Eloquii is a fashion brand that sells plus-size clothing. Eloquii is owned by Walmart and has clothes in sizes 14-28.

The concept behind this brand is amazing, however, is Eloquii a Fast Fashion brand? Where does Eloquii source its clothing from? Are their clothes ethically sourced or do they use sweatshops?

Moreover, is Eloquii a sustainable brand i.e. do they care about the environment and have they taken any steps to reduce their environmental impacts? Lastly, is Eloquii an ethical brand?

In this article, we have tried to answer all of the questions you might have about the ethics, morals, and policies of Eloquii. Keep on reading to find out!

About Eloquii 

Eloquii is an American fashion brand that is owned by Walmart. Eloquii mainly focuses on designing and selling clothes for plus-sized women.

Most of the clothes in the fashion industry are sold for small-sized women and these clothes are not available for plus-sized women. So Eloquii has tried to solve this problem by selling clothes in sizes 14-28.

In their ‘About us’ section, Eloquii mentions that;

“We know fashion doesn’t stop at size 12.”

Many brands neglect these sizes, so Eloquii was built to design and sell trendy clothes in plus sizes.

Eloquii is based in Long Island City, NY and Columbus, OH. Eloquii ships to the US, Canada, Egypt, India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Kuwait, UAE, and some other countries.

Eloquii had some retail stores in the US. However, they had to shut them down during the pandemic. Now Eloquii is only available online on its official website and Walmart’s website.

Eloquii has a clothing rental service called Eloquii unlimited. The subscribers of this service get four clothing items at a time.

When they wear it enough, they can send these clothes back to Eloquii and can get four new clothing items of their choice.

Eloquii also offers free shipping & returns and free dry-cleaning in this service.

Eloquii continuously adds new products to its collection. So there is a huge variety of clothing to choose from.

Eloquii has jumpsuits, dresses, jackets, workwear, swimwear, tops, bottoms, etc. Eloquii also has accessories such as bags, sunglasses, jewellery, belts, etc.

What Is Considered As Fast Fashion? 

Fast Fashion is a model that is being adopted by many brands. According to the Cambridge dictionary, Fast Fashion means;

“Clothes that are made and sold cheaply, so that people can buy new clothes often.”

This definition describes two elements of Fast Fashion that are cheap and new clothing. However, there is another essential element of Fast Fashion which is trendy clothing.

In simple terms, Fast Fashion is the quick transition of clothing trends from ramp walks to the clothing stores.

As the trends move on very fastly, hence Fast Fashion brands continuously add new and trendy clothes to their collection.

Brands adopt this model as it’s profitable because people are more inclined toward buying trendy clothing.

As more brands are adopting this model, the Fast Fashion industry is growing rapidly. 

Statistics show that the global market value of the Fast Fashion industry is expected to reach 133 million US dollars by 2026.

There are many harms that the Fast Fashion industry has caused to the environment, garment workers, and society in general.

It was found that 10% of the global carbon emission is caused by the fashion industry. UNEP also reported that the fashion industry is the second biggest consumer of water.

Fast Fashion is fast and brands have to introduce new clothes. So the unsold clothes are mostly thrown away by the brands. 

This does not only cause land pollution but also causes the wastage of material used to manufacture these clothes.

Other than the environmental problems, most Fast Fashion brands unethically source their clothes.

In 2018, the US Department of Labor found that forced and child labour was being used in the fashion industry.

85% of the garment workers are underpaid. They are not even given the minimum wages and are forced to work for 12-16 hours a day and seven days a week.

Is Eloquii Fast Fashion? 

Yes, Eloquii is a Fast Fashion brand.

We mentioned that Fast Fashion is a quick transition of clothing trends from ramp walks to clothing stores. Hence, this statement of Eloquii shows that it’s a Fast Fashion brand.

Eloquii has mentioned on their website that;

“We add new runway-inspired styles to our site daily and launch new collections all month long.”

As we also described, there are three elements that a Fast Fashion brand has; cheap, fast, and trendy clothing. Eloquii has all of these three elements.

Eloquii sells trendy but cheap clothing items for plus-sized women. They continuously add new items to their collection.

Is Eloquii Sustainable? 

Eloquii is not transparent when it comes to the sustainable approach of the company.

Eloquii has not mentioned anything on its website about these steps they might have taken to reduce its negative environmental impacts.

Where Does Eloquii Manufacture Its Clothes? 

Eloquii has mentioned that they design their clothes in Long Island City, NY and Columbus, OH. However, they have not provided any information about their suppliers/manufacturers.

Is Eloquii Ethical? 

Eloquii stands in a grey line as they are not transparent about their ethical policies

Eloquii has not mentioned anything about its sustainability or eco-friendly policy. They also haven’t mentioned anything about the steps they might have taken to ethically source its clothing.


Eloquii is an American fashion brand that mainly designs and sells products for plus-sized women. Eloquii is owned by Walmart.

Eloquii continuously releases new clothes that are trendy and cheap so Eloquii is a Fast Fashion brand.

Eloquii is not transparent about its ethical policies. It has not openly talked about its sustainability or labour policies.

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