Before I start worshiping Go To as one of my ideal skincare brands, let’s talk about something else for a moment.

Thing is, customers today are hyper-focused on three crucial factors; before deciding whether the brand is worth their loyalty or not. Those three elements include:

  • Brand’s benevolence upon cute bunnies (cruelty-free or not)
  • Brand’s attitude towards mother Earth (whether all production procedures as well as products are eco-friendly or not)
  • And finally, whether their staff has been 

‘contaminated’ by animal ingredients or not (animal-cannibal or vegan-friendly)

And what happens when such customers cross paths with a one-size-fits-all kinda brand?

You know the answer to that question even better than me. Simply put, we go on a crazy-ass rampage until no traces of the brand’s products can be spotted on any of the shelves; delivery dudes start cursing us for burdening them with extra workload; and the brand itself is forced to display ‘out-of-stock’ signboards on their website; with a half-ecstatic and half-miserable smile on its face.

What we’re about to review is exactly one such brand; a jack of all healthy as well as ethical trades!

Today, I’ll enlighten you guys on why Go To climbed to my list of apex brands when it comes to animal benevolence, eco-friendliness, and flaunting lots of pure-vegan products.

Without further ado, let’s start munching on my words below, real quick!

Go-To Skincare: Cruelty-Free OR Cruelty-Plus?

Go To is definitely the opposite of what I refer to as cruelty-plus brands. It’s a certified and 100% cruelty-free, bunny-loving, and animal-benevolent type of brand.

The brand even jokes about only ever testing on one ‘animal’, namely their founder Zoe. 

I was a bit perplexed about this bizarre joke and even reached out to Go To’s FB page for clarification.

The response was as expected; testing on the ‘animal’ Zoe was just Go To workers being mischievous and cheeky for a while.

Hence, no worries. Go To definitely circumvent this cursed act of animal cruelty by resorting to reasonable alternatives. And they definitely don’t test on their founder Zoe; which would’ve been some helluva propaganda material if they did so!

Significance of Go To’s Cruelty-Free Status:

Yeah, yeah. I know that you guys are already aware of what being cruelty-free means. Still, just for the sake of quick revisions, let’s skim past what being cruelty-free signifies for Go To.

  • First of all, no animals are brutalized in torture labs by Go To during any part of the production process; from ingredients to finished products and all.
  • Secondly, Go To despises the act of outsourcing the cruel testing procedures to its supplier or any other third-party sons of bitches. 

Our Go-To Skincare Products Sold in ‘Cruel’ China?

Surely not. Go To is a cruelty-free brand, and its relationship with China is like that between water and fire. Therefore, none of Go To products are sold in retail stores in China.

Is Go-To Skincare Owned by a Cruelty-PLUS Parent Brand?

Go To was acquired by BWX last year; another skincare giant in the beauty industry.

Fortunately for all of us, BWX happens to be just like Go To and is an authentic cruelty-free brand.

You may argue that BWX sells its products in China but those are only the imported ordinary cosmetics, and it isn’t mandatory for such products to be tested in China.

Is Go-To Skincare Cruelty-Free Certified? 

Definitely! In fact, Go To was officially awarded its cruelty-free status only a while ago (in 2022). 

Which cruelty-free organization chose to believe in Go To’s ethics? Well, it’s my second favorite cruelty-free company, namely PETA. 

Number one is Leaping Bunny of course but that’s a different story. 

Feel free to clear your suspicions by taking a peek at PETA’s database; and be relieved of the validity of Go To’s cruelty-free status.

Go-To Skincare: Eco-Friendly OR Eco-Tyrant?

Wondering whether Go To sees eye to eye with our ecosystem or not? Is the brand facilitating the stability of our environment; or ruining it by means of excessive waste?

In fact, Go To is a sustainable brand when it comes to our environment as well as the creatures living within it. Since long ago, it has been adopting measures to reduce the harmful impact on our ecosystem to a minimum degree. 

So long as the approaches sound reasonable as well as affordable, Go To has been sparing no efforts in curing our heavily wounded environment. 

Below are some of the approaches adopted by Go To as a sign of their sincerity and eco-friendliness:

  • Go To has switched to a more sustainable way of packaging their products. Heck, they even started using post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in carton-making and product-packaging. 
  • Go To has limited the usage of wasteful, unnecessary and extravagant packaging. Hence, they’re now resorting to FSC approved materials wherever necessary. 
  • And many others as well. In short, Go To has become a force to reckon with when it comes to the sustainability department. 

Eat this link to know more!

Go-To Skincare: Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ by Animal Ingredients?

Unfortunately, not all of Go To products have transitioned into pure-vegan stuff as of yet.

Luckily for you, Go-To does have a handful of vegan products; designated especially for its vegan-fanatic brothers.

Smash the link next door to scroll past all of Go-To skincare’s pure-vegan products. 

P.S: The product list is at the page bottom.

Is Go-To Skincare a Brand With Ethics & Morals?

Go To is a legit cruelty-free brand; has been striving to achieve a balance between profit and ecosystem stability; and also boasts a lot of vegan products in its arsenal.

Such a righteous brand is nothing but ethical in my dictionary! So…what do you have to say about my analysis of Go To?

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