds in substituting this product for another, they do have the potential to turn it into a 100% vegan-friendly brand. 

As far as certification is concerned, they don’t hold any proving their vegan-friendly status. 

Is Harry Ethical? 

Harry has been around for decades and the incredible experience that people have had with them speaks for the expansion they’ve observed in their outlets across the globe.

The brand grew from an embryo primarily focusing on shaving creams to a giant offering its products in the USA, UK & Germany. 

If it wasn’t for the quality, the brand would never have survived that long and done so well. 

This is an ethical certification Harry has earned!

Yes! There’s one product that ain’t vegan but more than 99% of Harry’s products are vegan friendly, statistically. 

Based on the data we’ve gleaned, we’ll always stack Harry at the top. 

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