Hers is a revered hair care brand in the beauty industry; one that’s been highly appreciated by JLo (Jennifer Lopez’s signature brand).

The question here is: is For Hers a cruelty-free brand, just like its partner JLo (which is yet another cruelty-free brand)? 

OR, has the brand lost its way and been mired deeper into the cruel pit of animal testing?

Not just that, there’s also the concern about the sustainability of Hers’ products. In short, is Hers eco-friendly or has it been contributing to the downfall of our ecosystem as well?

Last but not least, are For Hers hair care products vegan-friendly, or have they been ‘contaminated’ by animal-derived ingredients?

Consider this article as your one-stop mall; a place where you can buy all answers related to Hers’ cruelty-free status, veganism, and sustainability.  

For Hers Haircare: Cruelty-Free OR Cruelty-Plus?

Hers is in fact a cruelty-free brand; just like many others in this age of animal benevolence. 

Below are the many reasons why For Hers deserves its title as a cruelty-free brand.

Significance of For Hers’ Cruelty-Free Status:

Let’s have a brief walk through the significance of For Hers cruelty-free status before anything else. 

  • For one, none of Hers’ products are tested on animals during any part of the manufacturing process; whether it be the final products or the initial ingredients in question.
  • Secondly, Hers has been avoiding China as a potential marketplace for its products since day one. This means that none of For Hers products can be traced back to China’s retail stores.
  • Finally, Hers does not fancies the habit of delegating its dirty work to others’ shoulders. Hence, no outsourcing of the torture part to third parties and suppliers. There’s no need since For Hers has never wanted to commit such atrocities since day one.

For Hers Haircare: Eco-Friendly OR Eco-Tyrant?

Hers has been a nature-preserving enthusiast since long ago. To that end, they’ve discontinued the usage of many eco-tyrant ingredients such as Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates etc. 

Any of these materials can throttle our planet until it starts to choke and one day, dies! Thankfully, numerous brands in the personal healthcare industry have predicted the dire consequences of messing with mother nature. 

Hence, all those brands have taken a 180-degree spin from their previous ways; and thus abandoned all ingredients detrimental to our ecosystem.

Hers is one of such farsighted and environmentally-conscious brands. This means that Hers is a cruelty-free brand not just in laboratories but on a wider scale as well!

Are Hers’ Haircare Products Sold in ‘Cruel’ China?

China has mostly inhibited the selling of cruelty-free products in its territory. This has led to it being referred to as a forbidden place for many cruelty-free brands. 

Even though it may hurt to boycott such a multi-billion dollar industry in one of the world’s biggest e-commerce giants, such an approach is, unfortunately, the only viable option. 

At least that’s the case for cruelty-free brands such as Hers. 

Is For Hers Owned by a Cruelty-PLUS Brand?

Hers is in fact an exclusive only-for-women range of products launched by Hims & Hers, a big shot in the beauty space. 

Hims & Hers is a cruelty-free company as a whole; one that’s been certified by both Leaping Bunny as well as PETA.

Moreover, Hers is a business partner of JLo, another colossal giant in the beauty industry (one created by the famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez herself). 

Is For Hers Hair Care Cruelty-Free Certified? 

Let me explain to you the origins of For Hers in the simplest way possible. It all started back in 2017 when Andrew Dudum founded Hims; an exclusive line of products for men.

Just a year later, Hims Inc also launched a line of skin, hair, and health care products; exclusive to women this time.

The company was renamed Hims & Hers; and has been involved in creating satisfying products for both genders ever since then.

Thing is, Hims Inc has been certified as cruelty-free by both PETA as well as Leaping Bunny since long ago. 

However, both cruelty-free giants have been displaying Hims & Hers old name (Hims Inc) in their database.

Personally, I think it’s just a small update issue and nothing to fuss about. Thing is, Hims & Hers, as a whole, has declared its cruelty-free status officially as well. What’s more, is that the company has also revealed its status as being certified twice as well. 

And this time, they mentioned Hims & Hers as a whole; instead of resorting to their previous name, Hims Inc in the announcement.

For Hers : Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ by Animal-Ingredients?

Hers has openly declared its status as a partially vegan brand. This means that many, but not all, of their products, are pure-vegan in nature.

Hence, I’ll deeply suggest for you NOT to mistake any of Hers products as vegan for granted.

Is For Hers a Brand With Ethics & Morals?

Yup, For Hers is definitely an ethical brand; one with a good conscience. This declaration is surely supported by their cruelty-free status; the struggle towards developing 100% sustainable products and finally, the extensive number of vegan products in the brand’s arsenal.

All in all, For Hers, is definitely worthy of your trust and loyalty. Their commitment towards the well-being of our environment, thousands of poor bunnies, and above all, their devotion towards you is truly admirable.

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