The brand Gold Bond sells over-the-counter skincare products. The products include face wash, sunblock creams, skin glow creams, Skin relief creams, Healing ointment, etc. 

The products sold by Gold bond need proper testing before going into the market. However, the easiest way to test a product is to try it on a living being, either animals or humans. 

But testing the products on humans could be risky and can land the company into legal troubles. 

Therefore there is a high chance that the company is involved in testing the products on animals before launching these products on the market.

Why can’t all skincare products be cruelty-free?  

The skin of humans is pretty sensitive. Trying any untested product can cause irritation and skin diseases. 

The brands selling skincare products always try to launch products that cause no side effects. 

For this, they have expert teams to work on these products still. Without testing, it is almost impossible to trust a product.  

To make a product completely trustable, companies acquire animals for testing. In wester or developed countries, laws may be strict for animal testing. 

Testing products on animals is not a big deal in developing and developing countries; companies working on skin care products can quickly test their products on animals.  

So these brands test their products on animals first to get desired results. When the results are obtained, products are launched to the general public. 

Testing products on animals cause so much pain to animals that their skins get affected and other side effects. Most animals even die during such ruthless testings. 

Will Gold Bond be cruelty-free ever?

Unless the Gold bond launches new products, it won’t be a cruelty-free brand. 

Gold Bond brand is a reputable brand. It has made its name, and to maintain this brand value, Gold Bond often needs new products that can attract customers.  

Therefore Gold bond is consistently working on new products to be launched. The products will be more effective and will bring even better results.  

However, animals are used to test new products, and that is why Gold Bond can never be cruelty-free if it keeps trying new products. 

What are the cruelty-free products of Gold Bond?

Gold Bond has hundreds of products to offer to its customers. Although the brand is not entirely cruelty-free, some products may be cruelty-free. 

List of probably cruelty-free Gold bond products

  • Pure Moisture Lotion 
  • Clear Body Powder Spray 
  • Hand Sanitizers 
  • Face Lotion 
  • Comfort Powder 

How long has Gold bond been a cruelty-free brand?

The history of the Gold bond dates back to 1882. The current supplier of this brand is Chattem. Meanwhile, the company is a subsidiary of the French company Sanofi

The brand has been serving the people for more than a century. Thousands of products are launched under the umbrella of this brand. 

However, as far as cruelty-free products are concerned. Only a few products have achieved this feat. Otherwise, every other product is the result of cruelty. 

Gold Bond is one of the very active brands in achieving the title of being a cruelty-free brand. 

Is Gold Bond Vegan?

Most products of Gold Bond are vegan. Products like sanitizers, gels, lotions, night creams, etc., are entirely vegan. 

The products like aging creams, healing ointments, softening creams, etc., are doubtful products with some animal ingredients. 

Gold bond has a range of thousands of products, so it would be unprofessional to declare all the products either vegan or nonvegan. 

Gold bond also offers some products that have animal ingredients like fats, lipids, and bio-oils. Anti-aging creams require bio-oils to deliver effective results. 

What are the Vegan products of Gold Bond?

Skincare products probably are less effective if prepared without animal ingredients. Still, many products can be designed from vegetables and plants. 

Here is the list of Gold Bond products that are 100% vegan and prepared from plant ingredients like vegetable oils. 

List of Probably 100% Gold Bond vegan products

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • No Mess Foot Powder spray
  • Friction Defense Stick 
  • Anti itching lotion 
  • Comfort Powder 

Is Gold Bond Vegetarian?  

Not entirely, Some of the products prepared under the banner of the gold bond can be vegetarian, but the entire stock is not vegetarian, that is for sure. 

Anti-aging products, healing products, and skin glow products require animal ingredients or bio-oils to get prepared. However, Gold bond sells these products proudly. 

Other products like first aid material, body spray, gels, and sanitizers can be prepared without animal ingredients. 

Gold Bond sells both types of products that use animal ingredients and don’t use animal ingredients. 

So Gold bond can not be declared an entirely vegetarian brand. 

Is Gold Bond Ethical?

Harming animals and using animal ingredients in products is wrong and unethical. Almost every brand does that because the technology has not developed that much to replace vegetarian ingredients with nonveg ingredients.

Gold Bond is also responsible for harming animals for testing its products, and it also uses animal ingredients. 

However, Gold bond aims to achieve cruelty-free status and be 100% vegan by 2035.

Cruelty-free and 100% vegan alternative to Gold Bond

100% vegan sounds too good to be true. However, some brands have achieved 90% to 95% vegan status. 

Here is the list of alternatives to Gold bond that are vegan cruelty-free

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