Let’s resume the endless debate about the cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and sustainable nature of all kinds of brands, yet again.

Batiste happens to have won the lottery today. So, let this brand be the victim of today’s criticisms and back-biting. 

May my words (dripping with sincerity and honesty) strike Batiste’s heart; and let the brand reform itself into an animal-loving, nature-preserving and plant-consuming type of company. 

Personally speaking, Batiste dry shampoos ain’t half-bad. The products are readily available, readily affordable and good for all hair types. 

Unfortunately though, good consumer satisfaction ain’t just enough these days. A brand must also know how NOT to mistreat the squeaky squirrels, rabbity rabbits and all. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Cruelty-Free OR Cruelty-Plus?

With great regret, I must denounce Batiste as a cruelty-PLUS brand. Special apologies for aspiring Batiste product buyers, Batiste loyalists and others.

All of you, be prepared. Cuz this article may break your heart!

Significance of Batiste’s Cruelty-PLUS Status:

As you may be aware of, I always prefer to indulge on the meaning of cruelty-plus before listing all of the facts later on.

So what does Batiste being cruelty-plus denotes for cute little bunnies and all?

  • For one, Batiste still ships its products to retail stores of ‘cruel’ China (where animal-testing rules are still in the limelight).
  • Hamsters, bunnies and other rodents may possibly be subjected to torture under Batiste’s command even as we speak. 
  • Such torture may include blinding by usage of devil drops, stripping bunnies of their clothing by shaving all their fur, being injected with satanic poison and God knows what else! Can you imagine the horrific vibes in said laboratories?
  • All these animal-testing procedures are not necessarily handled by Batiste itself. On the contrary, one of their suppliers or any other third-party sadistic torture guy may be conducting all those experiments.

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Eco-Friendly OR Eco-Tyrant?

Batiste has been making conscious efforts to cut down on the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in their shampoo products etc. There’s also been significant progress in the arena of reducing landfill waste and greenhouse emissions.

Unfortunately though, still quite a few pollutants remain as Batiste products’ ingredients. Therefore, although I do commemorate Batiste’s efforts in lessening the harmful impact of their products on our environment, it’s certainly not enough!

All in all, the brand itself isn’t eco-friendly to a satisfying level as of yet; and I’ll suggest for you to hunt for better alternatives.

Are Batiste Products Sold in ‘Cruel’ China?

Yup, Batiste has in fact been taking home loads of cash after selling in China’s retail stores all this time. While I am certainly not against the desire to make money, there ought to be certain limits when you do so!

Selling in places where animal-testing practices are clearly like the Sun at noon, Batiste has raised my red flag alarm already. 

Is Batiste Owned by a Cruelty-PLUS Brand?

Ever heard the idiom, “Like father, like son?” Well, it’s certainly the case between Batiste and its parent company Church & Dwight Co.

Church & Dwight is what one might call as a giant of the beauty industry, a shameless giant I might add. Of all the child companies under its wing, many are cruel animal tyrants (including Batiste). 

Church & Dwight has been popularizing itself as a cruelty-free company except ‘when it’s required by law”. Required by law or not, torturing animals certainly makes it a cruelty-plus brand by default.

Furthermore, Church & Dwight has even been included in PETA’s brands to avoid list!

Is Batiste Cruelty-Free Certified? 

Nope, Batiste is yet to be certified as a cruelty-free brand. And from the way I see it, such a thing ain’t likely to happen anytime soon. 

Not unless Batiste cuts the weeds of wretched animal-testing policies from their roots; and cleanses itself as a true cruelty-free brand.

Judging from Batiste’s shameless and even a bit disgusting acts, I find the above scenario highly unlikely to occur. 

As it happens, Batiste has been using a faker than ever bunny logo to trick customers into viewing it as a Leaping Bunny approved brand. Disgusting!

The brand has itself claimed as being unrelated to Leaping Bunny or PETA; and also can’t be found in their cruelty-free database; but still promotes itself using such cheap and underhanded tactics.

Tell me…why else would those fools be doing it all if not to hoodwink money outta your wallet?

Also, why else would the brand still remain single (cruelty-free) and not be engaged with PETA or some other dude? The conclusion is damn simple: Batiste ain’t cruelty-free; and has no cruelty-free certifications up in its sleeve either.

Batiste: Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ by Animal-Ingredients?

Whether Batiste is vegan or contaminated by animal-derived ingredients is altogether a different story. The real question is: do we give a damn whether Batiste products are vegan or not?

Simply discontinuing the usage of animal-anything means that you’re vegan now? Then what about the lives all those bunnies that were martyred in the process of formulating your ‘vegan’ products?

Being vegan denotes the compassion to let no animals suffer because of your extravagant desires.

It’s for this reason that millions of customers have been vying for vegan products all these years.

What’s the point in advocating for veganism and consuming pure-vegan stuff when your daily-use products still result in misery for animals?

Hence, even the usage of Batiste’s ‘vegan’ products is not recommended at present. On a side note, Batiste does claims to have plenty of ‘vegan’ products in its arsenal but who cares?

Is Batiste a Brand With Ethics & Morals?

Surely not! Batiste may be satisfactory when it comes to being sustainable and eco-friendly but as for the rest? It’s still a cruel, animal-tyrant brand (akin to its father Church & Dwight Co). 

Heck, even the brand’s vegan-friendly image has been splattered all cuz of its animal-testing addictions. Wanna hear the final edict? Well, as you may guess, Batiste is certainly not an ethical brand with morals and all.

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