Yes, it’s true, televisions are recycled all over the world! Even though the procedure may need some effort, it is well worth the effort.

An undesired Apple TV can sometimes get to your head and become hard to get rid of. 

However, there are several ways to dispose of an Apple TV in a responsible manner, depending on the television’s condition and your area. If the Apple TV still functions, selling or donating it may be preferable to recycling it. 

However, if it fails or you have difficulty locating a new owner, make sure to explore eco-friendly alternatives.

Apple TVs, like many other electronic gadgets, comprise a decent amount of components such as heavy metals and plastic that, if not properly disposed of, constitute a pollution danger. 

Recycling televisions and other electronic debris are mandated by law in twenty-five U.S. states, and TVs are prohibited from landfills in other states.

Even if there are no legal implications for discarding a television, there are practical and moral reasons why recycling is the best option.

This article takes a deep dive into Apple TV recycling, including how the actual recycling process works, and how to find new applications for a still-functional old Apple TV.

Apple TV Recycling

Apple TVs contain both potentially hazardous and valuable elements.

The rule of thumb for recycling just about everything, whether it’s an Apple TV or anything else, is successfully isolating the various elements contained within so that they may be processed separately.

When Apple TVs first come to a recycling center, they are frequently examined to determine if they can be fixed and reused, as this is typically preferable to recycling. 

They are disassembled to separate major components such as the metal frame, plastic shell, and screen if they are not salvageable.

Magnets may be used to separate iron and steel from the debris produced by the destruction of your television. 

Other mechanical techniques, such as titanium, tin, silver, gold, copper, and aluminum can get rid of more metals, whilst water-separation technology can assist with isolating glass and plastics. 

Once the components have been separated, they can be sold for use in new electronic devices.

How To Actually Recycle Apple TVs

Although recyclable, Apple TVs cannot be placed in your curbside recycling bin. 

Make sure to inquire with your nearby waste-management authority or local recycling to see if it accepts e-waste in any capacity, such as drop-off events or special pickup days; nevertheless, don’t expect it to be as simple as plastic recycling and a weekly paper.

While the recycling of certain electronic gadgets, such as cell phones, is typically free, expect to pay for Apple TV recycling.

That may appear unfair: Why should you be required to pay anything if you’re giving away a TV with recyclable and reusable materials?

Keep in mind that there are priceless components within a TV; however, they are present in minute amounts and hence can be challenging to extract. 

Combined with the cumbersome size and weight of many televisions, this increases the cost of the recycling process.

CRTs are extremely challenging since they comprise lead and must be disassembled by hand instead of being shredded. 

More often than not, the fee for recycling an Apple TV is minimal or at least reasonable, and it is a one-time expenditure compared to the continuous damage to environmental health associated with improperly disposing of a television.

Postal Recycling

Through their e-waste recycling partners, many manufacturers now offer TV recycling programs by mail.

Almost all the major TV manufacturers partnering with MRM, direct users to ERI‘s website. 

Once there, you may enter your ZIP code and television brand, choose your television from a list, estimate its weight, and print a pre-paid shipping label.


Before transferring an Apple TV for recycling, make sure to bundle and secure the power cable so that no one trips while carrying it.

If the TV is particularly enormous or hefty, consider asking for assistance.

But, where? Check with your local sanitation authority to determine whether there are any nearby recycling drop-off places for electronic garbage. 

Ask precisely if they will accept your TV’s kind and size, as some recycling facilities only accept particular items and not giant televisions. Inquire about any fees so that you are prepared before your arrival. 

In addition to permanent drop-off locations, inquire about any special collection days or recycling events that accept televisions.

Some manufacturers take old televisions through the mail (see below), while others have partnerships with recycling facilities or drop-off locations.

A lot of tech-giants collaborate with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), which recycles around 5% of all e-waste in the United States, according to its website. 

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