Flormar is a well-known makeup brand in Turkey. In addition, they sell their products in nearly 104 countries. So it’s safe to say that their products are distributed globally.

 They have a wide range of products. Their products include everything from makeup to skincare to accessories.

 But are Flormar’s products cruelty-free? Do they test their products on animals? Do they sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law?

 Furthermore, are their products vegan? Do they contain any animal ingredients? Is Flormar ethical? We’ve addressed every concern you might have about Flormar’s ethics.

About Flormar

Flormar is a makeup and skincare brand that was founded in the 1950s in Milan, Italy, one of the world’s fashion capitals.

 Cem Senbay, Co-CEO of Flormar, revealed in an interview that the founder of the company created the Flormar by combining the names of his two daughters, Floridita and Maria.

 Flormar was purchased by the Şenbay family in 1970, and production began in Turkey.

 Flormar is regarded as one of Turkey’s most popular makeup brands. Flormar is one of Turkey’s top 500 exporting companies.

 Flormar holds a 21% share of the Turkish colour cosmetics market.

 Flormar began its international operation in 2008 after achieving success in Turkey, and they now have approximately 650 stores in 250 cities across 104 countries.

 Flormar’s current revenue is $19 million, according to ZoomInfo.

 They have products ranging from foundation to lipstick, blush to bronzer, concealer to eye makeup, and more. Nail paints and body cosmetics are also available.

 Moisturizers, shower gels, cleansers, and other skincare items are also available. Perfumes and body sprays are also available.

 Their accessories are generally cosmetics-related. Eyelash curlers, cosmetic brushes, false eyelashes, and fake nails are just a few of their products.

Is Flormar cruelty-free?

Many areas of life are changing as the world becomes more globalised. People are learning more about what is good and wrong as social media grows.

 Animal testing has also been used by numerous brands to test their products on animals. As a result, many animals die or undergo painful procedures.

 44 of the top 50 cosmetic brands are not cruelty-free, indicating that 88 per cent of the industry’s powerhouses use animal testing.

 Many individuals are now aware of the problem thanks to social media and the internet. A survey of 20 to 39-year-old Indonesians was conducted where it was found that people are eager to purchase cruelty-free items.

 A cruelty-free brand does not test its products during or after the process of manufacturing. Instead, they use other methods to test the effectiveness of their products.

 For a brand to be cruelty-free, it should meet certain criteria;

 ●      Brand should not test its products on animals.

●      A brand should not pay or allow third parties to test their products on animals.

●      A cruelty-free brand should not sell its products in a country where animal testing is required by law.

If we talk about Flormar, they have stated on their website that;

“Flormar’s factory operates in accordance with the standards and laws of the European Union. Our products have safety assessment reports under the European Cosmetics Regulation. This regulation expressly bans animal testing”

Flormar does not have a cruelty-free certification, but they do state on their website that they do not test their products on animals and that they require their suppliers to do the same.

Only the third condition of being a cruelty-free brand remains now that the first two have been met.

Flormar offers its products in China, where international products must be tested on animals.

China tests products without their authorization, according to the company, and they are attempting to persuade Chinese officials to utilize alternate ways.

All in all, Flormar itself is a cruelty-free brand. However, they also sell their products to China where animal testing is required on the products.

Is Flormar vegan?

A vegan brand is one whose products do not contain any animal materials. Animal components may be Gelatin, Glycerin, Beeswax, etc.

 Flormar’s website does not make it obvious whether they are vegan or not. On their website, they don’t even mention the ingredients. They have only mentioned that;

 “Contents of all products are revised one by one under a business plan, which is expected to continue for five years.

 This vision also includes the launch of a series comprised of basic makeup products with “vegan” properties.”

 So it is safe to say that, Flormar is not vegan at the moment.

Is Flormar ethical?

An ethical brand has Ethical and right values, and strategies.

Flormar is an ethical brand, as they care about animal rights and provide halal makeup for their Muslim customers.

Is Flormar halal?

A halal brand has halal products. And halal products are the ones that contain ingredients that are permissible in Islam.

 Flormar is a halal brand, as they have a HALAL 25:2016 certificate.


To conclude, Flormar is a cruelty-free brand but they also allow their products to be sold in China.

 Flormar is an ethical and halal brand. Flormar is not considered to be a vegan brand as of now.

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