Eddie Bauer is an American clothing brand founded in 1920. The brand has been selling garments for more than a hundred years.

Eddie Bauer sells a wide range of clothes, including men’s wear, women’s wear, and kids’ wear. 

The brand is quite a famous clothing brand. At present, Eddie Bauer has over 400 stores worldwide. 

The demand for Eddie Bauer products is high in the market. People worldwide admire this brand and would choose this brand over any other brand.

Therefore the brand officials manufacture the high-quality products on a mass level to match the supply ratio with the increasing demand for the products. 

However, the brands manufacturing products in extensive quantities fall in the fast fashion category. Hence Eddie Bauer is also a fast-fashion brand.

Is mass production sustainable for the environment?

Mass production has become a severe threat to our environment. The after-effects of the mass output are way dangerous. 

Mass production increases unsustainability and creates an imbalance in the environment. It causes air, water, and soil pollution altogether.

Factories are one of the significant contributors to environmental pollution. Gasses released from factories are toxic. 

Meanwhile, the liquid wastes drained from factories cause severe damage to fresh water. Therefore Mass production is not sustainable for the environment in any way. 

From where does Eddie Bauer get its clothes?

The clothes of Eddie Bauer are manufactured in countries like China, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan.

For several reasons, big brands prefer to get their products from developing countries or 3rd world countries. 

The first reason is the low production costs. Manufacturing products cost much less for the brands in emerging countries than in First world countries. 

The Labor wages are probably the lowest in this region of the world. Therefore, brands choose to install their manufacturing plants in these countries. 

The second reason is the ineffective labor laws. Developing countries have weak labor laws. However, brands find it easy to exploit laborers by making them work for maximum hours. 

Is Eddie Baure clothing made in the USA?

All Eddie Bauer clothes are made in Asian Countries Like China, India, etc. None of the clothes of this brand is made in the USA. 

Manufacturing clothes in the USA would become very costly for this brand as the labor wages are high in the USA. 

In comparison, Eddie Bauer can get its products manufactured from emerging countries by paying five times less than it would have to pay in the US.

That’s why no clothes of Eddie Bauer are made in the USA.

What materials are used in cloth manufacture?

Clothes are made from synthetic materials like Polyester, nylon, ethylene, and propylene. However, synthetic materials are obtained from fossil fuels like petroleum and crude oil. 

It is no longer a secret how pollutant the fossil fuels are for the environment when burnt. Therefore synthetic materials are also responsible for polluting the air. 

Besides synthetic fabrics, Cotton, wool, leather, and bast fibers are also used in cloth manufacture but not that commonly.  

Before the industrial revolution, cotton and wool were primary sources of cloth manufacture. 

Is Eddie Bauer good for the environment?

The answer to this question is a no. No clothing brand in the world is good for the environment. 

All of the clothing brands seek profits. They don’t care about the environment or anything else and keep mass-producing the products without realizing that it destroys our environment.

Eddie Bauer is doing the same. It is responsible for polluting the environment along with polluting the environment, and it is also responsible for the exploitation of laborers.

Therefore it is undoubtedly not an eco-friendly brand. 

Is Eddie Bauer exploiting its laborers?

All the big brands exploit their laborers, and so does Eddie Bauer. 

The brands hire the local laborers of the developing countries where the manufacturing plants are installed and are paid meager wages while forced to work for maximum hours.

As most of the laborers are female, they are still given no basic facilities and forced to work in a harsh environment.

This behavior from brands like Eddie Bauer is an open violation of human rights.

Is Eddie Bauer an ethical brand?

Eddie Bauer has been there for over a hundred years. For over a century, it has been mass-producing clothes and garments. 

Calling such a brand an ethical one would be unfair because it has caused severe damage to the environment for so long. 

Eddie Bauer manufactures millions of garments annually from synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are one of the significant contributors to carbon dioxide emissions. 

Besides this, Eddie Bauer is also responsible for polluting the water and soil. 

Therefore Eddie Bauer is not supposed to be ethical by any means. Instead, it has put numerous lives at stake by polluting their habitat. 

What are better alternatives to Eddie Bauer?

Consumers are left only with a few options when choosing an ethical brand, as finding sustainable and eco-friendly brands is infrequent.  

However, we have made it easy for our readers. We have done some in-depth research to enlist a few brands that are ethical in actuality and better than Eddie Bauer. 

List of better alternatives to Eddie Bauer

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