According to the brand, the answer to this question is simply no. Formula 10.0.6 doesn’t indulge in cruelty and doesn’t want others to do so.

A brand selling skincare products across the globe and still claims to be a cruelty-free brand sounds too good to be true.

Most other brands similar to this are openly involved in animal testing.

However, in the FAQs section of formula 10.0.6 official website, the officials have answered being involved in animal testing is as follows. 

 “At FORMULA 10.0.6, we do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask others to do so on our behalf. All finished products are evaluated and safely tested on humans.” 

Is it reasonable to test skincare products on humans?

Trying and testing a new product on any human is a precarious idea. 

Human skin is susceptible even more sensitive than animals, especially the skin of the face. 

No matter how many natural ingredients are used in the product making, every skincare product contains a more or less amount of alkalines (bases)

Alkalines contain elements like sodium and potassium, which cause side effects like itching and irritation. 

However, products containing less reacting ingredients can be tested on humans. Still, it is not a good idea to push products on humans in any way. 

How long have Formula 10.0.6 been testing products on humans instead of animals?

Formula 10.0.6 has been there since 1933. It is a home-based brand and was started from home. 

A chemist in the Bell family started this startup, selling skincare products to help people with skin problems. 

Therefore, he created many products for testing he tried on himself and other family members. 

After getting positive results, they decided to sell the products by going door to door.

Time passed, the company progressed, and now products are prepared in the labs and factories, but they have maintained the protocol of testing products on humans instead of animals. 

What are the cruelty-free products of the brand formula 10.0.6?

Most of the products of this brand are cruelty-free. It covers various products, including serums, masks, primers, scrubs, etc. 

However, the cruelty-free formula 10.0.6 products list is here to simplify the process. 

  • Deep Pore Cleanser
  • Multi-Tasking Mask
  • Smoothing facial polish 
  • Clarifying facial wipes 
  • Gel Toner
  • Body Wahs 
  • Body Lotion
  • Hand Cream 
  • Foot Balm

What Makes brands cruelty free?

Generally, brands need to refrain from trying their products on animals to maintain a cruelty-free status, but refraining from testing the products doesn’t make them cruelty-free.  

It is also cruel if brands use animal ingredients like fats, carbohydrates, and bio-oils in product making.

Brands and multinational companies fearlessly kill hundreds of animals every day for such purposes. 

If a brand neither tests products on animals nor kills animals to get animal ingredients, it can be a cruelty-free brand. 

Are Formula 10.0.6 products vegan friendly?

The skincare products sold by formula 10.0.6 contain a wide range of ingredients. Most ingredients are vegan friendly, like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and plants. 

The products like scrubs, face wash, and soaps contain a considerable amount of animal fats. However, the brand still claims to have entirely vegan products. 

When asked about being vegan friendly on the formula 10.0.6 website FAQs section, the answer given by the officials is as follows. 

We are vegan on the majority of our products. We do have beeswax in a couple of our products.

Therefore according to the brand, they are not entirely vegan; they do have products that contain animal ingredients like beeswax.  

Is Formula 10.0.6 ethical? 

The brand formula 10.0.6 is mainly ethical for several reasons. 

The primary reason for this brand’s ethics is that they don’t test their products on animals. Animals are helpless in front of humans. 

Humans exploit such helpless animals for their interests when a product is tested on any animal.

 It causes many problems for that animal. Even some animals lost their lives during this testing. 

Formula 10.0.6 claims to refrain from such testing. Therefore, it can be termed an ethical brand.

The other reason for this brand’s ethics is its vegan-friendly products. Formula 10.0.6 manufactures most products from natural ingredients. 

The ingredients are fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Still, they use animal fat in some products but mainly manufacture vegan-friendly products.  

What are Vegan-friendly formula 10.0.6 products?

As most products of this brand are vegan-friendly, it covers a wide range of vegan-friendly products. Some of the products are being listed. 

List of 100% vegan products

  • Acne fighting super scrub
  • Triple action cleanser
  • Blemish Mark Fader 
  • Retinol Serum 
  • Illuminating Peel Mask 
  • Glow Power vitamin E
  • Daily shield Vitamin C 
  • Footcare Collection 
  • Bodycare Collection

It is just a list of top-performing products. Besides, there are hundreds of other products of this brand that may be entirely vegan. 

What are 100% vegan and cruelty-free alternatives to Formula 10.0.6?

A few brands lie in the cruelty-free brand’s category and mainly manufacture vegan products.

It may be challenging to find such brands, so we list a few cruelty-free brands, mainly vegan ones. 

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