In 2012, Brianne West, the company’s founder, began Ethique in a laboratory.

She started making shampoo bars so that people didn’t have to throw away the 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles that are thrown away every year around the world.

Since then, Ethique has grown from a small kitchen in New Zealand into a full-fledged beauty business with stores all over the world.

So far, Ethique has stopped almost 6 million plastic bottles from being made and thrown away.

Ethique distributes 20% of its annual income to charity. Conservation, animal welfare, and environmental groups are included.

Their monthly donations pay for the care of three animals they have adopted: an orangutan named Monti, a slow loris named Lily, and a tiger named Langka.

Ethique also collaborates closely with cooperatives to get its moringa oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, cupuacu oil, and cocoa butter responsibly. 

By working with cooperatives, Ethique helps their communities and the environment by paying them fair prices for their goods. This ensures that all employees are paid fairly and equitably and that there is minimal waste in the process.

Plastic Free Packaging

All of their packaging is plastic-free, compostable, and chemical-free. This implies that all of their boxes and labels will decompose in landfills and compost bins. You may also recycle them, although they prefer that you compost them. 

To test it, bury them in your garden and observe their demise over the course of a few months.

The wood used to build them also comes from PEFC-certified forests. This makes sure that the forests are cut down with as little damage to the environment as possible, making them more likely to last.

Future Goals

After Brianne was highlighted in a renowned magazine, the business made its first foray abroad. 

Brianne states that going into the United States was the logical next step given the online buzz. The brand is presently available in 16 global markets, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

She desires to create a billion-dollar, world-leading beauty brand with a beneficial impact. She further added, “I want to build a business that is known for being the most reliable and sustainable company in the world.”

How is Water Saved By Their Products?

Up to 90% of a typical conditioner can be water, which seems absurd. We agreed, so they ditched the water and single-use bottles in favor of bars with useful ingredients.

By 2025, water shortages are predicted to severely affect two billion people. Thirty percent of wells in India have been abandoned due to contamination or depletion. 

Only 0.3% of the world’s water is accessible or useful, so why spend it on personal care items when you’re already showering? Support the environmental cause by purchasing solid beauty bars.

Each bar is equal to at least three bottles of the equivalent liquid. This means that every bar saves an average of a little under 1 liter of water.

Vegan Or Not?

Surprisingly, animal agriculture is regarded as the primary cause of climate change. Animal agriculture accounts for up to 24% of world carbon emissions, while transportation accounts for 14%. 

In addition, deforestation for the purpose of creating more room and food for animals results in the loss of 1-2 acres of rainforest per minute. In all honesty, this is untenable.

Because of this, and because they care about the well-being of animals, none of their products use ingredients that come from animals. All goods have always been vegan.

Climate Neutral

Ethique offsets its carbon emissions annually. Why? Climate change is a huge threat to all life on Earth, so they need to cut emissions right away.

By offsetting its carbon emissions, they are helping to keep Australia’s forests healthy, which act as a carbon sink. 

How can a person like you or me assist? When possible, ride a bicycle instead of driving a car; reduce your meat consumption; and turn off appliances at the wall. 

Environmental Impact

Each year, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic are poured into our oceans, including 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. As part of a proactive approach, Ethique solid bars are made from biodegradable materials and come in biodegradable packaging. 

There are no jars, bottles, pumps, or lid dispensers to clog your landfills, oceans, or homes. To date, the company has stopped the production and disposal of almost 150,000 plastic bottles.

The company itself is cruelty-free, climate-neutral, and BCorp accredited. 2% of sales or 20% of profits, whichever is higher, are given to charity.

The 2015 “Best in B” award acknowledged Ethique as the most sustainable business in New Zealand. In its infancy, the company garnered the highest proportion of female investors in PledgeMe’s history.

Usage Of Sustainable Ingredients

They are mindful of the ingredients used in their products and choose them with care. Before they consider employing any of our ingredients, they must meet three criteria:

  • wholesome and safe for use
  • No cruelty to animals
  • Produced using sustainable practices.

In order to ensure sustainability, they make considerable efforts to ensure that the ingredients they utilize do not deplete the environment in which they are grown.

Due to the destruction, it is causing to the environment in Indonesia and Malaysia, palm oil is currently the most egregious substance to avoid in the news. 

This is undoubtedly accurate, yet the subject is not entirely black and white. Palm oil is the most efficient oil on the earth, requiring one-fourth as much land and water as coconut oil to produce the same quantity. 

As demand for palm grows, forests are being cut down, fires are starting, and habitats are being destroyed at rates that have never been seen before.

The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is trying to solve this problem, but their approach isn’t perfect yet. 


If you’re searching for a means to introduce fewer chemicals to your skin or your water supply without sacrificing the health or appearance of your hair.

It is suggested that you get a hair sample from Ethique to see if one of their long-lasting (and waste-free) bars is right for you.

Based on the research and information above, it is clear that they are not greenwashing their customers as they are open about the ingredients and their organic sources.

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